Red Lobster Fight Video: Customer slaps ’employee’ after waiting 3 hours for food

Angry customer fights Red Lobster employee/Photo: Yahoo

Red Lobster staff fights a customer. 

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EAST YORK — Red Lobster’s cheddar bay biscuits are so f*ckin’ good, they make you wanna slap your momma… and employees. Law enforcement officials in East York, Pennsylvania are investigating after a customer got into a bout of fisticuffs with Red Lobster workers over a damn refund. The donnybrook transpired at the main entrance on Mother’s Day. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows the ravenous patron being jettisoned from the restaurant after she b*tched and complained to management about a 3-hour wait for her entrée.

“I’m coming in and I’m getting my refund,” the customer yelled. “I want my mothaf*ckin’ money back!” Realizing the woman was upset, one of the employees replied, “You will get it.” But the patron refused to back off. “Let me show my bill to get my refund,” she screamed. Seconds later, the customer reached around two people and slapped a female worker in the face — causing all hell to break loose.

After several employees jumped in to conciliate, the esurient broad played the victim card, saying, “I was assaulted and have a whole crowd to see it.” Springettsbury Township police showed a few minutes later. But no arrests were made. “She was upset because her food wasn’t ready,” said Lt. Tony Beam.

“She wanted her money refunded.”

No sh*t Sherlock!

Watch the fight.

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  1. Oh thank God this time around it’s White woman!

  2. Another stupid karen !!!

  3. Its_Not_Inevitable

    Jeez, go somewhere else.

  4. If a customer ever hits me I will fight back too.


    Trailer Trash!

  6. She’s hangry…

  7. Rude and very demanding. More likely a Trump supporter. Just like her president!! Very intolerant.

  8. Karen NEEDS her LOBSTER!!!

  9. them biscuits are worth an ass kickin

  10. Jesse Almaguer

    Here’s a thought……just a thought
    If you don’t like waiting for food…maybe make your own gooddamm food?🤷‍♂️

  11. White trash

  12. Red Lobster has terrible food

  13. Hopefully they informed people that there would be an extended wait time. I would not have waited more than 45 minutes to an hour before going somewhere else. Red Lobster is not that good.

  14. Ruthless Lover

    trump got these crackers thinkin they can fight a nigga

  15. Female Trumptard!

  16. Stranger Danger

    America has become a reality tv show for the rest of the world.

  17. How bout cook your own food. It’s a holiday what did u expect?

  18. Karen pretending to be “Kathy” is definitely not working

  19. William Wilson

    You go to a Red Lobster to eat and you deserve everything bad that happens to you.

  20. I like the chicken sandwich fights better..

  21. AND the worst thing, it was for Red Lobster food…Not the best meal by a long shot…!!!

  22. Restaurants knew they were understaffed and should not have accepted orders beyond their means. No excuse for the way she acted. I ordered at Outback and the wait was over an hour. I cancelled my order and left. No harm no foul.

  23. That woman should be banned for life from eating at, or ordering from, any Red Lobster restaurant.

  24. I suggest her punishment to be forced to eat Red Lobster for life.

  25. Paulette Ambriz

    People working in customer service do not deserve that kind of treatment. Coming from someone that Continues to work in customer service we do not deserve to be treated any less for serving, just because we are serving does it mean when your servants. It is especially frustrating that customers will whine and cry to get their way and that corporations will listen to them to not lose a customer rather than an employee.I’m not saying that’s the case here but it has happened in the past where employees will get fired over customers being demanding.

  26. If this is the sort of behavior that took place at Red Lobster on Mother’s Day (Punching, slapping, cursing, unfulfilled refund demands, pushing and shoving to say the least). What can customers expect come Father’s Day?

    All around stupid…

  27. What’s wrong with you America

  28. Girl please 🙄✋🏻 im happy eating my homemade hotdogs at home 🏠

  29. Jason Coughenour

    You’re dumb for going to red lobster anyway.
    Literal garbage on a plate.

  30. daniel hernandez

    Why aren’t the governments shutting down fast-food ? They are clearly non essential

  31. What has America become FFS

  32. White lady feeling superior….she swung first.

  33. She wants to claim victim after hitting someone else. Classic yet sad and predictable move. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  34. The fights not the shocking part, it’s the lack of pride that Red Lobster no longer has for its team members! Where are the uniforms to give them a sense of pride!

  35. look what this nonsense of a virus scare has done to people. People are rude at times to be sure, but this is increasing rudeness by a factor of 10. People. This is what they want. This is what government wants. They don’t have to deal with it. We do!

  36. hyacinthdibley2

    Yo i think she may need her “reFAND!!!”

  37. Panayiota Karadimas

    Good job they were all wearing masks 🙄

  38. Why would you wait 3 hours for food in the first place?

  39. Natasha Trendell

    The waitresses ate all the cheddar biscuits.

  40. If you love your mother don’t take her out to eat on Mother’s Day

  41. Social distancing goes out the window when u gotta stomp a b*tch
    Know what I mean

  42. Morgan Shmorgan

    ReSPeCt ReD LoBSteR KaREN

  43. Virus spreading, people dying, entire economies crashing.
    Karen: I want my refund

  44. Sheela Mukkath

    I definitely think that they should have given a refund. Waiting for 3hrs ?! There’s a limit to patience. People who are commenting that she should have cooked her own food plz realise that you dont know the circumstances of that woman. The staff should have handled it politely and quietly in a seperate room or so, without making a fuss of it in public.

  45. Many women in their 20’s have the world at their feet, then they turn 40…….things change.

  46. People be crazy and no one gets paid enough to get into that mess. In fact it’s actually against most companies policies to do anything. Your just supposed sit back and wait for the cops… who might take hours to arrive if they show up at all. If it’s anything less than actual violence most the time they just never show.

    Funny thing is I never worked at, or any my friends worked at a food place that didn’t bend over backwards to keep customers happy. She likely would of gotten free food, a discount or even a coupon for her next visit if she complained. Sure you might have to be a bit angry and frustrated, but never physically touch some one else or threaten them. Just be visibly angry and they cave.

  47. 3 hours for food the manager and the supervisor need to be fired ..the restaurant isn’t even open on the inside what’s the hold up ..dip in batter fry and serve..!!

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