Samuel L. Jackson no longer the profanity champion, Jonah Hill claims cussin’ title

Jonah Hill trumphs Sam Jackson/Paramount Pictures, New Line Cinema

Jonah Hill new profanity king. 

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LOS ANGELES — Samuel L. Jackson is no longer the mothaf*ckin’ King of Profanity. That’s because Jonah Hill confiscated his crown on Wednesday, becoming the most expletive-using actor in cinematic history. Jonah disseminated the zany news via Instagram with a screenshot of an article with the headline “Jonah Hill Passes Samuel L Jackson With Most F-ing Swear Words on Film.” The 36-year-old thespian also wrote, “So many people to thank.” Jonah reportedly took the reins when he popped off a boatload of obscenities in the 2013 film “The Wolf of Wall Street” which ran for 180 minutes.

Jonah, who played Donnie Azoff, thanked director Martin Scorsese “for pushing me over the edge.” He also conveyed “Lots of love ❤️” to the aforementioned Jackson. Funnyman Seth Rogen, who starred alongside Jonah in “Superbad” and “Knocked Up,” called the profane accomplishment a “Dream.”

Jackson appeared to have an insurmountable cussin’ lead when he concocted a profanity-laced social distancing book in March titled “Stay The F*ck At Home.” The 71-year-old actor read the bedtime story to late night viewers during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “Corona is spreading, this sh*t is no joke. It’s no time to work or roam,” Jackson read as the piano played softly in the background.

“The way you can fight it is simple my friends, stay the f*ck at home. Now, technically I’m not a doctor. But motherf*cker listen when I read a poem. So here I am, Sam F*ckin’ Jackson, imploring you: Keep your ass at home. If you want things to get back to normal, don’t panic. Just use your dome. Wash your hands, stop touching your face and stay the f*ck at home!”

For the record, Jonah has spewed a mind-boggling 376 curse words in his filmography compared to Jackson’s 301. Are you impressed by the achievement? Will Jonah keep the crown?

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  1. Jonah Hill is a POS

  2. Miranda Compton

    I love listening to Samuel L Jackson!!!

  3. Jonah Hill’s only quality


  4. The word fuck is totally fucked !!😆

  5. I learned my first swear words from Samuel L Jackson

  6. Wolf of Wall Street
    Best fucking Movie on Earth

  7. jonah cant hold sam’s jock strap

  8. Legendary

  9. Hollywood type piece of shit, down with the whole liberal diatribe

  10. I will not die sober. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    I mean, he is a dam good performer, he is perfect in every movie

  12. Over rated actor. How these fucking guys get so fucking lucky…

  13. Alejandro Tenorio

    I love Sam Jackson he’s the best!!

  14. Shine on crazy diamond

    Jonah Hill used to be great. Used to be….

  15. Can’t stand Jonah Hill!

  16. DragonMomma1966

    Absof*ckinlutely fantastic! 👍

  17. Fat boy makes good… Jonah sucks at acting…

  18. Who invented the word Fuck I want to thrash him

  19. Can anybody tell me how many time they said the fu**ing word.

  20. jonah basically fucked everything up

  21. Censoring Samuel L. Jackson should be considered a Crime

  22. Samuel L Motherfucking Jackson

  23. Helder Masseca

    One of the wildest fat dudes in cinema history.

  24. “I am tired of these MFin viruses on this MFin plane!”

  25. Daddy can u tell me a good night story

    Dad: yes. This is a special book called Samuel l Jackson
    Stay the f at HOME

  26. Marshall Posey

    Jonah seems like a jerkoff.

  27. Samuel L Motherfucking Jackson

  28. Michael Devaney

    Jonah needs to start getting the credit he deserves

  29. God has never created anything called transgender, so who cares.

  30. Nicholas Dickens

    God bless SLJ ❤️❤️❤️

  31. Jonah Hill: By far the most talented person today🙌

  32. Dragan Zdravev

    Jonah Hill is daddy

  33. Jonah Hill so damn 😎

  34. Anderson Cooper

    What an utter piece of shit this guy is

  35. Love him ❤️❤️

  36. That’s easy for you to say Samuel L Jackson. There are people that need to get back to work to feed their families and pay their rent and mortgages. This is nothing but more BS propaganda by the mainstream media told by another celebrity puppet.🖕

  37. Miranda Compton

    I love listening to Samuel L Jackson!!!

  38. GOAT!!!!❤️

  39. DragonMomma1966

    Absof*ckinlutely fantastic! 👍

  40. I wish Sam would make a poem about idiot’s that bought alot of toilet paper

  41. Jonah in Wolf of Wall Street is one of THE funniest performances I’ve seen in my life. When you’re in the same film as Leo DiCaprio, and you’re the most memorable part of that film, you are doing something right.

  42. Nathaniel Bolden

    I swear this man should patent the word “MUTHAPHUCKA”….nobody and I mean “NOBODY” articulates that word like Sam “MUTHAPHUCKIN” Jackson!…AKA Mr.MUTHAPHUCKA!!!….

  43. jonah is a genius

  44. Nicholas Dickens

    God bless SLJ ❤️❤️❤️

  45. Jonah is so cute. Also, what a glowup♥️🤘🏼

  46. Samuel L Jackson is the man behind the slaughter

  47. I just love Jonah.

  48. So will he get the n-word pass for this?

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