Police Shooting Video: Black spectators ‘celebrate’ white gunman losing his life

Police shoot white gunman/Photo: RLS Media

Cops shoot white gunman da hood.

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PATERSON — Law enforcement officials in Paterson, New Jersey are catching hell from all gradients after police officers shot an armed white man multiple times in broad daylight. The sanguinary ordeal transpired around 4 p.m. on April 23rd in a black neighborhood in full view of several spectators. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows 42-year-old Luan Agolli brandishing a weapon as officers implored him to drop it. Rather than comply, a recalcitrant Agolli rebuffed their behest.

Many believe racism was involved. “If he was black, they would’ve shot that n*gga,” said a negro observer. “Light his ass up,” screamed a second heckler. They would get their wish. After Agolli was blown to smithereens, a vindictive black person celebrated the fatality, yelling, “they got him, bye bye!”

Rumor has it Agolli planned to shoot every negro in sight.

Watch the graphic video.

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  1. What the hell is a white man doing in Paterson?

  2. Polly wants your mommas

    Everyone- shoot his ass, if he was black you would have been shot him.
    Police- shoots him
    Everyone- oh no! 🤣🤣 omg! They shot him🤣

  3. tn_tea _ partyer_420

    More white people are shot by cops…, fact.

  4. Remember, all he had to do was follow the cop’s directions.

  5. DatManKhi🤘🏾💙

    They litt that nigga up

  6. I’m deeply sorry a human died, but he is holding a fucking gun. He might have been on his way to kill his wife, his kids or some else. Mental illness, alcohol or substances, he could have caused a lot of harm had they not kill him.

  7. Damn so this white fucker went to the hood to shoot niggas. Where were the tough niggas at. SCARED NIGGAS.

  8. Listen to the dumb bitch say: “booooy if he was black…” And the other black supremacy racists saying ; “shoot him!” just cause he’s not black…. fucking dumb…
    if he was black he would have already killed someone in some drug deal, robbery or in that standoff,
    I can bet this man was just menacing and didn’t hurt anyone , but booooy if he was black? he would have a long ass record of violent felonies including murder as usual.

  9. marshawn-lynch-a- cracker

    Cracker got COOKED!!! He thought he was good around his race’s private security team, stupid ass, stinking, dog fucking, child molesting, fudge packing, mayo sucking cave roach😎

  10. Caribbean Ín The House

    where was the bloods and crips to come outside of their homes to take this one white man out since he was in the hoods to take blacks out?

  11. @Caribbean Ín The House: running a train on ya bitch hahaha… they was busy busy fool.


    🤣 black ppl ain’t shit smh “light him up!”

  13. His white ass was walking around threatening to shoot people that’s why the police was called he just wasn’t walking around with a gun..he was making threats while walking around with a gun…

  14. If he was black….not one word would be said….cops shooting from the jump!

  15. My condolences for His family. Don’t know what happened. He may be going thru something terrible! The police didn’t have to kill him!

  16. Porkchop Jones

    dude asked for it

  17. Fuck police

  18. “Boy if hes was black” The implication makes sense. But only because most videos of shootings we see if he was black isnt a distraught person pacing the street and not engaging. When officers encounter a black man with a weapon at his side not threating someone, i would think the situation would resemble the same. But this video doesnt show a hostage or victim. In fact the officers are the possible victims. The weapon is visible and the shit bag initially looked distraught opposed to the worst case scenario where an unarmed person when engaged by law enforcement decides to reach for their waist forcing the officers reaction. The weapon was visible, that allowed the guy every oportunity to comply, but when that weapon was raised, it was just like reaching for his waist. He gave up his safety and paid the price. Ive got no problem with officers decisions to protect themselves. But shame on the bystanders encouraging loss of life and cheering purely by the color of his skin. Accepting reasonable deadly force and damanding it are very different mind sets.

  19. A lot of cross fire between these trash cops. surprised they didnt shoot each other

  20. I would never cheer another man’s death

  21. isaiah alcantar

    @Eliza Fonseca: Yea he should’ve shot himself and saved them the paperwork.

  22. @Eliza Fonseca: The cops didn’t have to kill him??? He DIDN’T have have to force the cop’s hand. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  23. Trumps America

    @Mark Stewart: it’s black people man.. what the fuck do you expect from these broke ass bums who follow a bunch of black lives matter bullshit on Twitter and get their information from there? these type of people are a fucking joke

  24. A dirty and corrupt Third World country in Africa… Oh wait. It’s the USA. 😂

  25. Patterson cops are awesome

  26. Insola The Insolent

    I been to Paterson. Ruff little city and them cops sell dope too

  27. suicide…………. he wanted to go.

  28. It really sucks that the suspect died….

    He didn’t have the chance to drop the soap

  29. If this wasnt caught on video that city would be burning right now.

  30. Suicide mission. I agree with the police officer Shoot Him to Death. Good job.+1

  31. those cheering his death are sick demented assholes

  32. This Guy got what he deserved the cops did a GREAT JOB taking him out

  33. Now this is when you need 10 plus cops with guns pointed at a guy he seemed like he was on drugs

  34. Lovely when police shoot criminals ❤️

  35. Perfect ending

  36. Waffle House Employee

    Dude must have been a Trump supporter

  37. Patricia Saluti


  38. black people are so cruel

  39. Taz him wtffff

  40. cops acting like they care😂

  41. kylee sandoval

    but had it been a black mannnnn.. whole different story.

  42. shame on you people for celebrating that man’s death

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