LeVelle Moton lambasted white coaches, claiming they’ve used blacks to get rich

Moton calls out white coaches/HBCUGameday.com

Coach Moton rips Power 5 coaches.

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DURHAM — Several sports figures have conveyed their two cents relative to the senseless murder of George Floyd — the black man asphyxiated by a white cop (Derek Chauvin) in Minneapolis. Patrick Mahomes issued a statement. Ditto for Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Alabama football coach Nick Saban and countless others. Yes, they all disseminated the same, redundant “Let’s spread love, not hate” propaganda. But we shouldn’t give them a hard time because they were probably implored to regurgitate the company line. LeVelle Moton, on the other hand, didn’t bite his tongue.

Moton, head basketball coach at North Carolina Central, lambasted white coaches in Power 5 conferences on Sunday for remaining mute while the rest of the country endures violent protests against police brutality and racial injustice. The 45-year-old African American basically said Caucasian honchos are using negroes to construct infinite opulence for their kids and grandkids.

“The reality is a lot of these coaches have been able to create generational wealth,” Moton said during an appearance on ESPN Radio. “Their grandkids’ kids are gonna be able to live a prosperous life because athletes who were the complexion of George Floyd were able to run a football, throw a football, shoot a basketball or whatever have you, so they have been able to benefit from athletes that look like George Floyd and many more. But whenever people [who are] the complexion of George Floyd are killed, assassinated, murdered in the street in broad daylight, they’re silent.”

Now, in defense of white coaches, they’ve never put a gun to the head of a student-athlete.

If you can get negroes to play for free, why remunerate them?

Everything Moton said is veracious.

But capitalism doesn’t discriminate.

The way I see it, black athletes have three options:

  1. Stand up to school administrators and use leverage to garner satisfactory compensation.
  2. Go on strike like players have effectuated in other sports (i.e., MLB and NHL).
  3. Or, stick with the status quo.

Listen to Moton’s intervew.

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  1. i know i'm right

    Why does everyone have to have a comment on this?How about focusing on the riots and what to do to end them like President Trump is suggesting.Trump 2020 and beyond!

  2. Why do coaches and sports team have to make statements about this. Isn’t going to change anything and won’t change the future.

  3. dont know why niggas love making these crackers rich

    scratchin my head

  4. Frankly Coach, we dont give a hoot what you have to say

  5. You’re silly Coach LeVelle…Whites are too busy looting and burning down the country….aren’t you watching the news????

  6. every black athlete should go on strike and let them honkies go broke

  7. We call out silence of black coaches on criminal violence, looting and arson.

  8. A former colleague of mine, who was white and a high executive level position in a large company was driving home from work one night. His car was then hemmed in by several state police cars and they rushed him with guns drawn, pulled him out, threw him to the pavement and hog tied him. They had a BOLO for a white male driving a certain type of vehicle, which he had the exact same make, model and color and he was somewhere in the vicinity of the armed robbery. Once they realized he was not the person, they released him without so much as an, I’m sorry. I guess him wearing a suit was not enough of a giveaway. He said it was the scariest moment of his life. But the point being that mistaken identity can happen whether you’re black, white, brown, whatever.

  9. My husband was a White coach in a primarily Black high school, then at a Traditionally Black (Division One) College. If he was asked his opinion on politics or events or whatever outside of his sport, he’d say, “It doesn’t involve me.”

  10. every athlete deserves to be paid

  11. Hey Boy, this isn’t a White Problem, it’s a problem that Racist Jerks like could Stop but “you” don’t want Racial Harmony!

  12. Hate to break it to Coach Moton. However, Coach, most people don’t give a tinker’s dam what a college coach has to say about anything outside their own gym on their own campus or talking to a small portion of their own alumni. That’s especially true on issues that make people uncomfortable. Most of society doesn’t hold them in a position of relevance.

  13. you can’t call out anyone and expect someone honest response. You can’t force someone to believe in your beliefs. Emotions have NO intellect….they only react. Do I believe this is wrong absolutely!!! If I really want the world to change then I have show the world the light and not the darkest of violence. The protest is that TIME but the message is being diluting with these riots. WE don’t need athletes to stir the pot. They have millions of followers that can make a different. AND WE DONT HATE YOU!

  14. Shut up Coach Moton, maybe they want to mind their own business just like you should also, always playing the race game.

  15. NCAA sports is slavery

    blacks are being taken advantage ogf

  16. Can’t say that I have heard a multitude of black coaches say anything either…

  17. IF the black man floyd had not been trying to pass off counterfeit money and BEING a criminal he would still be alive! no matter his color…END OF STORY

  18. do they really need to say anything at all George Floyd was killed by the police officer why add fuel to the fire. where is the out cry agenist the riots looter that is a criminal matter, not a protest

  19. Hey Coach Moton – when did you speak out the last time a White person was unjustly killed? Oh never! Difference? Why not spend your time trying to talk & work with these white coaches instead of calling them out? SOS!

  20. white people are devils with horns

  21. Sturgeon's Law

    Judging by the other comments here, white coaches are not the only whites who just do not get it. They seem to feel kneeling on the sideline of a football field is a traitorous travesty, but kneeling on the neck of a black American citizen is no big deal. These racists are not part of the solution, and definitely part of the problem.

  22. detasslerdetassler

    He sounds like a guy trying to position himself for a power 5 coaching job.

  23. An obvious try at fame-recognition—-to get a better coaching job. What an opportunist.

  24. LOL at trying Race-Shame non-racist white allies. He should be arrested for extortion. What an asz whipe

  25. Excuse me, but since WHEN is it REQUIRED that coaches, or anyone else for that matter, make some sort of comment on situations like this? And how about we get some confirmation on exactly what took place after Floyd was put into the squad car and apparently started fighting with the arresting officers? There was SOME reason why they pulled him out and put him on the ground – although there was no justification to kneel on his neck for that long of a period by that one officer.

  26. Pay your athletes ! Or wait till they have enough of your bullshit and riot and burn your mansions down with you in it !

  27. Hold on. The athletes ARE paid. They get an education worth 100k-300k-market price. There is risk, students are broke, what else is new? Schools don’t know which athletes are going to rise to top-that’s 1 out of 100 at best. Schools pay athletes in many sports-the price of tuition, lodging, meals, healthcare, books, tutors, etc. Somebody please fill me in on this point.

  28. Rodrigo Torres

    @Bob Loblaw: The free education is Bull shit, that education this days is worth almost nothing. and if the schools don’t want to pay them, they should stop profiting from their players. for example stop charging students to watch the games and stop televising the games, plus selling the merchandise

  29. white men are greedy selfish sons of bitches

  30. blacks should start their own sports leagues

  31. @Bob Loblaw: Here’s the thing 40% of these kids for whatever reason don’t graduate so don’t give me that education payment bs for me don’t give them a salary but a stipend so they have what they need and Honor full scholarships for all four years plus medical problems and athletes should not be punished for gifts or other areas of payment

  32. LeVelle Moton is now my favorite coach

  33. Yves Saint Laurent

    Pay these people. Typical America, using slaves and making money off the sweat and hard work of the youth.

  34. tell ’em levelle

  35. stay in your place nigger

  36. The black male student athletes are worth tens of millions to their university than a regular student their 4 year cost of 25k (tuition, books, living, etc). So yes compensate them. College football is literally like a Plantation racket in which the black male athletes are the workers generating the revenue that the WHITES benefit from. What no one understands is that 80-100 million generated from any major football program yearly, is ALSO used to fund & operate the baseball, softball, lacrosse, gymnastic, volleyball, golf, tennis and swim and track teams. The majority of student athletes, on these campuses, are privileged white kids who GET FREE RIDES that no one seems to complain about. All funded from the Football and Basketball programs, which are majority black males. Yet baseball, softball, lacrosse, gymnastic, volleyball, golf, tennis and swim, track, teams generate no NET revenue for the school or athletic program. So yes, pay these black males!

  37. Mr. Moton is 100% right. When you look back at the Colin Kaepernick situation and how he was using his platform to bring attention to a critical situation and he was black-listed but now coaches and players are speaking up AS. THEY. SHOULD. When they make so much money on the backs of black athletes. There is clearly a problem.

    When the owners listen to a fool of a president instead of standing with communities whose rear ends need to be in their seats in those stadiums and showing solidarity or a grain of understanding for what marginalized persons in this country go through. It speaks volumes.

    We will never overcome racism in America because many white people are afraid. I liken it to them being stranded on an island and rather than think about how to get off of the island, they miss opportunities to build fellowship so racially they will remain stranded.

  38. Dizzy Rothstein

    College athletes should be thankful that they cant attend college with an athletic scholarship which allows them to NOT to have a student loan. That’s fair enough

  39. Academic Inflation is real. Education isn’t worth what it used to be. These athletes need to be paid cold hard cash!

  40. slaves shouldnt get paid

  41. They aren’t paid because the school administration staff and NCAA are evil and greedy and want all the cash for themselves. They are evil monsters, plain and simple!

  42. IceManLikeGervin

    Student-athlete is how the NCAA get around America’s worker laws by feigning amateurism while at the same time signing billion dollar tv contracts with networks, paying coaches hundreds of thousand/million dollar plus and paying its top front office employees millions of dollar per year. This isn’t the 1950s… The NCAA is big business and the scholarship is just a tax write-off, the price of doing business.

  43. Occam Therazor

    The NCAA is such a fucked up system. Literally EVERYONE involved in college sports is rolling in money….except the players.

  44. Colleges make millions of dollars,coaches get paid 2 to 3 millions dollars, get the fuck out, players deserve to get paid

  45. Northern Wealth Anarchy Perimeter

    College football is a ripoff for Blacks who come from poverty. In many cases, the education is worthless. Many of of these players aren’t smart enough for college and should never be emitted, as most of the public shouldn’t be emitted into college.

    College football players could easily force change and get the salaries they deserve. They should organize under union leadership and go on strike. If they forced cancellation of even one week of games for some of the schools, they would drive the NCAA and the colleges to the bargaining table.

  46. The fact that it even needs to be debated shows you how stupid people are. Billions of $$$ come in making millionaires of the administration, yet the athletes don’t get their cut. This is beyond dumb.

  47. pay the niggas

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