Husband and Wife served ‘semen-filled’ cupcakes to classroom full of students

Cynthia and Dennis got busted/

Husband & Wife feed kids semen. 

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WALKER, La. — Dennis Perkins, 44, and his 35-year-old wife, Cynthia Perkins, had their squalid asses thrown behind bars after they allegedly served students a fresh batch of cupcakes saturated with jizz. They also orchestrated a child sex ring. The felonious ordeal transpired last year at Westside Junior High School in Walker, Louisiana. According to police reports, Dennis — a Deputy Sheriff — jacked off in the cupcake batter before Cynthia — a teacher — placed them into the oven.

The nefarious wife then took the baked goods to class and fed them to her students. Bon Appétit! Ugh! That’s disgusting! I’ll never eat banana NUT bread again! Dennis and Cynthia were arrested in October amid charges of “rape, sexual battery, video voyeurism, mingling harmful substances, obscenity and producing child pornography.” Both reportedly took nude photos with children.

Dennis, who also faces a separate charge for having copulation with an animal, threw his cell phone off a bridge prior to getting arrested in an effort to dismantle corroboration. Several pissed off parents are suing both the academic institution and the school board for dereliction of duty.

Dennis and Cynthia were indicted on a mind-boggling 150 felonies.

Damn! If you can’t trust a cop and a teacher, who can you trust?

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  1. They need to be caged. Animals!

  2. Thank God they’re white!!

  3. French Chocolate

    hot damn!

  4. A cop and a pedo….if this guy is smart he will kill himself before he goes to prison…the wife also….

  5. Sick trash hiding behind a badge. Cops & western priests, usually the worst perverted garbage imaginable. I feel sorry for the honorable and honest ones who have to work beside this trash every day.

  6. Hang him publicly

  7. sick fucker

  8. These people take jobs so they can be around children and then they find like minded people to do their despicable deeds together. Death penalty for them both for all the children they have destroyed mentally and robbed them of their childhoods. Prison will be quite fun for these two degenerates. Good luck !! Good riddance !!

  9. They Look NASTY,😡🤬A DAMN SHAME

  10. Cymbolic Human

    Pretty embarrassing that the phone company keeps lots of records…
    And I bet the computer hard drive has lots of retrievable erased data.

  11. Cops and teachers always currupted

  12. can’t trust anyone!

  13. Another couple of evil sick twisted libtard LEFTISTS Pedos! 😤😤😤

  14. Asha L Mohammoud

    We’ve got to stay prayed up

  15. Vanessa Gibson

    What a damn shame. People you suppose to trust around your children you can’t even trust anymore.

  16. Hopefully they get jail time and they have fun with them in prison. 😉

  17. This is beyond sick. Why why why????

  18. That teacher is a milf.

  19. Elisia's Evolution

    Both Naked with a minor, need death sentence… I’m in uk as well

  20. Sick bastards 😡

  21. Jesus take the wheel.😔

  22. There is a special place in hell for people like this

  23. Kill both of them or just throw away the key

  24. Dennis will be in for a world of hurt in prison being both a child molester AND a cop.

  25. More and more cops are getting caught. There won’t be any left when it’s over.

  26. A school teacher and police officer, what should be two of the most basic protective figures of a child outside the home. Wth is wrong with humanity!?

  27. These 2 THUGS give ALL Law Enforcement Officers & School Teachers everywhere when the VAST majority are LAW ABIDING CITIZENS who would NEVER think of HARMING ANYONE MUCH LESS a DEFENSELESS CHILD!

  28. Cop and Child Molestor? General population is going to be a blast for this guy. I bet he does not live a week.

  29. never ever ever trust a cop 🐷👮‍♂️ and if you can homeschool your children 🙏🏼

  30. Deplorable disgusting sickening behavior from what society seems to be role models….

  31. Damn shame

  32. Ex-cop AND a a peddo. Don’t you know he’s gonna be popular down on Cell Block C.

  33. Sarcastic Smurf


  34. lynch them.

  35. how did they find out there was semen in the cupcakes?

  36. Perdido Atlantic

    Police have become nothing more than domestic terrorists.

  37. normally i’d say shoot them —- BUT, i’ve come to learn that general population is a very bad place for child abusers and child rapists —- not to mention a police officer —- general population in a tough prison is the place for people like this


    There are two white people who are just doing what white people do!

  39. Just another cop that shouldn’t be on the street. There are many of them, most still on duty. Many estimates are that about 28 to 33% of cops have no business being on the force. The reasons are many; poor judgement, physical fitness, racism, criminal activity, lying, falsifying records, improper use of authority and equipment, etc, etc, etc. The blue gang is good at covering for their members. So think about that, you have a one in three chance of running into one of the bad ones. Someone who has proven they are ill-equipped, either mentally or physically, for the job. Someone the department and fellow officers know is wrong for the job but let them remain employed anyway. Someone fellow officers, and the gang they call the police Union, will go to get lengths to cover for, including their crimes and failures. These people have no business carrying a badge let alone a gun. So be careful my fellow citizens, Blue Crime in America is real. Be very wary of the blue gang. #bluecrime

  40. We need some nukes launched to clean out humans.

  41. The is disturbing and disgusting
    A teacher and a cop
    And I’m over here telling my two young children to respect their teachers and law enforcement. We can never really know what kind of monsters we interact with on a daily basis.

  42. two sick disgusting mothafuckas

    no wonder they got married

    they perfect for each other

  43. No, no Ya’ll. I can’t read this nasty ass article. I pray it is not true.

  44. but come on…cops and teachers are perfect and need raises…

  45. Child rapist and cop is probably two worse things u can have goin wit you to prison but I don’t feel bad and hope he has something long and hard coming to him

  46. I bet they voted for Trump.

  47. Some food for thought [no pun intended]. Do you think others ate food that was prepared by Denny and Cynthia? Dinner at their house? Covered dish at a cookout? No reason to think it only occurred to the school kids!

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