CeeDee Lamb is busted cheatin? Tyrann Mathieu says CeeDee will be a superstar

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CeeDee Lamb is busted cheating?

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DALLAS — On the night he became a member of the Dallas Cowboys, former Oklahoma receiver CeeDee Lamb demonstrated quick hands and nonpareil reaction skills during a cell phone drill that’s gone viral. CeeDee — who was selected 17th overall in the 2020 NFL Draft — was sedentary next to his inamorata, Crymson Rose, when she grabbed his celly while he was engaged in a confab with Cowboys officials on another phone. But, before any snooping could transpire, CeeDee snatched the phone right back and shook his head “no.” The gaffe was captured on camera in front of millions of viewers. Many are calling CeeDee a cheater with something to hide.

Crymson, by the way, is the ex-girlfriend of Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young.

After watching the clip, Trae tweeted: “Bruh said ‘nahhhh what you doin.’”

Nevertheless, Crymson claims she wasn’t spying. The prepossessing damsel was merely handling her boyfriend’s business. Crymson tweeted an elucidation. “His agent was FACETIMING him while he was on the phone with the Cowboys, I was doing the GF thing gonna answer it for him🤣 sheesh,” she wrote.

CeeDee, 21, disseminated a tweet in Crymson’s defense.

“Y’all really gotta chill wasn’t even like dat 👎🏾,” he wrote

Speaking of Twitter… Kansas City Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu barked an intrepid augury.

“Cee Dee will be a SUPERSTAR IN Dallas,” he tweeted.

Do you agree with him?

Is CeeDee a cheater?

Is it time for men to hide cell phones from women?

Watch the video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. jeffrey conyers

    A classic example of a cheater.

  2. She was way too comfortable with doing that, then she got checked Infront of millions of people, I bet she won’t grab that phone again, he was getting promoted, her one job was to sit there & look pretty, I’m pretty sure the role with dating an athlete Is obvious, assume the position or leave.

  3. IfYouScared GoToChurch

    She’s been doing it,we just seeing it now…

  4. Lamb’s girlfriend: Imma bout to bust his ass!
    Lamb: Nah, you good!

  5. Netkaizen Acero

    Red PILL GUYS, are the ANSWER…

  6. Kendra Reynolds

    U don’t snatch people’s phones out of their hand especially if it’s ringing and especially during his moment during the nfl draft! Girl please Stay in your place.

  7. A’Real Trucker

    Sometime you have to remember you have the girlfriend package

    You aren’t qualified to pull a wife move such as this

  8. Myles Livingston

    trae young from Oklahoma too

  9. Trae took the biggest L😭

  10. It could’ve been a number of reasons why he snatched his phone away… I think you have low IQ

  11. MetalSonicGamerX200

    I mean what’s the big deal. Hows this viral?? Its not like he was punching her or cussing her out?

  12. LilBitOf Sandra

    Damn that guy’s buck teeth are gross!

  13. chinniwonkenobi

    Why does his mom look like she can also be his dad?

  14. Regardless of whether or not he’s hiding something, it’s disrespectful af to just grab somebody’s phone like that.

  15. Robert S550stang

    Straight put her in her place !!!!!

  16. His agent was FaceTiming him🤦🏼‍♂️

  17. Get rid of her now!

  18. I dont think that girl should grab his phone….he should be snatching her phone. She’ll be snatching someone else’s phone at next year’s draft so doesnt matter.

  19. Brian Campbell

    Why go through his phone looking for drama on draft day, while the whole world is watching?

  20. trae thew away some good pussy

  21. She was out of pocket for that. She knew, you saw it on her face.

  22. @Jerk My Beef: Trae ain’t tripping on that gold digger… He’s probably trying to warn CeeDee about her trifling ass ways…😄

  23. She will be gone soon

  24. Talk about the girl who tried to steal the spotlight…

  25. What is she wearing knowing she was gana be on camera 🤦

  26. It’s not any of her business

  27. Y’all are assuming, but I see it as someone who is taking their property back. Honestly in a time like that when you’re supporting your loved one whether you’re a woman or man just sit pretty and be there, don’t make things harder for ya mate or bring attention to yourself unless your mate is saying do otherwise. If it was a cheating thing he handled it better than me because at 21 22 having a girl mess up the biggest moment in my life accusing me I would’ve been pissed.

  28. He’s a woman beater

  29. They both lying. She was looking stupid 🤷🏾‍♀️😂😂

  30. First of all that wasnt her phone. Why would yoy grab another person phone. Now if thst eas his wife yes baby i aint tripping. But the girlfriend crap grabbing my phone like she the law no. Good move brother

  31. Stay out of grown folks business

  32. You know his messages started to blow up after being drafted, girl was like who are all this bitches haha

  33. She was hugging the thought of coming into a lot of money.

  34. Eric Hernandez

    Nosey ass‼️😂

  35. Casey Meisinger

    Awareness: 99
    Hands: 99
    Blocking: 99

  36. These women are passed around!!! She trying to get herself a payday!!!!

  37. Cee Dee lamb girl has nice legs

  38. I’ll never understand why a guy 18-24 years old would want a steady girlfriend. Much less if he’s about to become a millionaire.

  39. They need to take example of choir boy.. my boy Russell Wilson. He dumped his wife and married a pop star

  40. She took that shit straight out of his hand. She just had to be a headass at the worst possible time

  41. Olivares Silviano

    Yuck she’s sloppy seconds..thirds? Fourth?

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