R. Kelly owes IRS roughly $2 million in ‘delinquent’ taxes, may be a flight risk

R. Kelly owes back taxes/Associated Press

R. Kelly owes IRS delinquent taxes. 

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CHICAGO — His bank account is telling him “no”. But the IRS is telling him “yes”. It’ll take more than a stimulus check to rectify R. Kelly’s pecuniary predicament. That’s because the 53-year-old vocalist owes the IRS a mind-blogging $1.8 million in back taxes. Kelly, who’s serving time for a myriad of sexual assault charges for bangin’ underage popsies, is seeking early manumission from MCC Chicago due to the coronavirus pandemic. But prosecutors argued he’s a flight risk so his request was denied. The “Bump N’ Grind” singer has already generated more than $200,000 in royalties this year.

So he certainly has the means to skip town.

Kelly’s lawyers, however, filed an indenture claiming his delinquent tax debt serves as assurance. They believe there’s no way in hell Kelly flees the country with an exorbitant tax lien hovering above his head. Besides, prior to incarceration, a cooperative Kelly “made absolutely no attempt to flee” and “never once failed to appear” in court.

An inmate on Kelly’s floor recently tested positive for COVID-19.

Is an emancipation warranted?

Do you think he’s a flight risk?

Share your thoughts.


  1. He believes he can fly. He probably even believes he can touch the sky. Given this… he might be a flight risk. Probably even thinks about it every night and day.

  2. Callsigncharlie100

    I hope he rots in jail…he abused enough children. Sick , nasty and demented demon.🤦🏾‍♀️

  3. that nigga aint goin nowhere

  4. Michelle D Williams

    I was a fan and he is a big risk. He will never stop unless we stop him

  5. R. Kelly could use the time in jail to learn to read and write.

  6. krisboy favour

    How can he be at risk when those accusing gave their bodies to him before of his money and their parents were aware of it and enjoyed the money too with their children. This is all a matter of race period.

  7. that shit he did was 25 yrs ago……. leave him alone

  8. @Kool-Aid: So, what if it was 25 years ago, does that mean he gets off scott Free????????????? Hell Nooooo, Karma has come back to bite him in the Ass!!

  9. Free R.kelly bitches

  10. Well,I ised to wouldnt have reallllyyy thought so but seeing how his cases are all going and He knows he will probably be in there for Life,YES,I CAN DEFINITELY SEE HIM JETTING!!!WHAT DOES HE HAVE TO LOSE?!?

  11. He should be released! Innocent until proven guilty. He hasn’t even been convicted yet. His fans have nothing to do with him . Period

  12. Yes R. Kelly is a flight risk. I believe he can fly….

  13. I’m more worried about Weinstein

  14. Angela Caracciolo

    Of course he is a flight risk. He has a taste of what prison is like and will not want to return 🙄 plus, he has some connections and people who will want to back him and thereby aide him in disappearing

  15. Rkelly is s flight risk. His ex manager stated he had rkelly money for him. So I would never out another young girl for the likes of RKELLY. We have to help our community from men that take advantage of girls. He got money. He just hides it other people’s name

  16. I believe he could fly….I believe he could touch the sky! 😆😆😆😆

  17. Yes! He is a flight risk. Yes, he is a predator. Yes, his supporters could spirit him away. I believe he has money or influence to get away.

  18. He will be gone like a fart in the wind.

  19. He should NOT be in jail period let alone with this epidemic going on and has NOT been convicted EVER no priors or criminal charges with NO evidence against him with these ALLEGED victims just he say she say …. he should not have to sit in prison awaiting trial while people around him sick/dying for who knows how long cause keep getting pushed back like he’s guilty INNOCENT til PROVEN period and BEYOND any reason of doubt which there is plenty with ALL these women stories this is inhuman and INJUSTICE especially when the man who started all this the CONVICTED extortionist Avenatti which is common sense the samething he did to Nike tried to or should i say DID do to RK but he got released due to Covid and was saying also he could be a danger to the community the reason he got denied bond as well but STILL he got released 🤷🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ makes no sense and he also has way more money than RK what about him being a flight risk 🤔 they just dont want RK to get a chance to speak SILENCED cause right now its all one sided thanks to the media and public opinion SET THE KING FREE and allow him his rights due process like every other AMERICAN citizen this is SO unconstitutional 💯

  20. They should have locked him up 30 years ago

  21. “I believe I can Fly, I think about it every night and day.. spread my wings and fly away”! R. Kelly’s new jailhouse song when 500lb. Bubba is in back of him in the showers.

  22. Can’t Trust these Hoes!!!!

  23. Put him in the same cell with Weinstein….those two make a beautiful couple

  24. Why let a child molester out of jail i hope he gets Covid 19 and dies asap and burns in Hell at least I would believe my tax dollars are going to something good lol God bless

  25. Chadd Sinclair

    let him rot in jail F R KELLY

  26. I still love him sorry

  27. R. Kelly did not do none of that stuff that’s what I believe they just want his money free R. Kelly

  28. Javier Fernandez

    R kelly can’t cut it with a real woman so he goes after them insecure ass young girls..

  29. His mind is still telling him noooo….

  30. When you wear an orange jumpsuit to court you look guilty. Even if you are not

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