“That’s So Raven” actor Orlando Brown accusing actor Will Smith of raping him

Brown accuses Smith of rape/NewsBreak.com

Orlando Brown slams Will Smith.

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LOS ANGELES — First, he said Raven-Symoné aborted his neonate. Then he claimed Nick Cannon ‘waxed his jimmy.’ Now ex-Disney star Orlando Brown is accusing Will Smith of raping him when he was a kid. The child molestation claim was made during a profanity-laced tirade by the former “That’s So Raven” actor and, yes, it was captured on video. “You raped me as a kid, b*tch-ass n*gga… and you’re still trying to mothaf*ckin’ get away with the sh*t,” Orlando ranted while combing his nappy hair in the 5-minute clip.

“Every time I see you I want to slice your neck, motherf*cker… you’re a f*cked up person!”

The 32-year-old thespian also said he’s Michael Jackson’s son.

Orlando’s polemic comes on the heels of the infamous video that charges Cannon with siphoning his phallus when they were child stars several years ago. “Ok, look fine, do you want me to tell everybody? Ok fine. Nick, I let you suck my d*ck. And I liked it,” he proclaimed while gawking at the camera.

Orlando is a junkie who suffers from mental illness.

He was recently arrested for breaking into Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.

Do you think Orlando was raped?

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. This nigga said you raped me then raped my kids bruh I’m done 😂😂😂😂

  2. He ain’t lying he ain’t got nothing to loose when u expose urself cause what you do in private they always hold it against you ……. #orlandofree 😂

  3. This is horrendous and nasty



  5. Will Smith🕵💔….I kinda believe him…Maybe he need to tell some sh!+ so he can heal & get off drugs …I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes up missing..ijs

  6. Crazy Chick Shena

    I don’t think his lying about all these claims Hollywood is creepy af actually 😷

  7. Derrick Mcmillian

    Do y’all still wanna be part of Hollywood brothers and sisters?

  8. Yes he probably on drugs and has mental health issues but how you think he got that way….. Hollywood!
    Who knows what’s true but something happened to Orlando just like all the other child actors. You don’t get into Hollywood for free.

  9. I guess it’s true love your content. The whole stuff is coming out thank god 🙏

  10. Dude is messed up in the head from all that I hope will smith didn’t do that to him. I pray🙏🏾he get the help he needs to try and get his life back in order.💪🏾💕💕

  11. That baby has been in a demonic atmosphere. That’s not mental that’s a curse on him.

  12. Mental health is real, however, truth is real as well 💯

  13. bert fromarketin

    Orlando you need to go on and handle what u need to….its 2020..if you dont see yourself in 2021…get the hammer…and look at all your problems as a nail

  14. I believe him..look at smiths kids..forcefully kissing his own son on the mouth..

  15. Phenomenal India Burns

    My eyes are on the floor from popin out of my head. I can not believe what I’ve heard.. Will Smith does need to answer

  16. Look at Will Smith’s “son.”

  17. I believe Orlando 💯

  18. nah hes telling the truth, there’s pain and hurt in his voice. #WWG1WGA

  19. blame it on the drugs

  20. This story has been told a thousand times over by child actors. Why would this be hard to believe? Guess what, the child actors ARE destroyed mentally and everyone says “it’s all drugs.” Have some compassion people.

  21. I dont believe him because he has lied in the past

  22. Brown better hide or they will kill him.

  23. Man somebody get this dude!He a junkie with mental problems who couldnt make it in hollywood.He salty trying bring people down for no reason.First it was Nick Cannon and know its Will Smith what a clown get him some help!

  24. Google Will Smith kisses his son in the mouth. He has done it several times on live tv. His son looked very uncomfortable. Jesus pull this evil into the light!

  25. His eyes look reptilian…ijs

  26. He ain’t lyin at all

  27. monica webster

    will smith can just cut/paste what nick cannon said

  28. Why is this clown only exposing black celebrities? follow the money folks.

  29. Orlando Brown has mental issues, dude has been saying crazy stuff since he got out of Disney. Michael Jackson’s son, sex with Nick Cannon and now this bullcrap. All this is doing is tarnishing Will Smith and the Conspiracy Theorists are going to have a field day. Mr. Brown seek help.

  30. I believe that he’s lying

  31. Tamaira Hagood

    He is bat shit CRAZY!!!!!!

  32. He’s lying instead of all these cryptic messages just say what happened he’s trying to get people to react because he’s in a vulnerable state remember y’all misery loves company.

  33. IAmMistaOrange

    This poor man is mentally ill and delusional. Yet some people think there’s actually some truth to what he’s saying. No. 🤦🏽‍♂️ He needs to be facilitated because he’s not getting better, he’s getting worse.

  34. He needs to stop before he gets too close to exposing the pedo part of the cult, and then they hire another hitman. Michael Jackson got too close and Conrad Murray was nothing more than a hitman with a sketchy doctors background.

  35. Wow…. I feel for this man. He is not acting. It’s a break down with pcp

  36. Nigga u got a fucking problem

  37. Hope he will not commit suicide all of a sudden

  38. Mental health is a son of a bitch

  39. Brandon Madden

    This nigga got some serious serious serious serious issues n drug problems

  40. Rodrigo ISRAEL

    This Brother has spirits on him May The Most High & Christ have mercy on him & Can help him REPENT.

  41. Use water when combing thick nappy hair will help and not be damaging

  42. Dang… He picked the shit outta his hair…. Damn he scared the goosebumps outta me when he yelled… Ain’t Nobody Going To Neverland Without Me…. 😬😳🤔🤔🤔… Mane please get help @orlandobrown… He flashbacking and Idle in Time and… 🙏
    (Yea if he dies then we know)…
    #dresclub🐾 #limitless23♏💖

  43. This is fucked up– but, God bless you dude, “the truth will make you free” –Christ

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