Rap Video: During house arrest, Tekashi 6ix9ine drops gangsta rap video “Gooba”

Tekashi 6ix9ine drops music video/Complex.com

Tekashi 6ix9ine releases a video. 

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NEW YORK — We should give Tekashi 6ix9ine extra credit for using his home confinement time productively. While donning an ankle monitor and his signature rainbow-colored braids, the 24-year-old snitch… um, I mean rapper, dropped his first post-penitentiary music video, “Gooba,” on Friday then addressed more than 2 million fans on Instagram Live to elucidate his decision to squeal. Tekashi is in the middle of serving a two-year prison sentence for racketeering and eight other felonies.

The maligned artist (né Daniel Hernandez) was granted early manumission due to the coronavirus pandemic and ordered to serve the remainder of his durance via house arrest. He also has asthma which helped his case. If you recall, Tekashi was originally given 37 years. But, as part of a plea indenture with prosecutors, he ratted out members of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods to land a truncated term.

Many believe his days are numbered.

Nevertheless… in the video, a bumptious Tekashi taunts his disparagers while a sextet of scantily clad popsies (drenched in paint) twerk in the background. You’ll have to patronize your local KFC to descry more breasts and thighs. “You’re nothing but a hater-hater, clout-chaser,” he rapped.

“Are you dumb, stupid or dumb, huh? Play me like a dummy, like b*tch are you dumb?”

Tekashi’s video was concocted in his backyard.

Watch the vixen-filled conception and 12-minute rant.

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  1. Bro gotta look over his shoulders for the rest of his life it just a aint hit him yet 🤷🏼‍♂💯

  2. somebody wack dis niqqa 😂😂😭😭😭😭

  3. Just don’t die bro❤💜💙💚💛🧡

  4. It’s amazing when you sell your soul what you get from it in this life you made a bad deal bro diamonds and all that shit ain’t gonna be nothing for your soul in internal fire.

  5. jesse selinger

    Guys still a snitch and a walking deadman if he dies some time in the future i wouldn’t even care.

  6. Are you dumb,stupid or dumb??

  7. Wow 69 actually has common sense…yea he snitched…why?? Cause fuck those other dudes lol

  8. colten klostermann

    He’s just a p*^%y

  9. Snitch nine

  10. Nigga we saw you crying in the back of the car . We know you soft boy stop acting like a gangster

  11. 6ix9ine wears more rainbows than gay nigga himself damn.

  12. Shit sad and niggas still condone this shit

  13. He has been offered as high as 500k a show out in Europe next year

  14. 2.2 million likes less than a day.. he’s not going anywhere 😭😭🔥🔥🔥

  15. Rat Though,FED financed this video huh? part of the plea?

  16. I never seen ah nigga happy about ratting 😂

  17. 6ix 9ine more like gay 9ine that nigga ass

  18. King of New York still. If mfkas was loyal to 69 n not doing him dirty maybe lil homie wouldn’t have snitched 🤷🏽‍♂️ loyalty is a 2 way street facts 💯💯

  19. Enjoy life while it lasts you ugly fucking teletubbie

  20. Look 🤦🏾‍♀️…. lol What y’all don’t understand is if you wanna act and talk like you from the streets and be a “gangster “ that’s fine . But when shit go Left you better keep the same energy and handle the problem in the streets like a real street nigga would. THATS why what 69 did is fucked up. idc if they threatened ur mom n fucked ya baby moms go Handle those problems without snitching.. like the street nigga u faking to be.

  21. melekene kem3m3m3

    The king is Back!!!

  22. jonathan farias

    All you nigga’s are lames and don’t even fuck with him cause of the music and don’t dare say you do cause that shit is garbage everybody going crazy about the are dumb or stupid dumb REALLY that’s the line you guy’s cause the best out the whole song this shit is really fucking sad you all love him trolling talking shit but you do realize the shit he’s talking is all fake we’ve seen what happen when he’s confronted with a real situation and gets caught slipping crying like a little bitch begging for them not to hurt him and brings them to his kid’s house putting her in danger to get himself out of shit kid’s a weasel and a manipulator he don’t give a fuck about you or anyone else and y’all support that and he’s only talking like this cause he know’s he’s got security right now and he’s somewhat safe just like before but he eventually got caught slipping he can’t have heavy security for the rest of his life all good things come to an end eventually and with everything going on in the world today this is what you all choose to do is support this man and give him millions of dollars instead of wasting your time on this loser why don’t you all go spend 3 minutes and watch a video of something that needs money and the money is going to go toward something good I know a lot of you are still really young and don’t understand the point I’m trying to make so here’s my 1st and last view of this garbage cause I will not support this man’s garbage RANT OVER

  23. Everyone doubted him, now’s he’s up

  24. Dzeko Fernades

    The snitch just drop 😂😂😂

  25. People not just supporting a snitch they supporting a known paedophile aswell. Wtf is the world coming to.

  26. Dam snitch 9ine is out

  27. This song is straight

    Dogshit, honestly this guy I can’t understand half the lyrics

  28. Fuck yea 6ix9ine is back bitch for years and he still A GOD!

  29. Azzam El Nowairi

    This just shows never give up!

  30. Not first rapper to snitch just the first to not run from title of a 🐀 🐀‼️

  31. LukasTheKing_YT ́


  32. The mann is a Legend 💯💯💪🏾

  33. He snitch an laughing and smiling an making fuk you song about it😕 damn that cold bro.. I never seen some like this before a day in my life.. 69 that fuck up bro..

  34. Getting his ass torn up in the pen obv didn’t help his rapping skills 😅

  35. Love how everyone acts like they wouldnt do the same to get out of jail

  36. Damn this song is fire🔥

  37. This nigga literally gets like 2 million views every single fucking hour.

  38. BloxBloxy - Fortnite

    This song is fire

  39. Baharudeen Tayuan

    95% screaming
    5% singing

  40. SlouchingMedal

    I wonder if he is going to get killed maybe we will get the news in a week maybe

  41. 69s clownin 😂 haters are mad

  42. Everyone a year ago: “His career is over”

  43. Fuck you are dead mother fu ker

  44. Haters gun hate while they bitch pop they ass ta this. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  45. Why is this so popular?😕

  46. %24 nude
    %44 twerk
    %13 porn
    %19 BAD LYRİCS


  47. do people actually like this shit

  48. The snitch is back again!

  49. Not going to lie this is dope

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