Graduation Video: Patrick Mahomes gave commencement speech to fellow Raiders

Mahomes gives words of advice/

Mahomes gives farewell address. 

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LUBBOCK, Texas — Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes spent Saturday morning delivering a commencement address to the Class of 2020 at his alma mater, Texas Tech. Thanks to coronavirus, the valedictory was conducted as a virtual ceremony. But the Super Bowl MVP and the graduates made the most of it nonetheless. “Class of 2020, congratulations!” said an elated Mahomes during his digital oration. “You did it. You’ve made it, and I’m beyond excited that I get to share this celebration with my fellow Red Raiders.”

“I know this isn’t the graduation ceremony that you and your families had envisioned,” Mahomes continued. “But that doesn’t change the outcome or all the hard work, long hours and sacrifices that you made to achieve this milestone… Congrats class of 2020. I can’t wait to see what you do next.”

Watch Mahomes’ commencement speech in its entirety.

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  1. On behalf of all my fellow fans of the Chiefs Kingdom, thank you Texas Tech Red Raiders for developing this amazing quarterback and man.

  2. Mahomes! 👏😃

  3. usernametaken 56

    Mahomes is the greatest.

  4. It’s crazy because the whole world knows Patrick Mahomes is the best QB in the NFL, but most casual fans don’t realize how BIG the gap is between him and #2.

  5. A Knight in the Dark

    He really is the future

  6. I cant believe he went to Texas Tech. He shouldve went to KU.

  7. i don’t care what people say. as long as he stays healthy he will go down as the greatest qb and possibly the greatest player in the sport of football EVER

  8. Best Chiefs QB ever. And he hasn’t even played 5 seasons yet

  9. Kevin Bartholomew

    Freaking legend

  10. nice speech pat

  11. I’m not even a chiefs fan but I love Mahomes

  12. Mahomes for President!😂😂

  13. GOAT Mahomes

  14. Patrick Mahomes is the most koolest badest QB i have ever seen

  15. As a chiefs fan, I’m still adjusting to having the best qb in every game we play.

    It feels like an unfair advantage.

  16. mahomes is a cool lightskin mothafucka

  17. Texas Tech sucks but I love Mahomes anyway

  18. Zahnfleischbluter Murphy

    Mahomes = LeBron? 🤔

  19. Mahomeboy is the goat

  20. Awesome

  21. Does anyone think he’s cute cuse i do😋

  22. Doctor Garbonzo

    Congrats Patrick you just Won the Super Bowl! Where you going? Im goin to DisneyLand

  23. Shannon Crowner

    I love Patrick mahomes🙂

  24. Michael MACCHIA

    This dude has class!

  25. Big Billy Willy

    Mahomes is deadass the greatest to ever do it and he’s only played 2 seasons 💀

  26. usernametaken 56

    Mahomes is the greatest. He does things on the field no other NFL QB could ever do even in their wildest dreams.

  27. Patrick Mahomes is a class act! He’s a great guy and the curse-breaker!!

  28. Mahomes is a great speaker just like Obama

  29. my nigga mahomes is the muthafuckin GOAT!!!!!

  30. mahomes girlfriend is average…………………. time for him to upgrade

  31. Tara Titsworth

    Go Kansas City Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. mahomes should become a preacher……….. he’s a good speaker

  33. It's Me Carlos

    Patrick Mahomes put Texas Tech on the map

  34. Mahomes is the coolest biracial kid in the country

  35. Patrick, love ya! I’m a female and wish I had your beautiful, perfect EYEBROWS!

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