Heated Interview: Vegas Mayor demands casinos reopen despite COVID-19 deaths

Goodman antagonizes Cooper/FoxNews.com

Las Vegas Mayor wants reopening. 

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LAS VEGAS — If you’re sick and tired of the “Stay-At-Home” order, you’re not alone. Immortality be damned, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman raised eyebrows on Wednesday when she implored government officials to reopen casinos at her behest despite an upsurge in coronavirus deaths. The audacious request was made during a chinwag with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. So far, 150 Vegas residents have died amid complications from COVID-19. When asked to explain how casinos could reopen safely, Goodman said that’s not her problem. “It is up to them,” she responded.

A frustrated Cooper removed his glasses, rubbed his eyes, and took a deep breath.

The temerarious politician then upped the ante by volunteering Vegas strip patrons as “control group” guinea pigs to see how many will perish without social distancing. No bullsh*t. She’s dead serious. With a population of 2.3 million coupled with a revolving door of tourists, Nevada is a pecuniary hotbed for slot machine and table game revenue. Goodman wants hotels and restaurants reopened too.

The “Stay-At-Home” order has ingurgitated millions of dollars and the Mayor has had enough.

“You’re talking about the disease. I’m talking about life and living,” Goodman told Cooper.

“That makes no sense,” Cooper replied.

“This isn’t China. This is Las Vegas,” she argued.

“Wow, okay, that’s really ignorant,” he retorted.

Watch the heated interview.

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  1. Don’t be surprised if she turns out to be Trumps 2020 running mate.

  2. I’d like to go through the screen and smack her so hard upside the head. She is a bobble head!

  3. angel bermudez

    Can’t state this enough but “WOW”

  4. Talk about passing the buck on whose responsibility it is to provide guidelines..

  5. Andrea Schellin

    How did she become Mayor?

  6. I guess what she is saying is I dosnt matter put people back to work,if they die they die… were Nevada, life and liberty,so go back to work death and facisism!

  7. She is in the WRONG POSITION. HER thoughts ARE NOT AN AMERICAN DREAM. She want the casinos to be open but the owners to be responsible for social distancing. She is SERIOUSLY TRUMP INFECTED. PLEASE HAS NO PLAN, CUT HER OFF.

  8. Las Vegas needs to rethink this Mayor

  9. Anderson you did a great job proving that she is completely DRUNK.

  10. This shit is comedy gold 😂😂

  11. Young Generation

    I’m going to laugh when she tests positive for the virus.

  12. Bet she went to Trump University

  13. Omg how did she even become Mayor!!?? She’s effen INSANE!!!

  14. This woman is wise. The fake news is scare mongering.

  15. At least, she is better than Trump. She leave professionals to do their jobs.

  16. Looks to me she took a big wad of money from a Casino owner…

  17. She’s nuts! How is it that she is Las Vegas’ mayor? lol

  18. She sounds like a bunch of wiseguys are right off camera pointing guns at her, and or have her family tied up somewhere over a pool of acid. Have that in mind and watch the interview again.

  19. We as American citizens not realize we are taxpaying citizens Federal and State. Since 1980 Reaganomics tax breaks to the richest 1% and corporate American trillions of dollars. We have sent American Tax paying dollars all over the world all my lifetime for various reasons. Unfortunately we haven’t been smart enough to use our tax paying money on ourselves. This political tribalism between Democrats and Republicans. Is only a shitshow to keep the average American poor, ignorant, stupid, racist and dumb. Maybe time for a third party for those of us that have lived long enough to know where hate, greed, ignorance, racism and disrespect gets a country with backwards thinking leaders and citizens. We are certainly here now backwards thinking the mayor prove that point wow.

  20. So let’s not go too far with this. This mayor is extremely stupid and simply doesn’t care, she thinks she had it so it’s safe for her, now everything can go back to normal because she’s doing fine. Oh yeah, she’s really, really stupid.

  21. Michael Thomson

    So yeh basically the USA is screwed.

  22. She’s so fucking crazy. How is she a Mayor?

  23. She spent the whole interview trying not to fall for Anderson’s tricks but Anderson just watched her open her mouth and all the stupid just fell out.

  24. I wonder what was her qualification to get her position as a mayor? She better resign from her current position. She is totally not the people and citizen person but more interested with money instead. That’s what I would understand based on her description in this interview with Anderson.

  25. She’s an outrageous fool

  26. How the hell she became mayor? Is this a parody? This cannot be real

  27. Beside how ridiculous she is? But like what is her job though? She’s not helping testing, social distancing, and any sort of virus prevention. What is her job? Like what is a mayor job? Am I hallucinating?

  28. anthony heeley

    Really isn’t that complicated. Dead people can’t spend money, so wait until it’s safe

  29. career-ending interview.

  30. Total idiot…

  31. Mayor Goodman? You’re ignorance is overwhelming and your willingness to sacrifice my health and that of my loved ones is a sign of your lack of humanity. Hope you get infected. That will cure your vile sickness!

  32. Nice job Anderson Cooper. The mayor of Las Vegas is so delusional. Or maybe she’s crazy. Hmmm

  33. Shane Kinsella

    We’re doomed!!

  34. humyun fuad rahman

    Mayor: Assume that we are ASYMPTOMATIC!
    Corona virus: Hold my beer.

  35. back2paranormal

    Go mayor, someone talking sense for a change…keep the sick elderly and compromised at home and carry on, there’s more chance of having an auto accident than getting this flu and if you do you most probably wont even know….people have become paranoid puppets….and then you have the fake news channel CNN acting like they really care about the people, get outta here Anderson.

  36. Ramblings of a bumbling idiot! 🤪

  37. Syed usman shah

    She is definitely high on something

  38. Dominique Johnson

    Let’s ask ourselves: why didn’t Anderson Cooper end the interview? Don’t they preach to us often about how “misinformation shouldn’t be covered.”

  39. God she’s fucking stupid.

  40. Prophetic Intervention

    She is so ignorant. Of course the Casino owners want a puppet mayor. Everyone’s grandma. Absolutely ignorant.

  41. I love Anderson Cooper he always keeps it real. He called her ignorant 🤣 that’s a fact!

  42. Hear approach and ignorance is just disturbing. She is clearly more concern about keeping the crooked relationship she has with casino owners. “Casino owners care about their employees”. How many times did she said “that’s not my job” what a clown, a narcissist in full force.

  43. Basic universal income. Not sending people back to work to get sick and possibly die.

  44. She on something

  45. I fully support you Mayor … lets get it 💪🏻

  46. Las Vegas would be the worst place in the whole United States to reopen. People go there and lose the money they need to survive. Then they bring the Coronavirus from Las Vegas back to where they live and we start the nightmare again. Great job destroying this lady Anderson. What I like about Anderson Cooper he asks everyone tough questions. He is not easy on anyone no matter whose side they are on. He does real interviews. The Rod Blagojevich interview is a great classic to watch.

  47. Luv8dds Soriano

    Stupid mayor don’t have a good plan. It’s like your sending children in the ocean they don’t even know how to swim. While she’s staying home and smoking pot. Is this really a Mayor?

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