Police Brutality Video: Transgender lady brutalized by Kansas City police officers

Brianna Hill lawsuit filed/Pink News

Police brutalized transgender lady. 

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KANSAS CITY — Authorities in Kansas City are facing litigation after two police officers are accused of brutalizing a transgender woman in broad daylight. The transphobic ordeal transpired May 14, 2019 in front of the Beauty Essence store on Brush Creek Boulevard. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows the boys in blue slamming Brianna Hill’s countenance against the pavement as she wails for leniency. One of the cops had his knee pressed against Brianna’s neck as blood gushed out her mouth. She also suffered facial contusions and lacerations.

“Help me!” Brianna screamed while being detained. “Please help me!” The driving spectator who recorded the video — Roderick Reed — was audacious enough to narrate the rumpus. “They jumpin’ on this man for no reason,” Reed said as officers warned him to stop blocking traffic.

“Instead of picking him up, they still got they foot on his neck and they’re still doing bodily damage to him. Police brutality done to its finest.”

Reed was issued a citation for “failure to obey a lawful order.”

Brianna’s family recently filed a “Hate Crime” lawsuit against the Kansas City Police Department. The arresting officers — Matthew Brummett and Charles Prichard — were indicted by a grand jury with a charge of fourth-degree assault. They’re on administrative leave pending an investigation.

Brianna, if you recall, was murdered in a separate incident last October.

Does the family have a strong case?

Are transgender people treated unfairly?

Watch the disturbing video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. We have to stop calling men women. They’re not.

  2. Jack the Ripper 2K

    Good. Sue those pigs.

  3. Why not embrace being a man instead of mutilating your body and pretending to be a woman? There is little reason you would be interesting to straight men who have the option of investing their time in real (XX woman).

  4. It’s a man

  5. So people stood around while basically she was getting beat

  6. please tell the truth, if you are transgender.

  7. Captain Obvious

    2 groups of people police hate the most: blacks and transgenders

  8. Reggie Clayton

    This is a man and he will always be a man facts.

  9. To many of these trans are deceptive in attempts to lure straight men. You see it on Jerry Springer all the time.

  10. Keith bengermin

    Homosexuality is a WHITE PEOPLE problem. Black people need to stop acting a be a real man as we are born to be.

  11. Arnold Shiverbaum

    It is NOT A WOMAN. hahaha. One less thing.

  12. This is beyond disturbing 🙏🙏🙏

  13. we as Gay people deal with a lot of hate, but A transgender woman get it 10xs worse

  14. Lmfaooo😂😂😂😂💀

  15. They need to make a law that if someone is a transgender they need to tell you before they get intimate with you

  16. Dennis the Menace

    damn those cops kicked his monkey ass

  17. I was going to comment, but I’m laughing so hard I can’t………LOL

  18. Trachell Bradley

    I’m so sorry this happened to you beautiful 🐝❤️

  19. So many comments here are disheartening.

  20. Well damn…

  21. Who cares.

  22. Joseph Gardiner

    This is so evil. I am praying for the family. And justice must prevail against the evildoers of such a cruel act.

  23. Too much hate in this world

  24. Jermaine Hernández

    😔OMG, This Is So Fk’n Sad. I Can’t Believe The World I Live In.

  25. First Prettyred

    RIP Bri💖

  26. RIP Beautiful. You deserved better. ❤

  27. That was a man.

  28. Beverly Stewart

    So sad break my heart 💔😥

  29. 😡✊🏻🏳️‍🌈


  31. Katelyn's Place

    This is so sad. Why are there so many hate comments.

  32. It’s Trump’s fault

  33. This is exactly how black people were treated in the 1960’s 😢

  34. So sorry this happened to her.She deserved better.I call her how she identifies out of respect.These people have a right to live their life as they see fit,as long as they aren’t bothering other people.Thinking about her calling for help,and none came,is so very sad.

  35. All of these comments I see are ignorant and very absurd I feel it is a shamed and most of the people saying the negative stuff are the people That are either paying to sleep with a trans woman or getting bent over by a trans woman and as far as for the woman they are mad because they know that their man’s are being bent over or messing with trans women and that’s why they’re so mad I feel like if it doesn’t pertain to you then why speak negative on it obviously there’s something bothering you about it to have to comment I have a saying if it doesn’t pertain to me I stay out of it why bash someone when you see someone getting hurt remember it can happen to you and it can happen to your child you still have to have kids one day remember you can’t speak on something until it happens to you and remember you come in this world make it and you leave naked and alone so you judging me won’t get you into heaven always Remember that and half of the people on here commenting negatively are very depressed miserable and alone and most of the women on here that are mad and hating and saying that’s a man remember a pussy don’t make you a woman a pussy just makes you female my dog has a pussy but that doesn’t make my dog a Woman my little seven-year-old niece has a pussy but that doesn’t make her a woman Remember What makes you a woman is being about your business when you get out your parents house and you start handling bills becoming about your shit that’s what makes you a woman or a man a pussy doesn’t make you a woman or A man it just makes you female or male have a good day folks and remember when you learn to worry about yourself you will be so much more blessed those people that’s on here commenting negatively Remember that half of the time they won’t even see it but also remember you have to have kids one day and remember you trying to beat someone else down doesn’t make you beautiful if you’re ugly you’re going to stay ugly and definitely if your attitude is ugly you’re going to definitely stay ugly the rest of your life remember to each is their own

  36. Fuck yall white devils

    Karma for the police and the ones that post these fucked up comments

  37. Dawn Alexander

    She’s beautiful…..

  38. Ryan Walcott-Taylor

    All i can say is… WTF

  39. Antwaun Robinson

    I don’t agree with the abuse or killing of anyone, but please stop calling these men women.

  40. Totally Amazing

    I need all trans women to get your conceal and carry permit. Get your gun, and never leave home without it.

  41. Rafael Ben Yisrael

    🗣That is a damn man

  42. Marvin Murdock

    Does not look 👀 like a woman

  43. They beat up another man

  44. Black and trans killed! That’s a Win win!

  45. Charlie 'n Charge

    why does everybody hate gays?

  46. Charlotte Warren

    @Charlie ‘n Charge: Because in the Bible it says it’s Abomination unto God Shalom.

  47. Niwar 8 Years Ago

    Transgenders r fucking weird

  48. Lovely sosweet

    So sad! Nobody deserve that but I’m straight and I’m treated the same way, hate is hate!

  49. I think these people don’t realize how hard it is to be a girl. It is not just makeup and cute nails. We are in extreme pain each month. We have hormone issues. Not to mention we are expected to give birth/risk our lives.

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