Sammy Watkins calls himself an “alien,” convinced God is Satan, Jesus is Lucifer

Watkins featured in bizarre article/

Sammy Watkins raising eyebrows. 

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KANSAS CITY — Sammy Watkins, star receiver of the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, was recently featured in a Bleacher Report column written by Tyler Dunne. Now many readers are convinced he’s batshit crazy. While popping off his metaphysics prattle, Sammy said “all the things we think are good…aren’t good [and] all of the things we think are bad…aren’t bad.” He also believes “God could be Satan” and “Jesus could be Lucifer.” It should be noted the 26-year-old wideout has struggled with alcoholism and depression for years. But the article is still an eye-opener nonetheless.

In addition to articulating his biblical beliefs, Sammy claims he’s an alien and, as humans, we perish daily before being resuscitated. When asked if he harbors a consternation for death, Sammy retorted: “Not when you know you’ve probably died so many times and you’re still here. You keep coming back.”

The Clemson alum also said he’s been reincarnated as a dinosaur, horse and canine.

Sammy, who hears voices regularly, believes Armageddon is near. “It’s a new world coming,” he explained. “It’s definitely coming. I don’t know what direction it’s going, but there’s definitely a new order coming. I don’t know who’s going to be in control of it, but we’re in the Dark Ages right now. For sure.”

Are we talkin’ the Antichrist?

Mark of the beast perhaps?

“Just darkness. … Just the way the world is turning,” Sammy continued without breaking cadence. “The sh*t you’re seeing. People are getting taken. Killings. The dying. The way the world is turning. I don’t think it’s any human that’s doing [it] — there are other things.”

He may have a point there.

Amid trepidation of the novel coronavirus, many believe we’re living in the last days.

Sammy said the pressure an NFL player faces is real.

“I don’t think the world knows what athletes go through off the field,” he told Dunne.

“We have family. We have lives.”

What’s your take?

Does Sammy make sense?

Or, is he cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Captain Obvious

    Thats pretty cool, he is an Alien..

  2. Alcohol is a hell of a drug

  3. Boo hoo poor little rich man.

  4. “The pressure an NFL player faces is real, especially a high draft pick.” No – pressure is being laid off and struggling to feed your family.

  5. Put that man on some anti-psychotics. Damn.

  6. Typical for his kind

  7. Wow, I had no idea this man was dealing with so many personal issues. Sammy look to Jesus and all the questions you have will be answered. Good luck.

  8. Did he ask scotty to beam him up

  9. Funny how I’ve never heard a positive story where alcohol was involved.

  10. Sounds like this guy has more problems than substance abuse

  11. people can be critical about Sammy Watkins. I just think Sammy is just human that has an addictive personality that can use that trait positively now since he can identify it

  12. Tough to separate a bro from his Colt 45 40s.

  13. I am always amazed that Billionaire owners can be so rich but so dumb when it come to picking players. They see all of the signs that a player is high risk. They will still go out and give them millions. If a owner is stupid enough to give the money, the player should be smart enough to take it.

  14. Oh well, Sammy has a quirky personality. Many athletes do. You have to hand it to him for sticking in there. Hey, he’s a starter for what is probably the best team in the league now. Sounds like he got over his propensity to party all night. Good for him.

  15. You take a young adult, move him states away, put millions in his pocket, and see how things go. I feel when you’re 18-25, those are the hardest years of everyone’s life. Reality is punching you in the face and you’re transitioning from a nihilistic life where not much mattered before. I wonder if teams offer therapy sessions for their young players? If not, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start

  16. Are we supposed to feel sorry for these guys? Maybe too much money is not a good thing.

  17. Another athletic super crack baby from single mom fiend. There is something in crack that unlock the athletic ability in primates. More research is needed.

  18. Not a very intelligent individual. Oh yeah, he’s an NFL player……..

  19. I suspect he’ll go back to being injured most of the season in 2020. That’s what most of his pro career has been like.

  20. Check back in ten years. This guy will be broke and bussing tables for a living.

  21. “I don’t think the world knows what athletes go through off the field,” Watkins told Dunne. “We have family. We have lives.”

    This why people can’t stand certain athletes. Everyone goes through this. There are people out there trying to take care of families with minimal pay but I’m supposed to feel bad for someone that doesn’t treat his profession as a job and is allowed to get away with it. To sum up through all the nonsense he should of just said “I grew up”

  22. All I know is that we sure like Sammy Watkins here in KC.

  23. Black people aren’t even good at being rich.

  24. …..and these are the people that kids and uneducated adults admire…

  25. If you read the entire bleacher report article, it’s pretty clear Sammy has some mental issues… I’m thinking he’s scitzo. He makes Tom Cruise look sane!

  26. Sammy – super happy you’re sticking with the Chiefs – we couldn’t have got that Superbowl without you. Love you man!!!!

  27. He’s not crazy

  28. KC needs to cut Watkins and do it fast. This guy talking all this smack…… CUT HIM !!

  29. Wichita Disciple

    He isn’t crazy.
    He’s more in touch with spiritual things than you are, that’s all.
    What Sammy says about unseen entities is true… Our human bodies can only perceive and interact with a limited frequency range.
    Its very easily proven.. Take a dog whistle for example, when we blow it we hear nothing. So science would say “no sound exists when blowing the whistle”.
    However, every fricken dog in the neighborhood would disagree!! Also its been said that cats can see 1 dimension further than we can.

  30. Flat Earth Frank Da Tank

    He was probably paid to say this stuff. Freemason, he’s evil AF. Yeah, he has a demon.

  31. nathan fornelli

    Sammy Watkins has Christian and Buddhist beliefs:


  32. sammy stay off the drugs

  33. Richara Gonzales

    Sounds like Scientology kinda

  34. He might be the devil for how bad he burned Richard sherman💀

  35. Get that man some brain scans. Those brain injuries making him schizo

  36. Soviet Sneeze41

    Sounds like Sammy Watkins got ahold of some bad weed

  37. I’ll have what Sammy is smoking

  38. You don’t even own a suit!

    This is promoting mental illness….

  39. I live in KC and I just want him to catch the ball.

  40. Sammy got CTE like a mothafucka!

  41. Street Pharmacist

    that nigga on PCP

  42. I feel Sammy Watkins is gonna have a lot of “random” drug tests this year, just a hunch

  43. Patrick Kendall

    He sounds like somebody with mental health issues. He also believes Earth is flat too which is weird cuz he believes in aliens too.

  44. Sammy will be in the slammy before long.

  45. The pressure an NFL player faces is real… it as real as some poor schmuck trying to work a bunch of minimum wage jobs to put food on the family table?

  46. Sammy “white-boy crazy” Watkins

  47. He’s also a modern athlete. Most of them are retards who think they’re life is a movie and we’re all just extras. Take away sports and these dudes would be delivering your mail

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