Police Brutality Video: Black dude got ‘asphyxiated’ publicly by white officer

George Floyd choked to death/GossipOnThis.com

White cop chokes African American.

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MINNEAPOLIS — Law enforcement officials, including the FBI, are investigating after Derek Chauvin — a white police officer — choked an unarmed black man to death (à la Eric Garner) in Minneapolis. The suffocation transpired Monday night during a “forgery in progress.” It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows Chauvin genuflecting on the scruff of George Floyd as he wailed for leniency. “Please, I can’t breathe,” he cried. A passerby then yells at Chauvin. “That’s bullsh*t, bro!” he screamed.

“You’re stopping his breathing… Get him off the ground!”

Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s neck for nearly 9 minutes.

Floyd, who was handcuffed, died from asphyxiation. He was 46. Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo told reporters Floyd resisted arrest and “at no time were weapons of any type used by anyone involved in this incident.” Four police officers, including Chauvin, were ultimately fired.

Mayor Jacob Frey agreed with the pink slips.

“Being black in America should not be a death sentence,” he said at a news conference.

“For five minutes, we watched a white officer press his knee into a black man’s neck. Five minutes. When you hear someone calling for help, you’re supposed to help. This officer failed in the most basic, human sense. What happened on Chicago [Avenue] and 38th last night is awful. It was traumatic. It serves as a reminder of how far we have to go.”

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said the incident reeks of homicide.

“This is murder,” Kerr tweeted.

“Seriously, what the hell is wrong with US????”

A 911 caller said Floyd was drunk and he bought cigarettes with counterfeit cash.

Should Chauvin face charges?

Are the other 3 cops accessories to murder?

Watch the disturbing video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Change the title. Police murders black man on camera.

  2. America is a full of hatred,foul country,especially after trump became president

  3. The most disgusting thing I’ve seen in my life. This ‘cop’ needs the death sentence ‘

  4. They should put those pigs in jail and let the inmates have their way with them. But no…….they won’t do that. Prolly gonna give them leave with pay. When will this end??!?!

  5. I hope they go to prison and do time! They killed that poor man… i would of called 911 he was definitely not resisting. THIS MAKES ME SO MAD!!! I would of probably jumped on them and got arrested myself!

  6. All these cops 👮🏻‍♀️ should be in jail

  7. they will say he died from coronavirus

  8. The cop that is holding him down with his knee stayed there for 10 minutes or more, he also was looking at his face the whole time. What an outrage to watch this happen…this cop looked like he had been on the force for a long time being older…prosecute to the fullest I say, it’s all there right in front of everyone.

  9. This is disgusting. The officer on his neck deserves the highest prison sentence possible. Any drop of humanity on his part could of saved a man’s life. Psychopath of a person this officer is.

  10. Total Disregard for human life! I pray for strength for his family. Those police officers should go to jail for murdering that man! To hear the other cop say Don’t do drugs when clearly they claim they arresting him on Fraud! All four of those police officers should go to jail for life! For that white officer to kneel on his neck he clearly knew what he was doing! The dude wasn’t even Resisting! To hear the other cop telling him to get up and get into the car, like really how is he supposed to do that with a knee in his neck! Firing them isn’t enough!

  11. balwcha blwchen

    That white guy is the real terrorist , no kind , no mercy , no knowledge , no human being .

  12. As a retired police officer for one of the largest agencies in America, there was no reason for this officer to remain kneeling on his neck. Once the handcuffs were in place and any possible threat neutralized, he should have ceased using physical force. I have no idea what caused the original use of force, but as soon as the threat was gone, the need for the use of force was also gone. Additionally, officers have been trained about positional asphyxia for years. Any good officer knows about it and how to avoid it.

  13. If you break the law and resist arrest, something bad will happen. I don’t know why some people have difficulty grasping this concept.

  14. Boris Mikkelsen

    @Jim: You’re very stupid that man never resisted arrest find the restaurant camera to get the news straight fool

  15. You already cuff him and this man he is begging you pleeeeease!!!! What an ignorant?? Don’t you have heart??? Don’t you have a brother or cousin??? How will you feel if it happens to one of your family like this?? 😢😢😢RIP man !!! Oh this world!!!

  16. sounds about white

  17. @EBT User: This isn’t about black vs white. This is about right vs wrong. A man was killed at the hands of police. If you need to know the races of the individuals involved to know which side you stand with, then you are irrelevant as a human being.

  18. So we are executing people on the street for forgery now, my goodness :/ This deserves a murder trial.

  19. Cold blooded murder

  20. Don’t jump to conclusions – do you really know what the man was doing to get the cops’ attention in the first place? Was he dangerous? Wait for the full story before you pass judgement. That’s what is wrong with the world today – too many people posting things online with no details, only what they think happened.

  21. Fired? They shoukd be going to jail for murder

  22. Least likely to comply, least likely to obey and cooperate, most likely to commit crimes, most likely to fight the officers orders, and you wonder how it escalates to this point? I’m sure the individual on the ground had a long history of law breaking, but the media will paint a picture of the great guy just starting to turn his life around. Same narrative different story.

  23. Mr Lounge Fubar

    Fired? Put them in jail for murder.

  24. stephan burgess

    They should be charged with murder. The man was American.. He lost his African identity 100 years ago. Stop calling black Americans African American.

  25. They ALWAYS show the end result of a confrontational situation. But the Media NEVER shoes the preceding events that led up to that situation. HHHHMMMMM; i wonder WHY?

  26. White girls love big black turds

  27. This happens partly because many cops have the state of mind that it’s better to be judged by their 12 peers in court than be carried away by 6 pall bearers. So it’s worth being overly aggressive to protect themselves.

  28. Ftanftangfnarrr

    How long can US police keep murdering black people? How many times have the perpetrators got away with this?

  29. that’s so messed up man, if someone takes an innocent mans life they deserve a death penalty idc what anyone says, no one can make that mistake unless they do it on purpose!

  30. And why is no one concerned about the 10 people who were killed in Chicago this weekend or the 7 in Baltimore, or the 7 in Killadelphia, 4 in St Louis, Detroit won’t say. How many of the victims were black?

  31. I heard no sirens…..no emergency , OMG this touched me to the core. SIP Floyd

  32. That’s completely indefensible!!!!
    I’m a white man who wants all this senseless racial discord to stop but how can it possibly stop when this occurs? Also, it occurs regularly, and by people ‘in charge’. In any other situation every one of those people had a right to throw those ‘officers’ to the ground and rescue that man. This is why the police need to be held to a higher standard because daily, people are held in their charge without any outside protection. Not only did that officer literally kill that man, but he inflicted heavy trauma on those who watched while pleading for his life. Pleading that they just take his f-ing pulse!!! The only response? Tear gas pointed at them. More of the same. Insult to injury. Disgusting, relentless, racist, uncaring, MURDER!!!! The ‘officers’ that stood by and watched…no different…might as well have been your knee.
    Fired? Oh my god that’s not even a slap on the hand. At this point there is nothing this former officer, entrusted with our protection, should be allowed to do but sit in a cell and reflect on these actions for the remainder of his life.
    In a time where we should all be learning how important it is to care and love for each other, a time when that is just blatantly obvious and essential, this happens. As a privileged, white, male, citizen of the United States who wants, hopes, and prays, for this senseless racial b.s. to end, and who truly desires to find a voice to reverse this pattern, how can I do that with your knee on that man’s throat?!!!

  33. Neo and Trinity *RACHEL*

    This is so hard to watch. This officer should be charged with murder. I’m sorry but it would have been hard for me to not push the officer off the man myself. I would have had to do a little more than record it, even if it resulted in a charge myself.

  34. This is so sad 😞 my deepest condolences to his family. May his soul rest in paradise 💐.

  35. louie peterson

    Nearly 100% of blacks that believe whites are oppressing them in 2020 are on welfare living in the ghetto. Meanwhile, nearly 100% of blacks that realize whites are NOT oppressing them are successful homeowners with great jobs. I wonder why that is.

  36. These officers must be lynched…barbarism for barbarism …and u call yourselves civilized…nothing will happen to these policemen rather they will be given a promotion..America u are facing God’s wrath in the form of covid .this is the reason …….

  37. @louie peterson: Here’s the truth bud. Im white and im gonna break it all down for you. Go buy an ancestry or dna kit. I’ve been told im irish my whole life, had my dna done and my ancestors originated from north africa. Your dna would show the same as we all came from common ancestors. You and your earlier relatives are Immigrants to the good ol usa. Aboriginal peoples inhabited the land of the “free” that you cry your cries of racism from. Stop making white people look like such morons with zero education or humility. Read a book beyond what the british had you read in your bs education because NONE OF IT WAS TRUE. everything was stolen and rewritten to fit what you now spew as truth.

  38. personalfunfest

    there’s video missing. they cuff him, sit him on sidewalk, get his name, then stand him up to cross the street to be IDed presumably by the victim OR to be arrested and put in a different car… it’s at this time that he likely started resisting once he knew he was going to be booked… can’t tell for sure until more video is shared

  39. He was already arrested, when he started “resisting” and dropped to the ground they should have just restrained him with a wrap or some other restraint and placed him in the police vehicle. There was no need to go to the other side of the vehicle and then restrain him with his knee at all!!

  40. These devils are the children of our slave masters,they are still killing us. My people are still marching in the streets looking for justice.we will never get justice or have peace from a nation of white devils that been killing us from the beginning.what we need to do is come back to the laws of God because no man can save us but God

  41. Andres Carrizal

    That officer enjoyed what he was doing. The 4 officers around him are to blame too, they did nothing. What the hell 😡

    Divine Mercy Prayers ❣️🙏 for the family and the World.

  42. if he were white nobody would care

  43. R.I.P. George Floyd, I’m sorry that this happened to you 😭😭😭😭😭

  44. Kaiser Schnitsel Sr.

    soo many going nuts over 1 dead turd
    wh11te people never go nuts like this

  45. I wanna do the same thing to the police

  46. They have known each other and work together for 17 years,and he say”I cant breath OFFICER!!??And only 2 people record and and they say to let him go,and the rest of the people on street pass like nothing happening???!Where is pictures od dead body of Floyd??And where is the footage of the apprehension of the police officer?and why there in the register of those arrested in Minneapolis,there is no name derek chauvin?and all this before the election?Why neighbors say that derec is not police officer?and why derec have imdb page?and how come they dont say that floyd also have some acting experience?





  48. Pandemic didn’t work so they brought y’all this false flag to press your outrage buttons. They need to bring in Martial law to move forward with their plans and you are falling for it. So yes, it matters that he was a porn star, it matters that he worked at a night club with his murderer, it matters that they knew each other, it matters that police are staging arrests when the cameras are rolling. It matters because these are paid actors.

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