Lizzo speaks out on Arbery murder, she’s ‘convinced’ white supremacy is to blame

Lizzo attacks white supremacy/Photo: Instagram

Lizzo is combating white supremacy. 

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BRUNSWICK — Like millions around the globe, “Truth Hurts” singer Lizzo is absolutely appalled by the sanguinary demise of negro jogger Ahmaud Arbery who was blown to smithereens by two white men in Brunswick, Georgia. The shooters — Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis, 34 — said Ahmaud fit the profile of a serial burglar in the area. But Lizzo ain’t buying it because, in her mind, the United States justice system advocates white supremacy. She gave her two cents via Instagram Live.

“I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, we always talk about how our system is broken, but it’s not broken,” ranted the corpulent songstress. “The system is actually working in favor of white supremacy. If anything we need to break this system, so that we can build a new system that is founded on equality. We have a long way to go before that happens and these tragedies that continue to happen — we have to make noise. Let’s put justice in our own hands.”

“You know you grow up, and you go to school for a little bit, and they teach you that there’s one America, and then you learn that there’s another America,” Lizzo continued. “I’ve been heartbroken about it for most of my life. This is an outright, slow genocide since the 1860s.”

The plus-size diva then challenged white men to intercede on behalf of their chocolate brethren. “That is the only way that the system breaks is that the people that the system is working for, stop functioning in it, and the system malfunctions because it no longer serves white supremacy,” Lizzo explained.

“I would love to see white male allyship. Yes, the system works supremely in your favor but compassion, empathy, have a heart. Do something for somebody else. Step outside of your comfort zone and save a life.”

Prior to the shooting, Ahmaud was caught trespassing on a new home construction site. Like Lizzo, Benjamin Crump — the Arbery family attorney — believes there’s two justice systems in America.

Do you agree?

Is Ahmaud, who’s a convicted felon, partly culpable?

Watch the deadly shooting.

Share your thoughts.


  1. A.A. was a multi talented BLACK athlete that was just going about his normal day of JOGGING in a white neighbourhood, SPRINTING towards shotgun carrying WHITE fans, which lead to his spot WRESTLING routine after which he was fatally wounded in a SKEET shooting accident.

    Nike lost a valuable asset.

  2. But your stylist is white 😆 😝

  3. Another victim of imaginary racism 😵

  4. Typical white supremacists cowards. Afraid to confront a black man like men. They always need to be armed. They have to make sure they have the upper hand even when it’s 2 of them against 1 unarmed black man….

  5. another factor not considered
    if the two men in truck were black and the jogger was white would not
    the jogger fear for his life seeing a shotgun pointed at him you fight
    to flee this lynch mob

  6. I don’t want crump taking over this case 😡

  7. all what i can say they kill a lot of black people and get away with it

  8. This is so sad. Life is so precious…

  9. Porkchop Jones

    tell em lizzo

  10. The fight against white supremacy starts with government! That’s where it started.

  11. There is a video of him being in a house for minutes that didn’t belong to him you enter a dwelling that dont belong to you you might get shot just saying

  12. He was looking to turn his life around, he thought the construction side was a CHURCH.

  13. Brother they lynched him

  14. David Earl-Graef

    How many black people that are now convinced Arbery was just an innocent jogger hunted down in cold blood and not a convicted felon and that this is what white Trump gun owners do to a black person will vote for gun control? Do you think democrats would risk a race riot turning us against each other to swing a few million votes for gun control? They would. Is it possible the elderly couple murdered at their sons grave site by a black man in Delaware are the first victims for reprisal for Ahmaud? Wake up!

  15. He did commit a crime

  16. lizzo is a twerker

    she dont know shit

  17. He was caught on video… cmon….

  18. Ahmaud Arbery attacked the man with the shotgun.

  19. Your right to jog on a road doesn’t say enter a dwelling you don’t own. Trespassing at minimum. What jogger tresspases illegally???? Stop the nonsense.

  20. He wasn’t jogging, he was trespassing on property, looking to steal shit..

  21. Steez Hooligan

    He died because he attacked a man with a gun.
    But my question is, who goes jogging in cargo shorts?
    Who goes snooping around houses they don’t belong in?
    In the video he purposely went around that car and went straight for the guy with the gun, assaulted him and got shit for it.
    A bad decision made a bad situation worse

  22. Home invasion = Jogging

  23. Arbery was a thief.

  24. Ahmaud Arbery was a 3 time convicted felon. Arbery took a loaded handgun to a High School Basketball game. Assaulted a police office breaking the officers wrist when Arbery resisted arrest. Was videoed tapped trespassing 5 times, burglarizing homes 5 times, assaulting McMichaels and strong arm robbery. Did all that just before he was shot.

  25. Bullshit fuck that black guy and fuck this lawyer pushing racial divide as time goes on we find out more and more that this upstanding citizen was breaking in entering and stealing property and then got into an altercation with a man who was after him for stealing property and a fight in sued and he died karma.

  26. Oh shut your racist mouth up lizzo. This isn’t 1944 anymore.

  27. How about reporting on the black man that shot (sniped) an elderly white couple at a cemetery in Delaware? They were literally hunted by this black man. Black man kills white couple in cold blood. Report on that.

  28. KyrosQuickfist

    There are two justice systems in America. This case wouldn’t have even gone to court if it was any other color vs color situation.

  29. This another modern lynching.

  30. Cool another idiot killed hah

  31. Fadhila Agustina

    Disgusting racist. #JusticeForAhmaudArbery

  32. Things that will get you killed as a non white by whites:
    Watching tv
    Going to the grocerie store
    Taking care of people with special needs
    Asking for directions
    Going to the mailbox
    Being at home
    Being rich
    Being poor

  33. Lizzo for President!

  34. TerrySees 2019

    Just think one of the killers is an X COP . This is why the 2 killers were not arrested. It took the people to force the arrest or police would not do anything.

  35. parker Melville

    Arbery the thug got karma and the father and son are getting acquitted enjoy it sheeple.

  36. Mrs Neanderthug

    Babylon is falling. 😂😂

  37. chick is 100% fat as hell

  38. Alarming Twitch

    not jogging…casing properties…..not his or his mom’s neighborhood, he was miles away from home

  39. While jogging?

  40. Malice In Mind

    @Alarming Twitch: Sounds about white💊💉😂😳😡😈🐷🚔

  41. Ahmaud Arbery was a thug and deserved what happened to him period.

  42. White people in the south need hobbies.

  43. All the negative comments are racist and Klan loving mfer’s, CT in the building 💯💪✌️

  44. ana maria white

    Mr. Arbery, May You Rest In Peace. .. Our prayers are with you and your family… There is still some justice with some folks in the USA for color citizens… .GET OUT AND VOTE 2020!!! if you can…

  45. Beware people kkk are all over our society

  46. I'm Awkwardmarine

    All the racists in the comments… smh

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