Racism Video: Black dude got killed by “Caucasian” gunmen in broad daylight

Ahmaud Arbery killed by two white men/CrimeOnline.com

Black man shot while jogging. 

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BRUNSWICK — Law enforcement officials in Georgia are investigating after 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery — a black man — was gunned down in broad daylight by two white men, Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis, 34. The sanguinary ordeal transpired during a citizen’s arrest on February 23rd in a neighborhood outside Brunswick. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows Ahmaud jogging down the street, minding his own damn business when Gregory and Travis — both armed with rifles and shotguns — pulled up next to him in a white pickup truck.

Ahmaud, who was unarmed, said something to the effect of “f*ck off!”

After a brief scuffle, Ahmaud was shot multiple times as he stumbled down the road. The hobbled African American hit the pavement face-first. A coroner pronounced him dead at the scene. During interrogation, Gregory told investigators Ahmaud fit the profile of a burglar in the area. No arrests were made at the time.

The fatality was initially deemed an act of self-defense.

Gregory and Travis are just now facing charges.

“This is an ongoing investigation,” the Glynn County Police Department said in a statement.

Ahmaud was once a high school football star.

Gregory is a former police officer.

Many believe racism was involved.

Watch the graphic video.

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  1. Equality for All 😢

  2. The white people that done that if this was in my city they would not be able to live in that house on that street no more…

  3. well if the dumb ass would have stopped and talked to these two men instead of attacking them then he would be alive but no he immediately starts to assault the man and trys to take the gun, just ignorant

  4. This is nothing more than a modern day lynching. That’s what i seen anyway. No one should stand for this. Not now. It shouldn’t have been stood for in the 50s and 60s. It damn sure shouldn’t be happening now without justice. They need executed. For the simple fact that they thought this was ok behavior. White trash.

  5. Only in AmeriKKKa

  6. This is not about black and white people it’s about wrong and right. The real racist are those who think every time a black man dies it’s cause of racism. A man of any color has the right to defend himself and his neighborhood against any man of any color attacking him.

  7. Chris the Ruler

    @zeek deputy: suck my black dick

  8. Start killing these muthafuckas back. The day something like that happens to any of my family members is the day I’m killing all their family members including their kids. WE’VE BEEN IN WAR BLACK PEOPLE! WAKE THE FUCK UP AND KILL THEM BACK. Rather judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  9. This was a murder. Plain and simple. He was not in the act of committing a crime or a robbery, not armed, no threat to them. These guys don’t even need a trail; their victim had no due justice.

  10. Don’t you Just HATE the WHITE DEVILS who roam the Earth as BEAST’S…THEY ARE CLEARLY NOT HUMAN, ALL PEOPLE OF WHITE COLOR ARE BEAST’S and SPRITLESS CREATURES who were here on Earth before MAN (those who have the in-riching color of LIFE) the same as how the Dark and moist dirt produces Life when on the other hand the White Sand Produces NOTHING… They are clearly rejected by OUR GOD of this Planet…..They can only produce DEATH of anything GOD has Created!

  11. Survival 101: If multiple armed private citizens or otherwise approach you, do NOT attempt to disarm them. This is deadly and has only one outcome as you have no chance of disarming and dispatching all assailants without proper training. Instead raise your hands and make inquiries about the situation. Bonus tip! Your skin color won’t matter when you reach for someone’s firearm.

  12. I like chili with my crackers

  13. If this ain’t this years Trayvon Martin then idk wtf is. You can argue all you want the facts but this video is repulsive and another fuckin Clear and inarguable example of white privilege and the fact that another black life treated as absolutely nothing and is discarded. And these mf’kas still walking around why?????? Cuz they’d definitely be greenlit if it was mines. Don’t tell me white privilege don’t exist.

  14. Again…idiots with guns.

  15. Black people arm yourself at all times. I’m currently shopping for another firearm now, sorry to say this but the marching and protesting isn’t working.

  16. Fuck u crackers

  17. I’m not understanding why they’re was somebody recording instead of calling for help … who was it following him and why can u hear a gun uploading from the person recording the video ? Or Who was in The car with him ? If it wasn’t the person recording who reloaded the gun ? So many questions! Was he cornered in?

  18. Brother had a lot of heart!!! I’m my book, he will always be remembered as a hero. Good thing is this is finally going to a grand jury when it should have never taken this long. The ex cop, son and person in the car should all be locked up. Its premeditated murder, they had an armed posse and tried to record it to justify their actions. The guy recording was in with it also and this was the reason to record, it’s also the reason why the camera panned out when they first encountered him. They harassed him repeatedly. They also need to reexamine the ex cops past arrest records.
    I hope that if black citizens of that town only take one thing from this, thats to fight like your life is in the line! They knew they were no match for this warrior. They loose on the citizen arrest BS when they formed an armed posse and followed, harassed and comforted him after he was no threat to them. They had every opportunity to follow from a distance.

  19. Bloody disgusting, if it was a white man jogging would they have murdered him?

  20. If anything them rednecks don’t look like they belong in the neighborhood

  21. where’s the crips and bloods when u need em????

  22. Liaqat Hussain

    America…land of the free🙄🙄🙄

  23. how are there no charges filed? ; mean to tell me going on a run can get you killed with no repercussion? i hate white america

  24. Damn cops still murdering people after they retire.

  25. Muricaaa 🇺🇸
    Land of the Free !!! 🙈
    Home of the Brave!!! 🙉
    Yea baby, get some!🙊

  26. It’s coming, y’all better strap up. RealShit. This racist ass President got this Anglo-Saxons out here thinking it’s the 50’s, but we ain’t living in the days of MLK. We taking Malcolm’s approach this go around. BANG BANG

  27. Basically if you white you live on earth peacefully, however if you brown , black Asian, foreign the world gonna be hársh on you coz of the system. just know that guys this world was designed to break our hearts it’s the after life we should be concerned for abs care for .

  28. Man. Something told me not to watch this. Death is all round us. Be careful i will kill for me and mine

  29. White, Asian, Indian, African … almost everyone hates the black man. Best to stay away from human.

  30. what a tragic event. There are no words to describe my anger and the sympathy I feel for the family of this young man … American way of life is the biggest threat to humanity …

  31. Rev. Jim Jones

    black people arm yourself! you’re in a war. act accordingly!

  32. Only if the father shot his son by accident

  33. 🍗Blacks kryptonite

    i wonder if this will wake black people up

  34. They killed that boy knowing they could/can get away with it. simple

  35. Black men will get on here complain, call them all kinds of names but won’t do shit! The problem in the Black community is the Black man! Who gets killed time and time again and does NOTHING about it? Black men. Start killing them! You will kill one another but won’t kill the man who is killing YOU! I will NEVER get with another Black man and yes I am a woman.

  36. @matt james: Black people like to tend to themselves and only fuck with each other (except for the criminals that attack randoms). So when black people do stuff to each other, its because of a dispute between each other (except for the criminals that attack randoms). White people, just like the trolls on here, go out of their way just to fuck with people then try to justify it by thinking they have a noble cause. But you’re kind of right. However, we don’t need black people to go out and kill, we need the good ones out of jail. The criminals, like gang members, need to be the ones to step up and take revenge.

  37. TomSmithIsBackAgain

    Premeditated murder plain and simple. They were a) waiting w/ loaded guns, b) one was out of the truck waiting for him to come around. If anyone had the right to try and protect himself it was the dead dude. These 2 need the chair. and for the record, I am a right leaning conservative Republican cracker

  38. this just broke my heart man Rip this is why us blacks need to come together and quit hating eachother that could have been someone’s brother son or uncle man this is fucked up

  39. Citizens arrest has common sense limitations. You can’t just assume a person has committed a crime and then gather up your firearms and chase that person down. By the time he ran around the truck they could clearly see he was unarmed yet they kept their firearms aimed at him. I’m seeing manslaughter, false imprisonment and reckless behavior with a firearm. They should have been arrested the day this happened.

  40. He was outside. In the middle of the road. Not in their house, not on their property. He was unarmed. They were armed. There was absolutely no justifiable reason in shooting and killing him. This is murder. Lock em up. I’m white btw

  41. Got to watch out for white people like this! They think they own the country. Probably big time Trump supporters. Lets see if Trump pardons them. Humans are the most hypocritical, dangerous, deadliest creatures on the planet.

  42. Lisa Sorrentino

    Had it been a black man killing a white man , they would not wait 2 months for charges. A lynch mob would go looking for him.

  43. Freaking hillbillies.

  44. Sebastian Elli


  45. the rest of us need to quietly get together and figure out how to liquidate all these racists. it will solve us having to constantly listen to these vile racists make excuses for the racism.

    if we get rid of the racists, we won’t have a racism problem.

  46. Well my opinion has nothing to do either way of current plight of all involved in this case, I just want to ask and say the following, why not leave the policing to real police with real police powers? Why would anybody put themselves in the position these 2 men did, Over NOTHING, big deal trespassing at BEST!!! The situation these 2 men are in because they decided too make citizens arrest, over NOTHING [compared to what ,thier facing and the thousands its gonna cost for attorney ,not to mention they possibly just ended their lives, and for what? To arrest a trespasser!!!]
    it is my policy to leave the policing to police. I would not engage a criminal unless the life of a citizen, family member or myself was imminent, And I know Even that, could put me in the same exact situation as these 2 men are today. So, remember this, if someone decides they are going to engage a criminal under the colors of citizens arrest,1, they are opening a can of worms that they are in no way prepared to handle. 2 are held to the standards and POLITICS that police are held to.3 need to understand, no matter how admirable their intention is, that same citizen making arrest is NOT GUARANTEED IMMUNITY from NOTHING!! So if one is going to make citizens arrest, please let the crime that you are intervening on be worth the possible repercussions that you just might be facing!!! In my opinion, trespass is just so not it. Please think the SITUATION out completely beforehand!!

  47. Brian Williams

    So we all look alike ohh 😮 my god this country is cursed

  48. Deplorable Trumper


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