Nicole Ari Parker airs her ‘dirty laundry,’ claiming Boris Kodjoe is not romantic

Nicole said Boris ain’t romantic/Getty Images

Nicole puts her hubby on blast.

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LOS ANGELES — “When a woman’s fed up…” Boris Kodjoe and his wife, Nicole Ari Parker, have practiced social distancing for years… and it’s not a good thing. During a recent polemic on Instagram Live, Nicole issued an ultimatum to her husband — saying it’s imperative she receives more affection or else. The prepossessing couple share two kids. But it sounds like their romantic flame has been extinguished. “I miss single life… I miss getting text messages for no reason,” Nicole, 49, told her fans.

“I miss getting kisses on the back of my neck when I’m making scrambled eggs.”

Single life?


Damn lady, you’re knockin’ on 50 while married with children.

Nicole then upped the ante with a libidinous commination of wooing other dudes. “There are people that flirt with you [as a married person], and part of the flirtation that even makes you look at your phone, or [flirt with someone] in your workspace, is that [person] has a freshness or a newness,” she explained. “I believe that if you’re in it for the long haul, that freshness and newness [should] still be possible.”

Nicole’s diatribe caught Boris, 47, completely off guard.

Hopefully, he got the message.

“I know we talk about date night, but we need to go ahead and have a date night,” Nicole ranted.

Are today’s women ungrateful?

Do you smell a divorce?

Was Nicole wrong for airing their dirty laundry?

Watch the video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Boris!!!! Show your girl some attention your married to Nicole Ari frickin Parker!!!

  2. damn boris, you should be fuckin her on the daily

  3. I just love this couple 🌺❤️🌸🙏🙌🏼

  4. one man’s chicken is another man’s steak

  5. Schawnetta Robinson

    Beautiful couple

  6. they rich and attractive….. just goes to show you cant make a woman happy


    Always liked them💎💎

  8. FelicityGemini

    If you love a man and he loves you, just being together should be like Christmas

  9. Awww I honestly love them together….May God continue to bless their union and family😍

  10. I bet she got some good pussy

  11. Stacie Porchia

    Black Love Is So Beautiful 😍 Real Stay Blessed 😇🙏😇🙏

  12. she ready to get freaky

  13. Patricia Watts

    They appear to be a great couple and so much in Love. I hope neither one of them is a Cheater

  14. Nothing like having a man who want to be kept . Their love is 💯

  15. Wow i didnt know they were married. All these years. I be lost and out of the loop. Lol. But they are a beautiful couple. 2 of my favorite actors 😊.

  16. let me have her

  17. Donna Just Being Real

    They were meant to be. 💚👍🏿

  18. Darlene Simmons

    very beautiful they need to always stay together they were born to be together in life

  19. I love them together ❤️

  20. Confused. Nicole prayed to God for a specific man. Yet all over her Instagram clearly she’s into Buddha crap & psychics. Oil & water is mystifying to me.

  21. today’s women aint grateful

    give em the world and they want the moon

    stay single

  22. Joshua McDowell

    Boris and Nicole irk me. I don’t know what it is about them

  23. Christine Laurin

    They are one of my fav celebrity couples. Doesn’t seem to have skeletons in their closets on how they didn’t break any family to be together PRIOR like ALLEGEDLY Gabriel Union, Khloe, Enik Hart, Jada Smith or sadly Elisha Keys. SMH

  24. she’s 49……….. time to trade her in for a new model

  25. Boris looks irritated

  26. time for him to upgrade anyway

  27. Porkchop Jones

    when will guys learn to not buy the cow

    there is nothing wrong with free milk

  28. Chicken Head

  29. Jermaine Lynch

    This is a pandemic some woman just lost their husband bitch fuck a date night how about a lets stay alive night

  30. 👨🏾‍🏫Fun Fact: Don’t let this distract y’all from the fact that Beyonce’s Momma did the same thing to her to “Husband” by tryin’ marginalize him as well durin’ a live interview. PSA🚨 Brothas☝🏾 y’all need be mindful that these “Woman” (Ho’s), belong to the Shire (Streets). #enlightenment🙇🏾‍♂️💡🤔 #themoreyallniggasknow🌈💁🏾‍♂️

  31. Victor Martinez

    Nothing new here Woman initiate 70% of divorces

  32. He’s been publicly been put on the spot. How should he respond?

  33. These women are social media addicts, you would think being damn near 50 she would have better things to do

  34. shoulda married a white girl

  35. Emmanuel Alimeti Kitutu

    Lol guess this is the era of social media were your marital issues becomes a spectacle for people to watch & comment on.🤷🏽‍♂️

  36. Now I see why black marriages don’t work out. BW are selfish children who want to be the man AND the woman in the relationship. She exerted complete dominance over him with her “worship me or else because I’m lining up side niggas” comments and he just went along with it. Smh. BW are so DYSFUNCTIONAL.

  37. Annya Anderson

    You know what it is? She use to men being attrative to her because of her looks when she was in her prime with her features being the standard of beauty and she always feel like she would always have that attention and misses it now that she is old news she can’t handle it so needs her husband to validate her again but he is too use to her and not moved by her beauty anymore so it’s more than just looks

  38. Bobby Valentino's Side Bitch

    She’s a stereotypical toxic black female. Don’t bring shit to a relationship, lost her hairline to those weaves, and runs to social media with her relationship issues. He should DEF let her go back to the single life, because she’s ugly, has kids, is old… trust me, she won’t have as many pursuers as she thinks. These females are delusional and be lying to themselves.

  39. This bitch looks like predator. Where’s Arnold Schwarznegger when you need him?

  40. Why are y’all making this more than it is? Marriage gets boring, all she’s saying is she wants the spice back.

  41. Btch you got one of the finest husbands in the world!!! Have you ever heard him speak in German? 🤤🤤🤤

  42. malcolm x Garvey

    Nicole that shit was disrespectful

  43. What she was really saying is she does not have any respect for him

  44. Boris seems like a boring partner… He seems very conceited and emotionless a lot of the time.

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