Police Shooting Video: Unarmed African American dude is shot dead in Walmart

Cop kills black man in Walmart/Photo: YouTube

Oakland cop kills ‘unarmed’ negro.

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OAKLAND — Law enforcement officials in San Leandro, California are catching hell after a cop smoked an unarmed black dude on Saturday (April 18th). The sanguinary ordeal went down inside Walmart in full view of panicked patrons. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows 33-year-old Steven Taylor brandishing a baseball bat as officers warned him to drop it. After Taylor refused, a cop tased his ass. The hobbled miscreant then dropped the bat while stumbling down the aisle. Taylor fell to the ground seconds later as customers yelled, “Don’t shoot him no more!”

Rather than effectuate an arrest, the officer proceeded to shoot the unarmed negro two more times unnecessarily which included a ‘kill shot’ as he stood over him. A spokesperson for the San Leandro Police Department said Taylor was extirpated for “swinging a baseball bat” at police officers.

Taylor suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Should the officer face murder charges?

Was police brutality involved?

Do black lives matter?

Watch the graphic video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. if we started killing them they’d stop killing us but y’all ain’t ready for war.

  2. Cop needs to be shot in the head….correction…..every cop needs to be shot in the head.

  3. Didn’t this nigga see Fruitvale station?

  4. even during a worldwide crisis niggas cant get justice……. smh

  5. If he was white they would have never shot him.

  6. another day for a black man in america

  7. Cold Blooded Murder !!! Fuck The Racist Pigs !

  8. Damm they just really hate black people!

  9. We should shoot more cops

  10. Malcolm X Disciple

    cops are pigs and Im in the mood for a bacon sandwich

  11. Master Seagull

    That’s what happens when police think they’re SWAT.

  12. They just wanted to shoot a nigga.Didn’t care where any bullets went. Probably a wiffle ball bat anyway

  13. Welcome to America

  14. In this world you could be two types people “good or bad” and some people out there are bad but are dressed up and hired to be good or to act like it, the officer who shot this man is one of those people

  15. EarlyMornings&LateNights

    Who cares, he was black!

  16. Ghost Enybodykiller

    Eye for an eye is the most logical part of that fairy tale and you fugazi christians refuse to up hold it.guess your god made a mistake that day like he did when marijuana was created.

  17. American is lawless but they claim to be a lawful country. Killing people like animals on no issues. My the reach for the guns over silly issues? They are lawless lile Nigeria. Nigeria police kill over anger and American police racial profiling. Mentally sick Policeman Vs Racist Policeman.

  18. Don’t grab a bat to fight the cops, you won’t have to cry about getting shot! Plain and simple.

  19. It’s sad in America. A white man is less afraid of a white man with a gun held to him. Then a black man for the color of his skin and statistics. If he was white with a gun they would have talked him down

  20. KeepinItABuck86

    All a plot to kill as many of ✊🏾 as they can….MY GOD, I CRY OUT! You see what is happening and I pray for you to have mercy on my foes. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

  21. Jeremy Prophit

    more white people are killed by police every year in the US than black people. YAWN

  22. @Jeremy Prophit: Even if true, that’s a useless statement since there are 5 times more whites than blacks. Now, are you gonna try to tell me 5 times more whites are killed than blacks ’cause I know that’s false.

  23. YouSilentOnRoad

    Could of used a teaser . Second shot was tottaly uncalled for.

  24. ” why did you shoot me”
    Officer ” I don’t know”

  25. Hahahahaha. Dropped that black boy like a hot tater.

  26. @MoJo: You a racist piece of shit scum of the earth just like these pigs in blanket cops…only black cops should be allowed to police black neighborhoods

  27. Taylor Rockwell

    Cops are supposed to help save people not kill hurt them

  28. This cop should be sued, fired, put behind bars, and death penaltied

  29. I feel for the young man and his family, but if people are suffering mental health issues to the point they are not safe in public, they need to be locked up in a mental institution. “Mental health” as an excuse is getting old. Soon it will hold as much weight as the word “racism” they get overly used until people no longer care.

  30. Scumbag pigs!

  31. nobody moves nobody gets hurt

    I just watched the video. He was given commands. He steps towards the officers and is shot, he turns around and starts to walk away still holding the aluminum bat, then he gets tased and drops to the ground. Then you hear a woman in the crowd say,” someone call 911”.

  32. plan and simple these are killers!!! killers killers killers killers killers killers killers killers killers!!! what are you going to do, about it just talk?? no we must sue shut it down reform take away the power we give this organization!!! but this cop is a killer no excuses no nothing he is killer and will always be a killer and has to tell God why he kill…. people wake up!!!! he is a killer killer killer killer killer just like any other criminal he is a killer no excuses! he is a killer I don’t care what the system in place says he is a killer!!!!

  33. Step one use taser
    Step two shoot
    Step three paid leave for a clean shoot.
    Is this country great or what.
    That’s the super check out line, self bagging

  34. The police are the most dangerous gang in the world
    A gang supported by the government

  35. Guy: Why’d you shoot me!
    Cop: lol idk

  36. kevin desimone

    Good shot fellas…thanknu for protecting and serving that man could have charged an innocent person and killed them keep up the good work one less thug

  37. i think the shooting was unjustified but both parties our to blame the police should have never shot him cause in the video it says he was shocked twice and looked like he was stumbling forward but now on the other hand you see someone with a gun giving orders especially a law enforcer you listen to everything he says and keep your hands in plain sight because the officer gave the order more then once so when people learn to listen this shouldn’t happen

  38. Mike McWilliams

    Fuck it. I’m on the shoplifters side. The coronavirus has left 10% of the US population with $0 in their pockets.

  39. There should have only been one sound the sound of a taser but cops always shoot first so it doesn’t even matter

  40. Man shoplifts, threatens to hit other customers with bat. Police are called, first taser deployment doesn’t work, man keeps moving toward officer with his bat, officer fired one shot to the mans chest, backup arrives and a second taser is deployed which makes him fall down. Now let’s see what happens if the officer didn’t shoot: man hits officer over the head with bat, killing him or knocking him unconscious. The deranged man now has a gun and other police items at his disposal, and with the amount of people around him that is not good. I’m open to hearing y’all’s opinions.

  41. All he had to do was comply with the cops instructions and he would still be alive…

  42. Clean up on isle one.

  43. Good job officers. One less criminal on the streets. If he robbed me, he would be having a closed casket funeral

  44. The evil 👿 in these comments wow I’m disappointed in America sad 😞 Country we live in

  45. They didn’t have to kill him. But they did. I hope the family gets millions of dollars.
    The cop will probably get a nice promotion as well. Law & Order

  46. No need to shoot the guy at all. The cops routinely kill people with little to no good reason, and the politicians let them off. They shot him in even though he was some feet away with just a bat in his hand. Then when he stumbles away bleeding and falls to the ground dying, they taser him again 2 times.

  47. So once he dropped the bat & was retreating and no longer a threat, THAT’S when they decided to FATALLY shoot the guy🤔💭 WoW…

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