Child Abuse Video: Crazy mom pummels ‘screaming’ daughter over used condom

Ana Maria Teixeira abused her kid/

Deranged mother abuses daughter.

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MONTE CLAROS — Ana Maria Teixeira had her abusive ass thrown in the slammer after she beat the sh*t out of her 7-year-old daughter while her ex-husband, Ricardo Caique de Araújo, recorded the assault for social media. The ghastly ordeal went down on April 13th inside their low-income abode in Monte Claros, Brazil. Cell phone footage shows a belligerent Ana smacking the little girl multiple times in the countenance. She also appears to slam the child’s head against the bed post.

The kid came home with a jizz-filled condom she found in the street, causing Ana to blow a gasket. After landing several punches, the psycho mom spanked the wailing youngster with an extension cord. Rather than intervene, Ricardo recorded the pummeling then threatened to upload it if Ana refused to reconcile.

Sick bastard.

Ricardo was also arrested.

Watch the disturbing video.


  1. These type of women’s don’t deserve to bcm a mother😠

  2. where the fuck is CPS?

  3. CPS only takes people’s kids when they don’t need to. They never step in when needed. CPS is trash, they don’t care about kids at all. I hope she rots in hell.

  4. Fuck ur feelings

    CPS…PFFFFFT! Don’t make me laugh.

  5. Start locking up those welfare workers they do not care about these kids 😡😡🤬🤬🤬🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Маша Паракина

    Another reason not to reproduce.:-)

  7. you can thank pro life people for this. These are all the women who couldn’t get abortions

  8. She was so evil. So negligent, so unloving. These CPS people are just as guilty for the abuse of these children.

  9. Victoria Griffiths


  10. More often than not CPS is a JOKE!

  11. Some ppl really don’t deserve kids

  12. I hope they kick her behind in jail!

  13. Charlie Harris

    I don’t understand young single mothers. They get knocked up by one deadbeat and next thing you know they back in the club looking for another one.

  14. Oh my God all races do this shit!

  15. Another Ratchet Ass mother, so sad

  16. I wish someone would stomp her a$$!

  17. Nothing left to say

  18. Young girls need to be reponsible and use birth control. Too irresponsible to parent? Get the pill and some condoms, PLEASE!!

  19. I could never sit there and yell and hit my daughter and torture her while she cries and screams in pain and begs me to stop I would feel so bad automatically

  20. The “ mom” is hitting her like she’s a man or somebody off the streets! That’s her own child!!! SMDH

  21. When my child does any mistake I will tie his hands and legs with rope and beat him with belt.. so he can’t do wrong things next time..

  22. Okay, parents gotta discipline their kids, but recording it and putting online is a no to me.

  23. somebody needs to kick that bitch’s ass

  24. Cheryse Gonzales

    She was getting lit up like a Christmas tree

  25. Her daughter should fight back instead of being a bitch

  26. My sister abused her kids like this too. It started when they were barely one. This is not okay. That is a fucking nuff

  27. Goingincircles STOP


  28. Mother let her get out of control too early.

  29. And they say only Black women hit their kids . . Hypocrites 👀

  30. Did She Punch Her?

  31. you can thank pro life people for this. These are all the women who couldn’t get abortions

  32. I wanna hurt this bitch so bad

  33. My mom wants me to obey the family because I had autism

  34. poor heart breaks

  35. bruh- she was fucking 7. She couldn’t have known shit about what the fuck a condom is.

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