Jimmy Fallon: LL Cool J credits Ad-Rock, “Beastie Boys” for his hip-hop métier

LL Cool J talks music with Jimmy Fallon/Douglas Gorenstein, NBC

LL Cool J dropped career bombshell.

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NEW YORK — Rap extraordinaire LL Cool J is a 2-time Grammy winner. He’s concocted a mind-boggling thirteen studio albums and he’s the lead thespian in the long-running crime drama “NCIS: Los Angeles.” But, as talented as he his, the 52-year-old entertainer wouldn’t be sh*t without the ministration of Beastie Boys alumnus Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz who was instrumental in launching LL’s music career in the mid-80s. “Ad-Rock actually is the person who gave my demo to Rick Rubin,” LL recounted during a late night chinwag with talk show host Jimmy Fallon. “And that’s how I got my break.”

“He used to hangout with Rick in his dorm room everyday,” LL continued. “I sent the tape there, Rick would just throw them in a corner in a box with a bunch of other tapes. [Ad-Rock] would go through the box when he had nothing to do.” Rick and Russell Simmons are co-founders of Def Jam Records.

Shortly after LL inked his first indenture, Ad-Rock helped produce the rapper’s first song, “I Need A Beat.” LL’s chat with Fallon comes on the heels of Ad-Rock’s and Mike D’s appearance on the show a couple of weeks prior where they elucidated the genesis of the Beastie Boys and their affinity for hip-hop.

“NCIS: Los Angeles” is in its 11th season.

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  1. Ladies Love; still a class act

  2. Samoset Seafarm

    Rock the Bells is the shizz

  3. christopher kettler

    I love ll but that show is kinda wack…but his music is great and i love the guy

  4. love you Cool J!

  5. Was just thinking about him in the shower! Not a coincidence?

  6. Olympia Lowlife

    Rick Rubin and Martha Quinn are in the Going back to Cali video!

  7. LL! BIG LOVE!

  8. Huckleberry Quick

    His first 4 albums are stone cold Classix

  9. Uncle L, living legend

  10. LL aging well. Obviously taking care of himself 👍🏻

  11. Ladies love cool James and so does everyone else

  12. Jimmy Fallon is such a douche

  13. Beastie also wrote run dmc songs.

  14. Sailormarinero

    Just HOW OFTEN can a person say “you know” / “you know what I’m saying”?!

  15. Pop Culture Graveyard

    LL is so damn likable! Such a chill vibe and positive energy. Big thanks to Ad Rock for cracking the door open!

  16. And this is why the Ladies Love Cool James

  17. Talented in music and great acting on TV too

  18. BoricuaDelight

    LL Cool J just seems like a good human being. ♡

  19. I’m a big fan of LL. The first albums I ever bought were Beastie Boys – Licensed to Ill, Run-D.M.C. – Raising Hell, and LL Cool J – Radio. When I first saw Krush Groove and LL came in the studio and said “Box” I lost my mind.

  20. LL Cool J is hard as HELL!

  21. Always love LL!

  22. I had so many great rappers when I was a kid. Now we have Travis Scott, Lil pump and other terrible artists. So sad. Everyone needs to show their kids real music.

  23. Therealjusmello

    I keep telling people white people had a huge creative hand in Hip Hop way before Eminem. It’s everybody’s music

  24. Two phony people together and LL is a bully with an enormous ego a piece garbage

  25. LL has staying power. I know he has haters and all that. There’s been time I didn’t care for him. I certainly cannot stand “NCIS: Anything” personally. The dude had a big impact on this Midwestern white boy (me) at a young age though. I loved what he had to say and I think he seems like a genuinely friendly and real dude. Just because he’s not a dick doesn’t mean he’s not a real person.

  26. One of the best lyricist hands down Mr James Todd Smith A.K.A Ladies Love Cool James

  27. Lisette García

    I didn’t know anybody could out-nice Jimmy but I think LL Cool J just did! 🙀🙀🙀

  28. LL needs to come out with one last “ retiree” album he should name it “ You know what I’m sayin!!

  29. Do not give shit to the WHO!!! There’s a million legit charities. F you LL.

  30. ll cool j is one of the most VERSATILE rappers in rap music. He can go HARD. He can go SOFT. He can go smooth. His very UNDER-RATED but very CHARISMATIC. One of my very rappers of all time.

  31. Samson hates Delilah

    niggas always giving white boys credit

  32. LL cool j is one of my favorite RAPPERS of all time. There’s a reason why he made a ALBUM called G.O.A.T.

  33. OMYGOSH!!! I LOVE him!!!🥰❤

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