Karl-Anthony Towns’ mother, Jacqueline, “deceased” following coronavirus battle

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Karl-Anthony’s mother passed.

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MINNEAPOLIS — Jacqueline Towns, mother of NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns, passed away Monday afternoon following a lengthy battle with coronavirus. Karl-Anthony, who plays power forward for the Minnesota Timberwolves, raised eyebrows on March 24th when he announced his mother was placed in a medically induced coma. Poor Jacqueline fought as long as she could. But that ‘rona is a b*tch! The basketball community is understandably shook. The team released a statement.

“The Towns family is heartbroken by the untimely passing of Jacqueline Towns due to complications as a result of COVID-19,” the statement reads. “Jackie, as she was affectionately known among family and friends, had been battling the virus for more than a month when she succumbed on April 13th.”

“Jackie was many things to many people,” the statement continues. “[She was] a wife, mother, daughter, grandmother, sister, aunt and friend. The matriarch of the Towns family, she was an incredible source of strength; a fiery, caring and extremely loving person who touched everyone she met.

“Her passion was palpable and her energy will never be replaced.”

Karl-Anthony’s father, Karl Towns Sr., also contracted COVID-19.

But he made a full recovery.

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  1. May she Rest In Peace. My Prayers to Karl Anthony-Towns and his family . Sad sad news man.. keep your head up big guy🙏🙏🙏

  2. conspiracy against black people

  3. Medz Beats BeatZ

    Damn man

    have mercy god.

  4. I can’t believe it🥺… R.I.P.🙏🏾

  5. More propaganda

  6. oh thank god i thought it was karl anthony towns himself

  7. @Crocs: Yeah your not funny at all

  8. It’s funny how black people joked around about his virus 🦠 and now reality hits yet they are now using this pandemic to make it a racial issue. Enough is enough and I’m not even white

  9. big/ uzi horizontal

    I couldn’t even imagine the pain he’s goin through right now. Sad that the higher ups neglected to tell us earlier that the virus was spreading and leaving a lot of people without a clue.

  10. That’s so sad😢😭 My heart to all the people who lost their family members in this horrible time.

  11. My prayers are going to KAT family 🙏🏾

  12. BossMode TheOne

    Damn SMH🙏🏾

  13. Rest in peace Mrs towns ❤️💞❤️

  14. RIP Mama towns

  15. Sorry, but this proves nothing. A rich person telling us something I don’t believe. Sorry but ppl or still going to die doesn’t mean it’s because of this.

  16. Shane Whitfield

    2020 is the worst year ever 😢

  17. Faustino Cobos

    This sucks rip good luck Kat 😢

  18. Ray'Shawn Morgan

    God bless everyone ❤️

  19. Rest ez💚

  20. Omg sad 🙏🏽😢😢😢

  21. Beastmode King

    God bless kats mom

  22. She’s with The Good Lord Jesus now, God Bless them!

  23. seangibson3054able

    I wonder how they paid him to say his mother died. People that think this is fake is stupid


  25. My condolences to his family 🙏🙏

  26. Radoslav Takev Jr.

    Wow, I kind of saw it coming after hearing about the diagnosis tho

  27. This is why I won’t visit my mom or dad. Because this virus is dangerous. You can have it and not even know and give it to someone else who’s older and it can kill them. And even worst alot of people get it and get rid of it not even knowing they had it. It sucks. I want to visit my mom and dad so bad but I’d feel bad if I had it and they get sick. Sucks man!

  28. rip jackie

  29. Y’all should take it seriously….
    Wash you hands and don’t forget to Pray.🙏

    Share never-ending Love and Care♥️

  30. I feel bad for KAT Man its kobe all over again condolences hopefully you guys stay at home and wash your hands and STOP Going outside

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