Princess Love divorcing Ray J following mortifying ‘domestic dispute’ in Vegas

Ray J and Princess Love are done/

Princess Love is divorcing Ray J.

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BEVERLY HILLS — After nearly 4 years of holy matrimony, Princess Love and Ray J are calling it quits. Yep, they’re gettin’ a divorce. The “Love & Hop Hop Hollywood” star filed dissolution documents on Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court seeking a split from Ray J. The cessation comes on the heels of a mortifying domestic dispute that took place last year in Las Vegas where the “Sexy Can I” singer left Princess (who was gravid) and their daughter, Melody, stranded to canoodle with his side chick.

So divorcement is hardly a surprise.

Princess and Ray J also upped the ante when they eschewed wearing their wedding bands shortly after the calamity. They’ve inhabited separate homes ever since. The estranged lovebirds did, however, attempt reconciliation shortly after Princess gave nativity to their son, Epik, in January.

But it was to no avail.

Princess and Ray J are severing ties on amicable terms.

Still no word on child support, alimony and/or custodial arrangements.

Do you agree with their decision to part ways?

Is it time for Ray J to keep his phallus to himself?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Dude wife a stripper with crazy attitude problems from the get go it was already toxic!

  2. Kenneth B. Cole

    No big surprise🙄 She was looking for a divorce soon as she got pregnant. Pay check Time💰

  3. Damn I am genuinely saddened by this news of divorce. I wish them all the best

  4. Shequan Mcnear

    She was Floyd’s side piece Ray took a L here

  5. wittyexquisite

    His dumb ass should’ve made her sign that fuckin prenup

  6. I’ve been saving myself for marriage my whole life but marriage these days is a joke so not anymore lol time to have some fun as a single man

  7. I knew it just like his mother did. Should’ve listened hope he has a pre-nup.

  8. IAmLegendBoxing

    Princess use to be in Floyd Mayweather harem

  9. She’s tired of his behavior and he’ll always be a cheater so it’s best for her to just move on.

  10. Tai can do anything

    I don’t wish anything bad but I am so happy for princess, she deserves waaaay better than narcissistic ass Ray j. He doesn’t want to be married or remain faithful. He may be a great father, but he doesn’t know how to treat women and remain faithful.

  11. Robert Too Cool

    Congratulations on Ray J finally seeing the light. Never wife a Sidechick of another nigga I.E Floyd Mayweather. 👏

  12. Gina ChildFree

    They seemed completely incompatible from the start

  13. No Prenup and child support for two kids. His mama told him, because his mom knew who he was. And he still didn’t choose to protect himself. Princess about to take him for everything he has good luck. Smh

  14. 90s DancehallKid

    He have a prenup right?

  15. Johnnie Taylor said “Its Cheaper To Keep Her.” 💰💰

  16. Ray J is hit now. Two kids and 18 years. He better come up with some more great ideas, because his bank account is about to get slammed into reverse 😨

  17. I’m not surprised. Ray J didn’t really want to be tied down 🤷🏽‍♀️ it sucks though

  18. Wow!!! Really?!! I really wish they worked it out before divorce

  19. Babies are a blessing but plz don’t ever have a baby to save a relationship. It won’t work…

  20. joyce alexander

    Everyone is not Marriage Material, love Ray to death but i called this, sad to see it, Princess did not know how to keep their private business PRIVATE! The world can’t fix y’all problems! Marriage is hard work, learn how to go through the Storms privately!

  21. Ray J it’s time to man up sir ! You have kids. You don’t want another man dealing with them. Besides the child support and alimony laws in your state are BRUTAL ! You should be done when you’re about OOOOOOH 58 !!!! 👁👁

  22. Yeah , who could have predicted this 🙄 ?

  23. “For The {HATE} Of Ray J” 😢 😂 😂 😂

  24. She only married that nigga bcuz of his money. Ray J is a fuckin idiot.

  25. Not surprised…That’s what happens when you try to one up the next woman 🤷🏽‍♀️

  26. Sherrie Morris

    Ray J should have never gotten married at all. Ray J wants to be married for show but still wanted to live the single life. Kudos to Princess Love for finally waking up and stopping to continue to put up with all of his shenanigans, and all of his infidelities and playboy ways. Look out Ray J, she’s taking you to the bank. Child support, spousal support and continuing to keep the lifestyle she’s accustomed to. Can we say, cha- ching .💸💲💰

  27. Who ever reads this i hope you survive this pandemic

  28. I saw this coming when they were getting married

  29. He should of listened to his mother

  30. Princess is not very good at picking men. She was with Floyd before Ray.

  31. Titus Matthews

    They don’t understand that once you are married and not supposed to be messing around with other girls/women , has children and then can’t work things out . They was fighting before they got married , shouldn’t have never got married without pre marital counseling to see if they was compatible

  32. The question is will she go through with it 🤔until it’s final I won’t believe it PERIOD

  33. Shelsea Larrieux

    They should of never gotten married 😩

  34. MizzBttrflyChic

    I think they only got married to prove something to the naysayers & to each other. Now that the dust settled and she got a glimpse of what “forever” was going to be like with him, she’s looking for the nearest escape hatch.

  35. RayJ has tried to win her back too many times, Princess run for the border. He doesn’t care about your feelings at all.

  36. Good. He shouldn’t have married her away. Let princess go about her business

  37. Sharee Armstrong

    The devil is a lie Princess Love please QUEEN 💋 Hold strong. you 💚 him. 👑

  38. Katherine Heffley

    I know she loves him with all her heart. And it’s going to be hard for her to go through with the Divorce. Because of the love she has for him. But Ray J a (DOG)

  39. I thought ray j and princess would work things out, wasn’t expecting them to get a divorce but as long as they are good co parenting and the kids are happy I’m good .🤷🏾‍♀️😟

  40. Kevon Patterson

    Ray J mama crip walking telling him “I told yo Stupid ass.”

  41. These two should stay together work it out they are beautiful together tired of seeing people getting divorced

  42. Ray J upgraded her; she was just one of floyd Mayweather Jr.’s jump offs

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