What Happens At Home: Christina Milian ’embraces’ parenting, domestic diva role

Christina embraces motherhood/DailyMail.com

Christian Milian super domestic. 

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LOS ANGELES — Christina Milian is sick and tired of people asking her to “dip it low.” After all, the “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” actress is more than an entertainer. She’s also a domestic diva and the mother of 10-year-old Violet and 4-month-old neonate Isaiah. Christina, 38, revealed several fun facts you probably didn’t know during a Q&A session on her Facebook Watch series “What Happens at Home.” The show, now 2 weeks old, gives viewers a coup d’œil of Christina’s life during the coronavirus pandemic.

When asked to elucidate her decision to launch the series, Christina replied: “I thought especially during this difficult time when everyone is at home with more time on their hands, I wanted to be a part of the content that people utilize to keep themselves (and their kids) busy. Whether it’s cooking something, doing crafts with the kids or just at-home projects – it’s just great to be a part of a community and platform that shows my family in an authentic way. ‘What Happens at Home’ was a perfect way to show the fans that we’re just like them, and to give them something to look forward to during quarantine.”

While most people are suffering from cabin fever as a concomitant of self-quarantining, Christina called the stay-at-home order “a blessing in disguise” because it gives her “uninterrupted quality time” with her newborn. She also binge-watched “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” on Netflix.

Christina and her baby daddy, Matt Pokoro, are considering adding another child to the family.

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  1. I have NEVER heard the term “dip it low”. Also, this is woman is has margin talent and fame. Be Cool is the only thing I know her from. B list at best.

  2. Your such a great mom Christina

  3. Since she has a newborn, I’m assuming there’s a husband involved in there somewhere? Or is that too “traditional”?

  4. She has always been so damn gorgeous.

  5. .·:*¨☆JeNNa☆¨*:·.

    The same chick that has dated/slept with MANY rappers/singers in the industry and even wanted to get Lil Wayne aka The Gremlin, name tatted on her until he explained to her that she was just a “one night stand”…

  6. Dip it low was her only hit song could be why no one throw out any other song titles when they see her.

  7. Beautiful and sexyyy she doesn’t even look 38.

  8. I would like her to dip low for me every hour. What a natural beauty.

  9. I loved that song!!! Shes so gorgeous good luck girl!! 😉🥰

  10. i don’t know what ‘dip it low’ is, so i wouldn’t ask.
    but i would certainly ask her for a [dance on my lap]

  11. Good looking girl, terrible taste in men. What a waste.

  12. 😘👍💖

  13. She looks amazing. So pretty.

  14. Christina milian is a transgender

  15. Nandi really? She didn’t look like one when she in that movie “ love don’t cost a thing”?! She look like a dime piece!

  16. @Nandi: Transgenders can’t give birth, nor be pregnant, only women! Stop it

  17. Christina Milian says she wishes people would stop asking her to ‘dip it low’………thats why im here lol

  18. I Just love her ❤️

  19. Christina Who….?

  20. Jack the Ripper 2K

    she’s still hot….. wish I could get her pregnant

  21. who are they anyway??

  22. Madamelogicbombdropper

    Thank God she got away from black men🤣💖

  23. I want her to dip it low on my face

  24. one hit wonder

  25. sweetpeepauline

    Congratulations to her. 👶

  26. Life with Jimmy

    Love Christina!! 😃❤️

  27. Inquiring Mind

    what race is she?

  28. Go Christina he’s Gorgeous this is what you needed. Someone who will appreciate you.

  29. she’s losing her looks

  30. I’m happy for her she experienced her share of heartbreaks and she always wanted to find real love, get married and have more children.

  31. Michelle Martinez

    I’m so happy 😊👍🏽 for them 💕💕💕💕

  32. Wish she would’ve gotten married first.

  33. Sloppy Seconds

    She’s nothing special. Lil Wayne fucked her a million times.

  34. Andrew Eggleston

    Christina is so hot!!!

  35. She’s so GORGEOUS!!

  36. I Just love her ❤️

  37. I’m 21 years old and she has looked the exact same as when I was 5! She literally does not age!

  38. Very happy or Christina Milian for being a strong and independent Mom. She is such a positive vibrant person. Congrats to her new baby son and may god bless her and her beautiful family.

  39. Ugh what a legend ❤️❤️

  40. Christina stays looking young since her first album she doesn’t look any different 😯😍 beautiful 💕

  41. Alicia Mayevsky

    Aw She’s so pretty and doesn’t have disgusting lip injections ❤️❤️

  42. Her melanin is poppin❤️

  43. What happened to her and Lil’ Wayne? Knew that wasn’t going to last lol

  44. Trollin Fo Justice

    Congratulations on your baby, Christina!

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