White woman calls the police with fake ‘accusation’ to get black man in trouble

Central Park Karen caught lying on a black man/US Daily Report

White woman ‘busted’ lying. 

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NEW YORK — Dammit Central Park Karen! Look what you’ve done! Authorities in New York are investigating after a white woman called 911 with a phony accusation to get a black man in trouble. The spurious ordeal transpired Monday morning at Central Park. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows Christian Cooper — a negro birdwatcher — imploring Amy Cooper — a white woman — to put a leash on her dog. As the quarrel intensifies, Amy pulls out her cell phone and threatens to sic the police on his black ass. “I’m taking a picture and calling the cops,” she said. “I’m going to tell them there’s an African American man threatening my life.”

Christian rushed home and shared clips of the fracas on Facebook. As anticipated, the video sparked ubiquitous outrage while evoking the disturbing history of bogus allegations against wrongfully accused negroes that have culminated in death, penury and incarceration.

Emmett Till comes to mind.

Realizing she f*cked up, Amy appeared on CNN to “publicly apologize to everyone.” She also barked an elucidation, saying she doesn’t have a racist bone in her body. “I’m not a racist,” Amy, 41, explained. “I did not mean to harm that man in any way… I think I was just scared.”

Christian is a former editor and writer for Marvel Comics. Amy, an investment banker, was fired from her job at Franklin Templeton shortly after the incident. But she won’t face charges. “We do not tolerate racism of any kind at Franklin Templeton,” the company said in a statement.

Officials at PETA are upset with Amy because she appears to choke the dog multiple times.

Watch the crazy video.

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  1. She should be put in prison. She had the intent for cops to come and kill him

  2. She should be charged

  3. OMG!!! There is enough racial divide in this country without this woman making false accusations!!!

  4. Reason 173666 why I resent the white blood in my veins.

  5. Nigerian_Prince

    But Democrats say believe all women… 🤷🏿‍♂️

  6. I feel sorry for the dog that woman is f*** creasy

  7. Michael McNair

    Dude was lucky the cops did not shoot and kill him!

  8. BlipBlop ZipZop

    It’s so sad to watch the woman choke the dog as it tries to get to the ground. She’s only sorry because people saw this and got caught

  9. My blood is literally boiling right now🤬🤬🤬

  10. Esther Kira Kawaii

    Karen, is that you?

  11. she must be related to jussie smollett

  12. So if he didn’t record he would be in jail. Stupid racist cow that chokes her own dog. 😠🖕🖕

  13. hysterical white people are so embarrassing.
    if you only heard the audio of this, you would assume she was being pinned on the ground and being savagely beaten.

  14. Santacruz Hippysurfer

    white women physco ~ manipulation deceptive lies ~ cluster b. n.p.d. narcissistic personality disorder ~ 🐧 she supports trump ~ trump is satan spawn ~ 🐧

  15. Lol she lost a dog and a Job.

  16. Put the dog on a leash, She was just pissed cause she was choking her dog and was frantic about being question with park rules. It just escalated even more because she was losing her power by a black man.

  17. Damon christopher

    This waste of life is what self white privlage mindset and how it can literally get a person killed

  18. You can hear the dog panting, choking and crying.

  19. Oh shut up Karen and put the dog on the leash.💯💯💯

  20. Yeah her pet should be taken away from her

  21. Let’s remember Jussie Smollett did this and even worse

  22. plain and simple…she’s a liberal racist piece of trash

  23. What an idiot!!! She’s a prisoner of her arrogance.

  24. I don’t get why people apologize for things that they meant to do. You seen him recording you and you still said what you said.

  25. Karen’s very very wrong for Choking that dog, but here is the full story

    The man recording the video (a birdwatcher) apparently had a little argument with the lady for not putting a leash on the Dog

    Since the lady refuses the man says “I’m gonna do what I want, and you’re not going to like it”

    The Birdwatcher then pulls out Dog treats, he carried it around with him like he knew he would end up in this sort of situation.

    Which ends up with Karen grabbing the dog and calling the cops.

    Now the thing is they were both In the wrong. The man should also be questioned.

  26. He threatend her and her dog before the video started. Hope she will sue the shit ouf of the guy and her employer!


    Another trump supporter.

  28. Was there anything inherently racist about calling him an African American man? And before anybody says I’m defending her, I’m not. But what exactly was the racist remark?

  29. “He’s threatening me and my dog”

    She says as she’s choking her dog

  30. Love it. Racist Karen got what she deserved

  31. she want that BIG DICK!!!!

  32. But I thought women don’t lie about assault?

  33. What is happening!!. She was not threated. She almost chocked her dog to death. She does not deserve a dog or a job. She is sorry she got caught.

  34. Dude was trying to make a scene by filming this, tried to feed dog evidently, knew media would pull the race card, all planned folks, good job on taking the bait a fukkin losers, your the problem with the racial divide, keep at it, and you will keep losing , this lady is unstable as fuk, but dude was lookkng to make something out of this.

  35. Keep your apology u white girl crazy…

  36. she choking the life out of that dog

  37. yet black men still love them some white women……. smh

  38. African American? You can’t just say he is a male? This is what lock downs are doing to us guys. People have forgot how to behave in society.

  39. I bet deep down she wanna give him some pussy

  40. At least she is wearing a mask
    Oh, so did the KKK of whom she obviously belongs

  41. Imagine if he was not recording? The police officers would have believed her, and she would have ruined someone’s life based on a lie.

  42. Emma Philomena

    The problem is that ppl like that are dangerous. No sense of reality whatsoever and collateral damage can happen like this poor dog who almost choked 😱😱😱

  43. Some women also use false domestic abuse accusations in the same manner, particularly as leverage during a pending divorce. Happened to two diff guys i know.

  44. Wow people are more outraged about the dog over the poor BLACK man who could’ve lost his life!! Y’all don’t give a damn about him. Wow!!

  45. What she did in some way was basically attempt at murder honestly. She called the police and constantly screamed a black man was attacking her and she needed help. She wouldn’t bring up those specifics if she wasn’t aware of police brutality and knew there was a chance the cops would show up and take unnecessary action towards him.

    She tried to call the cops on him knowing there was a chance they could kill him.

  46. Poor dog with such a witch as owner. Add the lies and accusations……sick woman. Animal cruelty is so clear, save the dog from this sick woman.

  47. Florence Isaacs

    You can be racist but not an animal abuser, that’s what I got from most of the comments😔 that’s so sad

  48. USA? I have a better name for you. Divided States of America. You guys are everything but united.

  49. The dog: I can’t breath

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