Gay Bombshell: NBA guard Nick Young is ‘homosexual,’ finally came out the closet

Young comes out the closet/

Nick Young is Liberace gay. 

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LOS ANGELES — First coronavirus. Now this: Nick Young, a former NBA guard with the Los Angeles Lakers, is gay. We’re talkin’ full-blown Liberace gay and there’s a visual that’s gone viral to serve as corroboration. Nick, who goes by the moniker “Swaggy P,” reportedly disseminated an image that shows him holding hands with another dude. The photo leak comes on the heels of last month’s social media exchange with music recording artist August Alsina. That’s when Nick told August he has some “sexy lips.”

The homosexual bombshell is hardly a surprise to some. Ex-teammate Jordan Clarkson suspected Nick was a phallus-chaser all along, telling Instagram users “what’s news to you ain’t news to me.” Nick, 34, has two kids and he’s engaged to his baby mama, Keonna Green. So it appears he’s bisexual.

Nick is without question the highest profile athlete to effectuate a closet egress.

Should your opinion of him change?

Does the “P” in Swaggy P stand for penis?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Dorothy Mays-Pitts

    It must be something in the water and food because it’s to many gays amongst us I pray for the Lord’s intervention. DPitts. Who is willing to be a more positive example for young people looking for guidance and leadership the kids R confused. DPitts

  2. he’s bisexual, not gay

  3. @Meat Lover: If you have a sexual relationship with the same sex, you are Gay. Bisexuality is a cover for who you really are, or just a way to be greedy. Nick Young’s fiance should end this relationship asap, see a doctor and Say No to Dookey D.

  4. who tha fuk cares😫😫😫

  5. Fotosynthesis858

    This is why he’s such a TOXIC teammate smh. No wonder he’s been bouncing around the league so much 🤦🏽‍♂️😡🤬👎🏾👎🏾

  6. Fuck that your ass getting exposed around the world 📷 🎬

  7. You make millions of dollars, you are suppose to support your family not cheat on your family. What example are you setting? Cheating is o.k?

  8. Captain Obvious

    nick like dick

  9. He looks gay. He always looked gay.

  10. sad and nasty and abominable and disgusting and ungodly and demonic and so very sad.

  11. somebody tell me it’s a lie…. i can’t take much more of 2020.

  12. SMMFH. The same dude he holding hands with is the same dude whose lips he complimented.

    Yep, he has come out. NO straight man EVER would do that. Fuck all that “you just are use to toxic masculinity” bullshit ….he’s gay. Ransacking all the bussies he can get his peen in….

  13. fuckin faggot

  14. isaiah phillips

    GAY!!!!!!!! 🤣

  15. is this mothafucka still playin ball?

  16. Aweeee him’s just a big teddy bear 😆

  17. Yuck 🤢

  18. I hate dicklickers

  19. It’s easy for people to judge a member of the LGBT community but they don’t know how much they suffering be on the closet people shoes

  20. Whatttttt👀👀👀👀

  21. Navyforeveryoung Jean-Philippe

    I don’t believe he’s gay or bi

  22. Awwwww shut da fuck up holding hands with a nigga ain’t gay

  23. Lies & who gives a fuck

  24. Ernestine Forbes

    Aww!! I’m so hurt! He is too fine looking nooo!!! I can’t believe it

  25. Honestly, who really gives a fuck if he is gay. This is the 2020s now & this is perfectly acceptable. I guess though since everyone is on lockdown, the media needs something to report about.

  26. He said it was a joke

  27. James Townsend

    U telling me Iggy turned him gay

  28. He got that thang about him its plain to see he doesn’t have to say anything

  29. Jorge Anastasiou

    Yall really need to stop this shit

  30. Nick young is not gay

  31. Ronald McDonald's Wig

    I wonder if Nick is the man or the woman in the relationship????

  32. Don’t believe this shit…

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