Nude Video: Cardi shows off derrière

Cardi B gets new tattoo/Independent Eagle

Cardi B got new backside tattoo.

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ATLANTA — Rather than b*tch and complain, Cardi B is doing her part to help the economy recuperate from the coronavirus pandemic. And she’s identified a creative, albeit pornographic way to go about it. The 27-year-old lyricist remunerated tattoo artist Jamie Schene the other day and, now that the ink is dry, Cardi’s anatomy is home to an aesthetic art display. That’s not all. The “Bodak Yellow” star also had butt surgery to replace a bulk of old silicone she had implanted during her wild stripper days.

Cardi’s latest craftwork showcases a floral masterpiece that envelopes her voluptuous backside, starting at her lower right shoulder down to her left thigh. The rapper showed off the tattoo during a quarantine soirée Friday night in Atlanta. She also shared a nude video coupled with Instagram photos.

“Okay guys! Soooo here it is! It took me several months but I’m finally finished,” Cardi wrote. The botanic conception is garlanded with bright pink flowers, a large butterfly and a viridescent hummingbird. Cardi already has a tattoo on her right leg. But the newest exhibit is by far the most stupendous.

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  1. kicksandgiggles4Real

    Cardi B is a beautiful woman. Not sure why she wants to change that.

  2. That’s a bigger back than my ford

  3. Hatred makes us stronger! 🔥💸🤬

    I’ve seen worse.


    Is she gonna have people take pictures of 💩 coming out of her tattooed flowers back there now? So classy.

  5. Cardi B looks very nasty.

  6. Her dad must be so proud of her.

  7. What happened to black women ?

  8. Very classy. MOMMY.

  9. Those stretch marks tho.

  10. That’s pretty ugly.

  11. Monique Matthews

    I’mma tell people my knees are as strong as Cardi B’s, even though she’s only a little younger than me, and every time I even attempt to bend down, my knees pop like fireworks on the 4th of July! 😖😖😖

  12. I feel sorry for the tattoo artist having to smell her nasty black bean and rice farts

  13. Nothing says “classy” like getting graffiti on your back side [email protected] 😂🤣

  14. I think I just got an STD clicking on this.

  15. Fascinating Dee

    What a nice way to tell the world that you are a cheap whor!

  16. Dumpster trash with a giant tattoo on her flabby buttocks

  17. Really? Really?!

    While I’m not fond of her, I will say that this tattoo is quite fantastic. The details and coloring are wonderful.

  18. Special Affair 💋 #God

    Tasteless . It looks like low quality drapes.

  19. Ishouldbeworkingrightnow

    I hate tattoos, but I have to say, those are actually really nice.

  20. In 10 years that will look like a thicket of weeds

  21. They all get surgeries to look like Nicki Minaj

  22. Why do people do this to their body the stupid generic stripper tattoo.

  23. Fake!

  24. Her new tattoo is gorgeous 😩

  25. I wanna lick cardi’s booty🙄

  26. Cardi trying to hide all them dents in that ass baby you ain’t fooling nobody ass still look nasty, your husband ain’t even f**** it #CardiB🗑️🗑️🗑️🗑️ #ColdSoreB

  27. Beautiful love it

  28. Veronica Ballard

    That’s super nice girl,u go then, creative

  29. They got her out here looking like nikki

  30. This bitch is ugly

  31. Was they even fucking?

  32. Offset is a lucky man

  33. Girl wow

  34. Cardi is a slut

  35. I’m actually turned off.

  36. Stank !!!!…..

  37. Expensive $pick pu$$y

  38. Captain Obvious

    she’s nasty

  39. Why are you guys hating on my bitch cardi

  40. Pizza Delivery Guy

    I caught coronavirus reading this article

  41. Ruthless Lover

    damn offset fuckin her from the back

  42. Michele Bergman

    What a Narcissist

  43. She got me feeling like I’m part of the turn up 😂

  44. I can smell the Super Gonorrhea (untreatable gonorrhea) and yes that’s actually a real thing people…..


  46. Dry pussy and wet whipes to hide the fish smell.

  47. Nasty bitch😬😁

  48. Nice assss

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