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‘Full House’ star Mary-Kate Olsen getting ‘divorce’ after 5 years of holy matrimony

Mary-Kate and Pierre are done/

Mary-Kate has called it ‘quits.’ 

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NEW YORK — Blame it on COVID-19? After five years of holy matrimony, “Full House” alum Mary-Kate Olsen and her husband — Pierre Olivier Sarközy — are calling it quits. Yep, they’re in divorce court. On top of that, Mary-Kate is asking the judge to grant an emergency dissolution so that she can get her stuff. The estranged lovebirds share an apartment in New York City. Mary-Kate, 33, signed a divorce petition back in April but was told the courts weren’t accepting non-essential filings due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Quarantine curtailment has also impeded Mary-Kate’s ability to pack up and move out. Pierre, 50, doesn’t give a damn. His attorney has given the twin actress a deadline of May 18th to collect her things. Pierre has already terminated the lease and rumor has it he’s threatening to throw her sh*t in the trash.

To keep that from happening, Mary-Kate is seeking a court order to extend the deadline to May 30th. “I am petrified that my husband is trying to deprive me of the home we have lived in and, if he is successful, I will not only lose my home, but I risk losing my personal property as well,” she told the judge.

The good news is Mary-Kate and Pierre have no kids together and a prenuptial agreement is already in place. This is Mary-Kate’s first marriage and first divorce. Pierre, a French banker, has married twice.

He also has two whippersnappers from a previous relationship.

Do you agree with their decision to sever ties?

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  2. All the stores are closed and quarantine is STILL turning out to be the most expensive time period for celebrity marriages 😬😬😬😬

  3. Thank God she made him sign a prenup. Imagine if they didn’t he’ll be rolling on money from the fashion empire they have created.

  4. Their husbands are literally in their 50s this is so weird and toxic. I’d hate to live their lives😖

  5. @Sahara Safari: “their husbands”?? MK is the only one who’s married. and Ashley is dating a 30 year old atm

  6. She’s 33. A grown woman. Age doesn’t doesn’t matter when you’re in your 30s

  7. Baby, you are young, sweet and lovely.. turn to a new lifestyle as u have your soul sister to be at your side. Spend lots of time on songs, movies, dancing, with family members and friends whom u had to neglect past 5 years.. So just keep going forward.. once a man doesnt keep u happy.. take care girl.. S

  8. Everyone in the world is wondering why she married him when she has better options to choose from.

  9. Well this quarantine seems to be ending marriages and relationships.
    Can it be stated as reason for divorce this year?
    I know I want to

  10. Prayers for Mary Kate hope she gets her problems resolved peacefully 🙏🙏🙏

  11. Get your stuff and get out !! It’s that simple. She has tons of money 💰

  12. She is a billionaire for crying out loud! Buy a new place or hire a moving van & put the stuff in storage. Stop whining. She could rent a place in the best hotel for a year & it would not put a dent in her bank account.

  13. All the comments being horrible about their looks or saying money doesn’t buy happiness is so ignorant. You don’t really think these people get billions of dollars for free do you? Or because they are talented? Lol no, there is a price to pay sadly. All these celebrities are part of a cult and it ain’t pretty behind closed doors. These twins were pretty much born into it so I feel sorry for them they didn’t have a say.

  14. She’s a walking corpse. With 0 zero zip nadda personality. I bet Sarkozy would have to ask her “Did you bring a fish to bed with you?” To get a pulse out of her.😵🤧

  15. I hope she finds someone to live her life with. I feel like her past makes her a very interesting person, maybe why she chose a strange life with him. I hope she can find her youthfulness and not be so serious.

  16. Thank God 🙏😇 I love the Olsen Twins!!! I never understood that marriage!!!

  17. Proof money doesn’t mean anything… you get the same result 🤪

  18. she should go and cry on her pile of 80 million dollars or however much she’s worth.

  19. Typical story,older man wastes womens child bearing years and she will never get them back….older men suck and worse his done having kids. Having too much money isn’t bliss all the time. Thought all that money between them would make them happy but clearly not since they divorcing.

  20. It is great Mary Kate and Ashley have such a strong relationship to this day. Obviously it has a lot to do with how they grew up acting together , working together and also twins often are very close. It is a close bond many people are lucky to still have with their sibling by their 30s. However, I never get the impression they have many true friends or confidantes outside of that relationship. It seems as though it has been to the detriment of their other relationships. Sure they have had partners and Mary Kate has been married, but I never get the impression they truly grew into their identities. Always seemed a little bit of a codependence beyond what most siblings have. Neither ever really appears to look happy. I don’t know if it just a camera appearance because they really don’t like being photographed or if they are genuinely quite unhappy people. I hope not. Most people would say they would do anything to have the success and wealth that they had from such a young age, but I guess it can come at a price.

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