Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli have pleaded guilty in college admissions scam

Lori and Mossimo plead guilty/TMZ.com

Lori & Mossimo pleading guilty. 

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LOS ANGELES, Cali — “Full House” actress Lori Loughlin and her husband-in-crime, Mossimo Giannulli, are waving the white flag in their college bribery scandal. Instead of serving four decades behind bars for a myriad of scholastic felonies, the swindling lovebirds accepted a plea deal that garners a truncated sentence. As part of an indenture with prosecutors, Lori and Mossimo have agreed to plead guilty to wire and mail fraud. Now they’ll spend a couple of months in prison, pay a hefty fine and complete at least 250 hours of community service. That’s much better than 40 years in the federal penitentiary.

Lori (aka Aunt Becky) and Mossimo, if you recall, were busted last year for paying $500,000 in bribes to college admissions con artist Rick Singer to get their two daughters accepted into the University of Southern California (USC) as spurious rowing recruits. Actress Felicity Huffman was also entangled with the scam. She ended up receiving a measly 14 days in jail.

Because of the coronavirus, Lori and Mossimo could end up on house arrest.

Is the punishment fair?

Are they getting a slap on the wrist?

Share your thoughts.


  1. The saddest part is that these are two successful people who succumbed to greed and fraud. What message did they teach their children? The parents displayed a total lack of integrity. With all the money they had they could have hired tutors for their daughters to help them pass College entrance exams and to do well in college courses and that hard work pays off. This wasn’t about love but about pride. These parents truly failed their children. Sad. SMH.

  2. They realize that MONEY can’t buy FREEDOM.

  3. Lol this happens all the time.

  4. Agree to “plead guilty?” You mean agree to “admit the truth.”

  5. Alfredo Kapotis

    How convenient perfect timing for these criminals to please guilty they know that more than likely they will do there time at home cause covid 19. there releasing worse criminals now cause of virus, theres no way they are gonna get thrown in jail. They may have escaped , in jail time but they did not avoid destroying their reputation..what a waste

  6. Uncle Jesse is gonna be so pissed.

  7. Richard Hernandez

    Their daughters would have been more successful without their parents. Now, they are daughters of convicted felons. Ashamed and unemployable. What a legacy!

  8. Guilty … guilty of doing what all rich people do to cheat the system. No one is pure anymore. Bad dishonest people come in all shapes sizes income brackets professions. Evil is growing bigger and stronger.

  9. So many problems in the world and this is news?

  10. Obviously what see did was wrong but she’s paying the price for 90% of the 1%. Look at all the Ivy league graduates that run government agencies and media. Some may be nice people but they’re incompetent, unreliable and unable to think critically. Just look at there job performance. I think every college and Professor in America need to be put on probation and EVERY COURSE EXAMINED. K-12 SCHOOLS TOO. No change will be permanent to improve the country and or world until the EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM CHANGES.

  11. Fools spent a fortune just to plead out. Lawyers win. Celebs eat it. And , degrade their “children.” LOL

  12. Mark Marderosian

    An absolute joke of a sentence. The fines don’t even dent the money they cost the state with their refusal to accept responsibility for their actions and the so-called jail time at Club Med will be a picnic. Given the $ they have, that’s a half day’s pay. BUT, of course, when she’s sprung she’ll make the rounds trying to soak up everyone telling her how “brave” she and the dirtbag she’s married to are.

  13. I doubt that they will even end up serving these paltry ‘sentences’. Nothing really sticks to Hollywood’s privileged. Tell me again how those in Hollywood are just like everyone else. Right.

  14. She’ll be popular in Jail!😂

  15. Lets see, riots and burning in France.. And these are the usless tabloid stories we get.. God forbid we go against the Globalist media narrative of the world being full of peace love and harmony. 💩

  16. 🖕that piece of 💩

  17. Welp… There goes America showing its true colors again….

  18. There’s no integrity left in humanity. SMH

  19. Just goes to show you if you have money that there are different laws for you , if your poor your screwed

  20. Shouldn’t they both be in contempt? Surely they both have been sworn in in earlier court trials. These two are pathetic pieces of shit.

  21. Wow, a slap on the wrist for them n a slap in the face for the rest of us that are NOT celebrities!🤦

  22. I remember when the u.s. had morals.

  23. She should be locked up for life. What they did is illegal, not to mention playing innocent for over a year wasting everyones time…. these godame idiot celebrities always think they are above the law…. or they buy their way out. Pure bullshit Aunt Becky ~

  24. Aunt becky is now going to be a convicted felon.

  25. GUILTY!!! The daughters need to be prosecuted as adults. They FORGED documents and conspired to have a false identity.

  26. greasy lying corrupt slut with slut kids. fry the beotch till dead.

  27. Alana Quincannon

    Martha Stewart went to prison for less

  28. Good!!! I’m glad!!! This broad was barking on TV early on that she was innocent!!! Here you go, rich, empowered folks!!!

  29. Chai'naMarie03

    Hope for community service they clean out sewers. Wasting 14 months of everyone’s time when it was clear as day they both (kids also) were GUILTY! Registered FELONS!! Haha

  30. Michelle Lopez

    It’s called American Greed

  31. The law is only hard on poor people if you’re rich it doesn’t apply to you plain and simple

  32. Life of a Bibliophile

    Maybe Aunt Becky can find a job on Orange is the New Black. Wardrobe won’t even have to bother fitting her. She can bring her own prison garb.

  33. Walladah Muhammad

    Their privilege and entitlement is palpable, and makes me so sick.

  34. must feel good to be white and rich

  35. Miker #Clintonbodycount

    And the rich walk free

  36. Lori Laughable is a piece of shit.

  37. Charles Martino

    Lori can sign autographs in jail

  38. Just the tip of the iceberg…🤮

  39. It’s all good. They wasted everybody’s time trying to fight it, and the evidence was there. When calls the slammer, lori and mossimo! Better not make eye contact with anyone and better not drop the soap!

  40. Chump change fine…(they’re worth $100 million)….house (mansion) arrest likely……probation?….just an annoyance requiring a phone call or two….Community service?….don’t expect to see THEM cleaning up along any roadside. Typical “rich peoples sentencing”…..different laws for them you know….slap on the wrist and all done. Poor people would spend dozens of years for similar crimes. I always figured they’d buy their way out.

  41. Two months?
    When she was facing 40 years? Come on!

  42. I’m soooooo sick of both of them they are both bumbling idiots…next thing you know they will come up with a Lifetime movie just about them and how they got railroaded into the whole scandal….and make more money off that…..disgusting the both of them…ughhh😲😱

  43. Richard Hernandez

    Hopefully, the court will make it clear to the Bureau of Prisons that both felons serve their full sentences in prison and not at home on early release. No preferential treatment!

  44. Sickening.

  45. Francelina BTS Army Mom

    They both should do at least 1 whole year! 365 days. Not 60.
    Lets not forget the 2 weeks then gets released in 11.
    What kinda fuckrey is this?! 🤬😡😡

  46. Omg haha she will only spend two months in prison, pay a $150,000 fine, be subjected to two years of supervised release and perform 100 hours of community service excuse me. In California I’ve seen the minimum jail time for both offensive is 8-10 years. Yet these wealthy families get two months only 150,000 fine. You have got to be kidding.

  47. This sentence is a joke

  48. Awe no more fuller house with Becky 🙁

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