Fallon catchin’ hell for doing blackface, ‘entertainer’ Jamie Foxx has his back

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Jamie defending Fallon blackface.

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NEW YORK — Blame it on the… makeup artist? Jimmy Fallon is catching hell after a video surfaced that shows him impersonating Chris Rock in blackface 20 years ago. The parody transpired in 2000 on “Saturday Night Live” with approbation from Chris. Jimmy did, however, crack a handful of racist jokes during the sketch. The “Tonight Show” host apologized on Tuesday. “While on SNL, I made a terrible decision to do an impersonation of Chris Rock while in blackface,” Jimmy tweeted. “There is no excuse for this. I am very sorry for making this unquestionably offensive decision and thank all of you for holding me accountable.”

Jamie Foxx rushed to his buddy’s defense on Instagram, saying Jimmy “ain’t got to apologize for sh*t.” The Beat Shazam star also confronted the vocal minority clamoring the cancellation of Jimmy’s show. “Some of y’all didn’t even see the sketch,” Jamie wrote. “Relax and laugh! It’s other muuuuuuphuckas out there that really don’t care bout ya… use that energy for them!!! But leave my mans alone.”

Do you accept Jimmy’s apology?

Does his show deserve to be cancelled?

Watch the sketch.

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  1. Janne Söderlund

    Im glad i have real life problems so i dont get mad at the internet

  2. Would it have been more offensive if he would have done the skit without make up?

  3. Douglas Fuentes

    That was funny as fuck!!! It was a good impersonation and those are jokes Chris Rock would say


    This shit is hilarious people who get offend over something over 20 yrs ago have never heard of carlos mencia which his bit revolve around racism. People need to stop getting so butt hurt. Why is anyone attacking Robert Downey jr for doing black face in tropic thunder why becuase he played a black man so well he fooled everyone

  5. Spot on impression!

  6. this is not blackface!

  7. Guys…. this was 20 years ago. Just let it go!!

  8. Really not even funny 🤷🏾‍♂️

  9. I don’t think this is a problem. Blackface is historically used to mock black people and i think that’s why some folks have a problem with it. But in this case it wasn’t used in a mocking or racist way…..now those college kids that threw a blackface Halloween party….that shits racist.

  10. Accutronitis The 2nd

    Big fucking deal! He’s friends with Chris Rock! if Chris was ok with it back then go fuck yourself you cancel culture dip shits, you’re just looking for someone new to crucify and Jimmy’s heart was in the right place then and now SO FUCK OFF!!!

  11. still funny today. all the pc ppl can get over it

  12. so eddy murphy does white impersonation and its ok?

  13. If you’re not black you may not accept his apology nor excuse his actions because its not up to you.

  14. No one cares…..

  15. This shits funny lol

  16. SBluesBrotherhood

    The ONLY person’s opinion that would matter would be Chris Rock’s, correct? He does a darned good job of impersonating Chris, BTW…
    Personally I think that it’s funny and it makes fun of the black stereotypes much in the same way that IN LIVING COLOR and THE CHAPELLE SHOW made fun of them. I’ll add that both of those shows also made fun of white people, handicapped people, asians, mexicans, etc. But it was FUNNY. If you can’t laugh at yourself, then you’re probably a very sad person anyway and nothing is going to help you!

  17. steven lindsay

    20 years ago and NOW people are mad….really. tell them we have bigger problems and tell them to fuck off.

  18. Christopher Fowler

    I hate the world that we live in now. This is crazy, this was 20 years ago and he did not write this skit, the SNL writers did and it was oked by Chris Rock himself which is a close friend of Jimmy. This is what comedy is all about, if we can’t laugh at our differences and let them help to bring us closer together, then we will be fighting over them which is what is happening right now and will continue as we get more and more petty. I understand that racism is here and always was and always will be, because people in this world love to hate. I am a mixed race individual and I’ve seen my fair share and had to deal with my fair share of racism either against myself or family members but come on please ask yourself this question. Am I the same person that I was 20 plus years ago? I’m going to leave you with a Famous quote and a question that is still relevant to this day. Can’t we all just get along?

  19. Does anyone remember when Eddie Murphy made himself completely white for SNL in the 80s.

  20. I’m Black and this is funny 🤣

  21. Johnny Cash007

    Here after the sensitive snowflake libtard pussies made Jimmy apologize on Twitter !!!

  22. Breanna Wilson

    I honestly think it’s pretty good. If I wasn’t looking at the screen, I would’ve thought it was Chris rock. Good job, Jimmy. Everyone else, pipe down.

  23. So, apologizing for this is calling all black people blackfaces or basically telling people skin color is important and a black color is bad. America is so weird to me. This is impersonating a person, I think it’s well done and not offensive at all. Stop being so obsessed with skin color, that’s the real problem.

  24. fan girl linda 1964

    I haven’t read all the comments, but what happened to imitation
    being the sincerest form of flattery 🤦🏻‍♀️? Difference between impersonating a famous black celeb/ famous person and doing blackface.

  25. Cancel Fallon no matter how you look at it that’s very racist to do black face.

  26. This was actually funny. I saw no ill intent

  27. TwistedStrummer

    How is this blackface? Awesome impersonation and makeup job. Anyone offended by this has really thin skin.

  28. fallon looks just like a nigga in the clip

  29. Should the Wayan’s brothers get cancelled for white face in white chicks Jheeez. I hate cancel culture

  30. the only thing missing is watermelon and fried chicken


  32. I’m not offended Eddie Murphy did white face on SNL it was hilarious and remember the movie White Chicks people need to focus on important matter like a cop murdering a Black man.

  33. I like Fallon, he shouldn’t get cancelled, but he doesn’t get a pass. I want the apology! Stop inviting Yakubians to the cookout!!! He only thought to hire the roots crew, from the Chapelle show! He looks like occasionally he sings my Niggas in Paris in front the mirror alone with the b* boy stance. So tired of the fuckery. Within the last 20yrs SNL has been needing more black comedians. We always blasted compromising. Foh! He still felt comfortable to do the skit.

  34. Brilliant fucking impression of one of Jimmy’s comedic heroes. Nothing racist about it. Not a single goddamn thing.

  35. CoserTheSAV PS4

    Bruh, this was far from insulting…. this was actually amusing.

    And lets see what Chris Rock says… after all they were SNL friends

  36. Fallon sucks anyway.Cancel his ass…..He’s already rich….Give some other up and coming comic a shot at wealth and fame…..Somebody who preferably does not do blackface……That would be a good name for Jimmy…..The Tonight Show Starring “Blackface Fallon”!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  37. Eddie Murphy went WHITE FACE in the 80’s on Snl called “White like me” and no ones Complaining about that! This was just a silly skit and wasnt meant to offend people, but to make them laugh. God i Swear each year peoples skin gets thinner and thinner. Oh and Im not Racist at all! Im Mixed and treat everyone equally. I just can’t stand when people try to divide us and try to make us Argue! Were all Humans! Color Means nothing to me. I see everyone as Humans nothing else. I Love Our Colorful People Black, white, Brown, Blue, purple Doesnt matter to me I Love Everyone! And so should you. Besides those wilfully ignorant Racist people! Love one another! Make Peace Not War! Love, dont Hate. The ones in power want us to fight one another and divide. Dont let them win! We are all Brothers and Sisters and we need to stick together to Fight those who try and turn us Against Eachother. I hope all of you have a Wonderful Day!

  38. He is a racist. He apologized only when people called him out.

  39. Jimmy it’s 2020 and I can’t believe that you didn’t know about black face and I can’t believe that no one on your staff researched it before you actually put it on TV it’s kind of appalling that over the years even 5 years ago when the kids went to high school and did black face and all the time that it’s been talked about through history. What this shows me is that people don’t have socialization with people of color and that is a problem because when was the last time you actually had a person of color in your home, or you had dinner with them, or that you had a cup of coffee with someone that was people of color. I’m from the south I’ve been around people of color my whole life and I know that black face is wrong. So it shows me actually how disconnected America really is from the people of color

  40. Jesus….what’s this world come too. So does that mean everyone from the past have to apologise? Comedy is comedy, get over it! I know people will say ‘well that’s in the past’ but to me, it’s all dependent on who said it. Is Robert Downey jnr going to apologise for tropic thunder? Are the Wayne brothers going to apologise for white chicks? What a sad world we live in.

  41. Heather Feather

    White people are losing their balls at a shockingly fast rate.

  42. Comedy and hate are two different things. Jimmy Fallon is not racist end of discussion.

  43. Why would you apologize?! It was a comedy sketch of an ex-cast member! That is not blackface. What an embarrassing moment in history.

  44. Are the Wayan brothers going to apologize for White Chicks? 🤔

  45. I’d like to apologize for callin a black girl in my 3rd grade class “Shaniqua” ….yes that was her actual name but I realize years later that I can’t help but feel it was racist…I’m sorry 😢

  46. This was twenty years ago, I don’t understand why people bring this up as an issue now

  47. Shauntia Gaskins

    Let’s keep it 100. The only people offended was white ppl because it’s no secret the black community love Jimmy Fallon!

  48. Apologize for WHAT???? Being a successful comedian? Get real, you fools!! That was then! This is NOW!!!

  49. Remember “White Chicks”… I want an apology from the Wayans Brothers…

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