Jimmy Kimmel Live: Seth Rogen smokin’ marijuana to cope with the coronavirus

Rogen explains marijuana habit/Getty Images

Seth Rogen has marijuana habit. 

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VANCOUVER — “I’m in love with Mary Jane. She’s my main thang…” Everybody’s dealing with the coronavirus pandemic in their own idiosyncratic way. For “Pineapple Express” star Seth Rogen, self-quarantining equates to smoking an “ungodly” amount of marijuana. During a recent chinwag on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” Seth spewed an elucidation of his weed-puffin’ propensity as a COVID-19 coping mechanism. “We are not all in this together because this has not been that bad for me,” he explained.

“I have kind of been self-isolating since 2009. So many of our friends wanted to do pottery, we got a literal third wheel, me and my wife. We have a kiln, we found a place that will deliver clay in this time of quarantine.”

The Canadian actor is also an advocate of social distancing. “All I want is to see everyone for 15 to 25 seconds. I don’t need to get close,” said Seth, 38. “I’m more than happy to go out, wave to my friends and speak to them for 15 seconds and everyone go on their merry way. Again I’m really built for this.”

Then, as the proverbial cherry on top, Seth gave himself a pat on the back for using condoms. “The fact that I have no kids is making this truly not that bad,” he boasted. “I will be lying alone on my death bed having not talked to anyone in 15 years and I’ll be like, ‘It was worth it for the coronavirus sh*t.’”

Do you agree with Seth’s self-quarantine philosophy?

Does smokin’ too much weed put healthy lungs at risk?

Watch the interview.

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  1. Covid gonna kill Seth if he gets it! He’s the perfect candidate, especially with those bad lungs

  2. Your a Millionaire not a lower class citizen like my self

  3. So the virus attacks lungs – isn’t smoking an ungodly amount of weed a little stupid???

  4. Good for you Seth Rogen. You smoke weed. You are so cool. Lol! We know you smoke pot. A lot of people do. Good stuff. It seems to define your life. At least that’s how you portray it. Smoke up. Also, grow up.

  5. Kansas will put you in jail for years if you did what this guy does everyday

  6. Who cares what Seth rogan is doing.

  7. Joshua Schoonwater

    I feel like Seth Rogen is me if I grew up to become a famous director/actor in Hollywood

  8. Matthew Clarkson

    Wish he’d get into vapes! Not everyone who likes pot wants to have burning plant matter so close to their lips.

  9. Good for him? He lives in Canada where weed is legal. So not sure what the problem is.

  10. Seth Rogen is an unfunny pig, a completely useless turd of a human being. He has zero entertainment value.

  11. Me too, Seth. Me too….

  12. Make America Slightly More Functional Again -2020. MASMFA!

  13. Rogen really needs to consider smoking less, if he gets any dumber he won;t be abble to find the hole in his face to put the food.

  14. Adults that still feel the need to get high are immature losers. Seriously. Time to grow up, you’re not in highschool.

  15. Seth is awwsome

  16. Aw love how much Seth advocates for weed.

  17. I would love to meet Seth Rogen he is such a nice and funny guy

  18. This interview made me realize one thing…

    he wasn’t acting in his past movies lol. he was just being Seth Rogen

  19. Kris Helfferich

    Nice to see rich people “roughing” it. 👎

  20. David Gallagher

    seth a legend!

  21. Lets be honest, if you don’t have kids self isolating if fantastic. You get up when you want, do abit of exercise, eat all day chill out, watch box sets and study, sleep when you want, all in piece and quiet, with no responsibility and no commitments.

  22. sure wish I was rich enough to not care and just smoke pot and do pottery. my pension is destroyed. my job may open back up. no clue. awesome times getting lectured by rich people on what I should do

  23. This guy is strange

  24. Zsuzsi Fenyvesi

    I love him

  25. one of the funniest actor of our generation. we have to protect him

  26. JessieJamesPlays

    very fukin high

  27. Seth Rogen: I am not my character.
    Goes onto behave exactly like the character in every Seth Rogen movie

  28. Paulina sanroman

    I really love this man ❤️

  29. when you grow old, you gotta act a certain way, well fuck that.

  30. JessieJamesPlays

    He is totally high

  31. hes looking like a crack head

  32. Ethan Mackenzie

    Seth smokes weed? Man I wish he would talk about it more

  33. What an ass.

  34. Loser.

  35. Avengers: The Investing Initiative

    Seth Rogan…. what a loser. Get a life man. Grow up. It’s evident by how bad your movies are what a joke your mind is as it loses brain cells being the pot head loser you are. Get woke fool

  36. Pressured Speech

    Smoke em if you got em!

  37. Bandit STRONG REBELS

    seth rogan is going to be the goofiest looking old man

  38. David Abbatangelo

    I’m too high for this

  39. Seth actually looks great!

    His hair and beard are longer, but he looks healthy and happy.

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