“Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich” on Netflix illuminates his horrifying sex felonies

Epstein docuseries now available/Netflix.com

Epstein docuseries illuminates horror. 

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NEW YORK — Ok, here’s all you need to know about Jeffrey Epstein’s “Filthy Rich” docuseries on Netflix: For starters, it illuminates a horrifying veracity; eerily comparable to the sadism we witnessed in “Surviving R. Kelly.” Epstein, an unlicensed teacher-turned-financier, was accused of raping and abusing dozens of minor girls at his upscale residences in New York City, Palm Beach (Florida), the U.S. Virgin Islands and several other locations. The monstrosities went on for several years.

As a function of culpability, Epstein committed suicide by hanging last August inside his jail cell at New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center where he was awaiting trial on a plethora of sex trafficking charges. He was 66. More than a dozen female complainants stepped forward to testify.

According to the 4-part docuseries, Epstein concocted a child molestation pyramid scheme by remunerating participants with $200 to procure underage girls to massage his back and his feet. Once he got them alone, Epstein upped the ante by coercing them to get naked and have coitus.

One survivor told investigators the perverted billionaire jacked off in front of her. Another victim, Virginia Giuffre (née Roberts), said Epstein raped her repeatedly then pimped her to his friends; namely Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz. The docuseries also puts President Donald Trump and quondam Commander-in-Chief Bill Clinton on blast for being ill-advised members of Epstein’s social circle along with the likes of “Rush Hour” actor Chris Tucker and English supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Despite the recollection of multiple eyewitnesses, Clinton denies visiting Epstein’s private island. Ditto for President Trump who once told a New York magazine journalist Epstein is a “terrific” person who “likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

Lord have mercy.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s closest associate and ex-lover, also denies any wrongdoing.

One other item of note…

Epstein reportedly blackmailed Victoria’s Secret owner Les Wexner into making him ‘Power of Attorney’ over his businesses. Many believe Epstein and Wexner enjoyed a sexual relationship. Epstein also recruited several victims by tricking them into believing he was a talent scout for Victoria’s Secret.

Word on the street claims he had them model lingerie from the store’s catalog before waxin’ that ass.

Many of Epstein’s victims either ran away from home or were poverty-stricken.

“Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich” is now available on Netflix.

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  1. Filthy Rich should be replaced with Deep State. This is not about money. This is about power that money cannot buy. This is about a CONSTRUCT that goes beyond money and sex, and everyone knows it. He was a honey pot for the CIA. The fact the mockumentary pinpoints money and Trump and not one mention of Bill Clinton tells you all you need to know. This is pure whitewash… lets be honest… No one believes the narrative spun here.

  2. I watched the show
    Spoiler alert:
    I would say okay I agreed with the child molestation part but from the third episode two girls they mentioned are simply stupid. Epstein paid tons of money for them and travelled them to his island, and they thought its because he just a nice guy and only want a massage at his island?? How the earth they are that stupid? Its obvious he has other plans, and they even continued the whole “job” and now they feel abused? Give me a break

  3. This is not the whole truth

  4. So i watched until the end to the scene where he found dead in his cell.
    And i was wondering. How will they gonna paint the story.
    The whole time they spoke about suicide. Only at one small clip they showed a professor that never seen anything like this in his career on a person who did suicide. Shortly after that clip they talked about suicide again.
    So basicly they want us to belive the “official” story that all the cameras did not work and the staff was sleeping.
    They try to fool all people.

  5. Naomi Campbell
    Chris Tucker
    The royal family all on the list and many more that were linked to this.

  6. Am I wrong in asking why all the girls in the documentary are labelled as “Survivor”! There was one girl who went in hopes of getting selected as a Victoria Secret Model. In my opinion, she’s a survivor not someone who stayed with that bastard for 2 years or so or went back again n again. Ofcourse, these women should share their story so that the world should know about the kind of heartless monsters we have in our society but at the same time few of these women should also say “DO NOT FALL FOR EASY MONEY”.

  7. At what point of shady does someone have to be before these girls go “hold on, this doesn’t sound legit” “fast money” “massage” “side door” “I don’t want to go alone” “we have to be naked” Then some of them are soooo traumatized they keep going back.. for years, doing the deed and taking the cash..

  8. Calling the victims “survivor” is just not right in this case, just saying. I would’ve like them to show all the people involved in this underage prostitution chain.

  9. This was good..but id go after Prince Andrew and Maxwell, not let them off the hook! they are just as guilty. Clinton also !!

  10. In 2007 Epstein was America’s Dear boy, today he’s a monster… They build you up and tear you down 💯

  11. I don’t know. I just watched the show and a lot of these girls was sleeping with him just for money (they were Poor) I’m not saying what he did was ok , but they were aware !

  12. Virginia Roberts testified she saw Bill Clinton and Al Gore on the pedophile island.
    This will never wash off. Foreign agents are honey trapping and blackmailing our politicians.

  13. Netflix your not fooling anyone here stop making bs documentary we have enough of tiger King.

  14. Utter garbage, if you gavent watched dont waste your time

  15. IMO I did not think the doc was that good. It was mostly victim testimony. I learned little about Epstein or the case that I didn’t already know. Also mostly glossed over the murder theories.

  16. Just support the Democrat party and you’ll be OK most of the time. Jeffrey? Harvey? Clinton? … the usual

  17. Poor Touring Hot Wire Garage

    Moral of the story: $$ Money is the root of all evil $$

  18. Clinton had Epstein killed for sure. Not a Trump fan but impressed he at least banned Epstein from all his properties 20 years ago. Sources say he found out what Epstein was doing and cut all ties.

  19. Damage control. Pathetic.

  20. Watched all four episodes in one go, am glad they didn’t shy away from the Prince Andrew or Bill Clinton parts, plus others.

  21. Street Politician

    bill clinton had that nigga killed

    the end

  22. I wish I had a private island 🙁

  23. Pizza Delivery Guy

    Question of the day: Who’s worse? R. Kelly or Jeff Epstein?

  24. Alexander Acosta, (former) United States Secretary of Labor under President Donald Trump, was the EXACT U.S. attorney for Southern District of Florida that released Jeffery Epstein.


  25. Not saying he wasnt a douche…but a 16 year old isnt an idiot. You know by then if you want to have sex with someone for $200…
    And just because you regret it later in life doesnt make you a “victim” Its a grey area.
    You lost your victim card when you lied about being 18 in order to make money.

  26. all I know is there is hella evidence to his case and first off the biggest clue is “HE ALWAYS WANTED PRIVACY” like wtf😐 sus asf everyone want it but look at him lmaooo how can niggas not tell…just dumb people ig

  27. A lot of these girls that are crying now back then after “the abuse” they, willingly got back…not once, not twice but a countless times. They may not feel ok but cmon, just admit fame and money came first. This is rot on both ends. Celebrity craze often trumps self esteem

  28. Daniel Chrétien

    The question arises to me who is actually the victim here: all the greedy, meaningless, glorious searching teenagers and their parents, or the quite fascinating Epstein.

  29. Just watched the whole series
    Clintons hardly mentioned. No surprise there with His best Mate James patterson producing this. So sorry for those girls. They will never get justice whilst all the perpetrators are never names. Absolutely shocking what went on and how they covered it up. VIRGINIA is right. The MONSTERS ARE STILL OUT THERE. Hopefully one day they will face justice

  30. I think these girls that did sexual things and didnt say no and then came back day after day have zero right to complain. You are not a slave if you “voluntarily” come back again and again to his house…alot were way too young and did it out of fear but those that came back and those that brought innocent girls to him those girls did this shit to themselves they cant be looked at like the innocent rape victims.

  31. Augustine Ramos

    This documentary is a cover up. They show women who were over the age of 18 saying they were abused, bull! No minors were interviewed.

  32. OK so I just watched the documentary. The stories of the girls he preyed on, hand picking vulnerable girls from broken and poor families, telling them that they were special, using them for his sexual gratification and pimping them out to everyone from film producers, directors and actors, politicians including former and current presidents, Kings, business tycoons, musicians, athletes. Just realized that every single person or celebrity whom we are likely to admire is likely in some way or other a pervert. And the extremely sexualized media and culture is enabling more and more of these girls to get abused. Watching porn and other sexually provocative media always ensures the demand for newer ‘stars’ to enter the porn industry which is a close step away from prostitution and years of abuse. Knowingly or unknowingly we have all been a wheel that ran this cycle of abuse for decades. I’m ashamed, horrified, disgusted for having indulged in this filth in my past and enabling these paedophiles. Oh how much God has had mercy on this world and still does. His wrath is justified and we still haven’t got the worse of it yet

  33. Just watched this documentary and made me sick and mad to know we will never be able to do anything about that 1% of people who have all the wealth and power. These enabled each other into human zex trafficking and rape. Disgusting. FBI and the government is a joke.

  34. something to say!!!

    All that money and go after young vulnerable girls …,what a bitch guy should have been put in a barrel and thrown down the river

  35. ahhh shitttt

  36. Christian Küllmer

    Jeffrey burn in the hell❗

  37. Just started watching this on netflix, the victims who were unknowingly put in this situation is completely sad and unfathomable..however as i started listening to other victims stories most of the young women who had experienced the abuse first hand, hated it, knew it was wrong but yet still came back again & again soliciting other girls for him for money
    Which is just as bad in my opinion.
    There didnt seem to be a moral compass while they were making money off bringing other younger girls to the pig.

  38. Millennium Pimp

    Jeffrey the O.G.

  39. Nancy Peterson

    Dershowitz was one of the attorneys that worked a deal so none of the victims got any justice. He also pretends he had no dealings with Epstein which is false. He went to his island several times.

  40. This shows what the Clintons are and how Bill has lied several times about his sexual behavior. Not to mention Prince Andrew….!Shame on the crown, I don’t even know why the royal family is still supported by countries and their citizens.

  41. gummybearmonster01

    Season 1: Epstein
    Season 2: Weinstein
    Season 3: Trump

  42. Teresita Miranda

    Beyond dumb. Just a bunch of victims confessing, we all know you could have done way better but way to cover your booties Netflix. Y’all didn’t even expose the rest of the elites. Netflix is just as trash as the feds who covered Jef for so long. The victims deserve better

  43. So, I’m almost done with this series. A question: I am talking about adult women (20, 21 year olds) he screwed and NOT underage ones. So, they meet a billionaire, fly on his private jet to his private island, and now are accusing him of sexual assault or rape? What did they think they were going to do there in the Island? A billionaire picked a no body woman to read the bible with on a private island? Not that there is anything wrong with what they did or they do not have a choice but what I am saying is that these grown-ass women should own up to their conscious decision to engage is sexual activity with a billionaire because of his money, and stop playing the role of a child who had no idea what was going on. One example: episode 3, around timestamp 17:30, adult so-called victim says: Jeffrey asked me to go to Africa with him. But I was already traumatized on the Island. But blah blah blah and I ended up going with him. See? These women were once happy with all the money, jets and private islands. Now they regret and call that happiness trauma. Also, God know how many millions each got from Epstein in their civil law suits. One of them says she was very poor back then but now is being interviewed in her very nice-looking house. I wonder if she bought it with the settlement money.

  44. Brandon Hopkins

    Bill Clinton is a lying sack of shit

  45. Mainly white people. Smh.

    Hopefully hes rotting in hell where he belongs.

  46. Joseph Leonard

    “I am Hillary Clinton, and I approve this sUicIdE.”

  47. Everything has to be political in this day and age… hell, one time I was taking a shit and it couldn’t flush down, apparently it was the same color as trump and my mom saw my shit and said “smh trump supporter”

  48. If they are willing to keep people out of this, then I’m sure there are many more lies and holes in this documentary. There’s probably people on here making up stories to make it seem like they’ve got something. You have the people that were around him still alive and there’s no questioning for them?? This will probably be entertaining but with a lot of bull shit. They can say whatever they like when the man is dead

  49. Going to be in the minority here, but 5 minutes into this show it was plain this is not an unbiased, professional documentary. Using the term “Survivor” is completely wrong and misleading. These women are “victims.” Epstein was a bad bad man, but not a murderer. You “survive” a deadly situation. You “survive” a school shooting. You “survive” being in a building when an aircraft flies into it. By hijacking this term, people like those who made this, abuse the term and disrespect those who have actually survived fatal situations.
    I should have known this would be some typical netflix social activism-driven garbage. Real shame. This is such a fascinating and terrible story already, it doesn’t need the sjw take on it.

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