Drunken Video: Former NFL running back McFadden drives his SUV into brick wall

McFadden went to jail for DUI/Flipboard.com

TMZ drops crazy McFadden video. 

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MCKINNEY — On Monday, TMZ released video of the 2019 arrest of former Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden who had his drunken ass thrown in the slammer for driving while intoxicated. The incident transpired around midnight on January 21, 2019 in the drive-through of a Whataburger in McKinney, Texas. Police body cam footage shows an inebriated McFadden asleep at the wheel while the engine of his GMC Yukon was running.

“Wake up!” yelled one of the officers as he pounded the driver’s window. “Wake the f*ck up!” Seconds later, McFadden hit the gas — causing the vehicle to crash into the restaurant’s brick wall. After knocking out a few windows, officers opened the door and ordered McFadden to make an egress.

“Get out of the car,” the cop screamed. “Get out of the f*ckin’ car!” But the 32-year-old football star failed to comply — forcing officers to draw their weapons during a dramatic standoff. After pleading guilty, McFadden ended up serving four days in jail as part of a plea deal.

He hasn’t played in the NFL since 2017.

Do you feel sorry for McFadden?

Is CTE a factor?

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Dat wat Hennessy n Coke du ya

  2. Disappointment of a football player and a bigger disappointment of a human being

  3. JohnnyAri Vazquez

    You know the cop dropped the body cam on purpose to get some punches in McFadden smh

  4. Those windows are American engineering at its finest!

  5. Stupid ass!!!!!!!!!!!! Has money to pay for a driver

  6. Either this guy has the strongest windows and weighs a ton or these cops are wimps

  7. Drowsy McFadden

  8. Imagine waking up with ur car facing a wall and cops trying to beat ur ass 😂

  9. Wonder McThunder

    How come it looked like the cop was fucking the car

  10. This is disgusting he could’ve took an innocent life being sloppy just sloppy and drunk smh take his license away for life!!!

  11. You know what this video has taught me?

    That cops need better tools for breaking vehicle windows.

  12. Fuck I hate to see that.

  13. see kids do what Darren Did you get 4 day’s in jail

    so make sure you either talk or buy your way out of trouble it’s the American Way

    no more Punishments for Athletes or The Elites ……….

  14. Football is the worst sport ever. It really is destroying these men from the inside out.

  15. I wish Darren McFRAGLE was this strong and durable when he played for the Raiders.

  16. Is the cop humping the car?? lol

  17. Now those cops were sweethearts, compared to other police brutality going on. I tell you he deserved some police brutality for that dumb shit.

  18. Mike Killagreen

    The same as he was in the NFL, goes a foot and gets stopped.

  19. Shoot The Moon

    What’s wrong with these cops? He went down so easy when he played for the Raiders.

  20. Prolly some racist cops

  21. Mike Killagreen

    Very entertaining. I laughed the whole time. Keystone dumb cops and a drug addict failed football player. It should be a tv series based on both. It writes itself. 😂😂😂😂

  22. Mike Killagreen

    Dumb cops. You can tell the low qualifications to become a pig. A clean criminal record and heartbeat

  23. Vientiane Bounthavi

    Fucking stupid ass. Lucky this ass hole wheel was against the curve..

  24. da1fromdaheightz

    Did he ever get his whattaburger?

  25. Darn drunk millennial.

  26. Any minute now a black person is gonna make an excuse why the cops are wrong in this situation smh

  27. I hardly see any white NFL players getting caught up in these situations but black people it’s like a month-to-month thing

  28. Jørgen Pedesen

    next time a driver refuse to step out of the car… teargas in the face and smash his arms with a baton.. problem solved.. they should have shot him…

  29. Tbf, Whataburger does take a long ass time to make your order.

  30. Bruh bruh bruh bruh

  31. I see nothing insane, but I do see intensity… And I see no standoff.

  32. Yikes, he could have drove into somebody against a brick wall, and pinched them in half. Splat!

  33. CTE🤦🏿‍♂️

  34. I still don’t understand how these pro athletes that have made so much money can’t be smart enough to have a driver take them to where ever they want to go especially if you been drinking it makes no sense at all how people continue into so much bad circumstances. Someone could have been killed because he was behind the wheel. Cops are always in tough position as they never know what they are coming up on.

  35. Damn. This some crazy shit man.

  36. I’m beginning to understand why cops shoot these fucking retards! It’s like they want to die

  37. Weak ass cop

  38. Man fuck the police

  39. That’s some GOOD Shit. 🥱😞😞😞😞💤💤💤

  40. Tairy Hesticles

    Honestly I just feel bad for him.

  41. God almighty 😂

  42. Lewis Lemons III

    They were doing to fucking much, we clearly see he’s still asleep with his foot on the gas and they jump on him like he meant to do it, he was out of it and you expect him to wake up cognizant.

  43. Christopher Neese

    I’m 100% fine with the officers actions here.

    But why didn’t they just blair their REALLY LOUD sirens which would have woken sleeping beauty up? Seems a lot easier than smashing a window and pushing the car back and forth lmao

  44. WOW ??? He was in a COMATOSE STUPOR. Should they have flattened the tires ?

  45. If he was white they would have handled it differently ..they would be having dinner together..

  46. Fucking Dumb Fuck Should’ve Gotten Shot

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