Assault Video: Black man abuses elderly Caucasian man in Detroit nursing home

Black guy attacks old white man/

Black man hits elderly patient.

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DETROIT — Law enforcement officials in Michigan are investigating after 20-year-old Jaydon Hayden pummeled an elderly nursing home patient for no damn reason. The bombardment took place May 15th at the Westwood Rehabilitation Nursing Centre in Detroit. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows Jaydon punching a 75-year-old white man multiple times in the countenance while gawking at the camera. “Is this even possible to believe? Can this be real?” President Donald Trump tweeted.

“Where is this nursing home, how is the victim doing?”

Because of Michigan’s coronavirus restrictions, visitors aren’t allowed. Nursing home employees weren’t aware of the onslaught until the video went viral via Twitter. “It absolutely shattered my heart. It just broke my heart how anyone could be capable of this kind of brutality,” said Joann Uhler.

“Honestly, I think if they were receiving visitors this would have been addressed a lot quicker than something like this having to evolve on Twitter.”

Police confirmed that Jaydon was also a patient of the facility.

But he’s mentally ill and a recovering drug addict.

Should the assault be treated as a hate crime?

Watch the disturbing Twitter video above.

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  1. Time to go Emmett Till again…..

  2. What is a 20 year old patient doing in a nursing home?

  3. Debbie Staicu-Carter

    The nursing home was unaware!!!!!
    I can’t even comprehend that ridiculous statement. Close that house of misery down and HOLD those SOBs responsible for it!

  4. I want to beat this young punk exactly the same way he so coldly beat a defenseless and cowardly old man. This guy needs to give his heart to Jesus because his bitch ass belongs to everyone out there who immensely dislikes scumbags like him.

  5. swap their racial identities and this would be news EVERYWHERE

  6. Reverse the races and it would be a much, much bigger story. Sad but true

  7. Wait til he get old

  8. And this folks, is another shining example of why when a politician proposes a bill that would save American taxpayers billions to have more American seniors stay in their own homes with at home nurse care instead of dumping them on an overwhelmed nursing home, you might want to look into it…


    Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay millions for his incarceration. A $1 round between the eyes should suffice. Fucking animal.

  10. It should not take a visitor to see that the man had been beaten. Where was the staff? You would think they would have noticed without being prompted by a video.

  11. Another black crime but we know, they are all angels (not) ; sickening; this needs to be treated like the arberry case ; always in the news !

  12. What can you expect from a minority.


  14. Jordan Harrison

    This is not a hate crime this dude is just fucked up

  15. piece of shit I hope he gets raped in jail

  16. Why wasn’t this discovered prior to the video? Don’t they check on their patients on a regular basis? This just goes to show that nursing homes are not the best place for the elderly. There has been cases where even the staff have done the same thing. Disgusting!!!

  17. Somebody shoot that wild retarded animal

  18. give him the chair. fucking piece of shit

  19. #1: what is a 20 year old doing in a nursing home? #2: if family were able to visit it might have been noticed sooner. #3 Where was all the staff when this was happening? Seems to me over the years you can’t trust Hospitals, nursing homes,,, its sad.

  20. This is a mentally ill PSYCHO !!! It’s been confirmed !!

  21. Let’s be real. If this was a white man assaulting an elderly black man there would be nationwide riots. Pathetic.

  22. Pen or Sword which is greater

    More Black on White violence. Smh.

  23. What the hell is an addict doing “recovering” in a nursing home. That was a nightmare just waiting to happen.

  24. dezinetech1000

    People working at this nursing homes needs to be replaced immediately!

  25. OMG this is HORRIBLE 😩

  26. Their natural propensity towards violence overrides any impulse control. This is dindu 101. But it’s funny watching them end up as hoodrats, broke, living in crime ridden squalor then blaming Trump and racism for their failures in life.

  27. ProfessionalGun 66

    Let’s hope this cunt gets the living shit beaten out of him.

  28. Black male beats white victim and rhe media isnt making it a racial issue. Why not? Clearly racist attacker.

  29. Where’s BLM ?

  30. It’s a racist hate crime but they won’t admit it

  31. What gets me is that all these nursing homes have loving commercials on tv showing loving places for people’s loved ones, but what they won’t tell you is that they drain those loved ones bank accounts every month, and that they’re staff abuses MANY of the elderly people there in many ways and the people that run these places are so lazy that they don’t even pay attention to it. Every nursing home is NOT like that, but too many are.

  32. He was a literal black supremacist who beat these vulnerable elderly white seniors as a way to get “revenge” on White people. Not even kidding, in a removed video from his channel on YouTube, he described blacks as “God’s chosen people”. It’s infuriating that none of the news outlets are mentioning this, because if it was reversed and the assailant said something that was at most off color joke instead, it would undoubtedly lead to riots and a hate crime charge.

  33. He punched an elderly person 51 times! The things black people do…

  34. nursing home have long had histories of patient abuses….they blame it on low pay for those giving the actual patient care…..REALLY? HAVE YOU PRICED THE COST OF NURSING HOMES? our country is a country of disposable people….dont want a baby? Dispose of it….dont want to take care 9f your elderly parents? Dispose of them. Don’t like you spouse anymore ? Dispose of them….we are a sick society!

  35. HATE CRIME!!!

  36. It kills me how much hatred, I’m hearing in these comments. This guys is definitely in the wrong and should be prosecuted for this terrible abuse but to call the names and say he needs a bullet between the eyes is ridiculous. The nursing home is definitely at fault why would you have someone with mental health issues and drug abuse around elderly people unattended this is very unprofessional. I pray for this guy and also America because we still have so far to go.

  37. Nursing homes treat our elderly like cattle going to the slaughter. I’ve been around for many years and have seen and heard about terrible things happening to nursing home residents. Americans need to think more like other nations where families care for the elderly. I would rather die than be put in a nursing home.

  38. terimontgomery1980

    Omg KILL HIM

  39. Madeline Sabatello

    He should HANG!!!!

  40. The boy was defending himself. The old man stole his bed.

  41. The attacker is some kind of racial supremacist, the assault was racially motivated this is a hate crime

  42. Execute the criminal. He doesn’t deserve to live! Enough! He’s a complete useless pile of garbage!

  43. I’m crying. I took care of my mom until her recent death. This is why I kept her at home.

  44. johnnyboy lovin life

    It’s shit like this that’s going to start a race war its just a matter of time and its the media that’s to blame they want to victimized the black race and criminalmiz the white race just saying !

  45. Typical black behavior and racism towards whites.

  46. Hang that mother fucker

  47. Big Dick Danath Trollbane

    So on what planet does it make sense to move a COVID patient with “mental health” problems into a fucking nursing home with elderly people? Secondly how would the staff not know this is going on? This country is a complete joke.

  48. Julio Perez Estrada

    This dude deserves to be burned alive.

  49. Black on white = not racist, white on black = racist

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