Marlon Wayans prefers pink toes?

Marlon picks up two chicks/

Marlon scores a Ménage à trois.

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LOS ANGELES — “What a beautiful chocolate man!” Social distancing be damned, Marlon Wayans — lead actor in the 2004 action comedy “White Chicks” — was spotted picking up a pair of prepossessing chicks over the weekend and who can blame him? After all, Marlon — a father of two — has been divorced 7 years. That’s a long time with no p*ssy. Here’s what happened: The 47-year-old comic was busy procuring a curbside entrée at a Los Angeles bistro when two popsies — a sexy blonde and a voluptuous Latina — showed up. All three donned face masks for coronavirus purposes.

After a few minutes of laid-back colloquy, Marlon and the ladies made an egress together.

Word on the street claims they enjoyed coitus via Ménage à trois.

Still no word on if Marlon has a significant other. But the coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on cohabitants and married couples in particular. Since COVID-19 went into effect, divorce filings and domestic violence cases are up. Gestation rates and marriage proposals are down.

Marlon is catching hell on Black Twitter for bangin’ thots outside his race.

Does skin pigmentation matter?

Should threesomes be sanctioned during a pandemic?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Marlon is wayyyy too gorgeous for his age bruh

  2. another nigga chasin white girls……. when will u learn????

  3. Ruthless Lover

    fuck that I like my bitches black

  4. Marlon must not have saw the video where the white lady called the police on a black man at central park and made up a fake story to get him killed

  5. Raider Nation101

    With all these different flavor of women in this world. I ain’t got time to be racist❗

  6. pussy is the same color when the lights go off

  7. The problem with black women ? Is their lack of being submissive. They want both the roles as a man and as a woman …. know your role as a man and ill know my role as a women . this is what lacks in black American people . i rarely see it. Learn how to be a women , there’s nothing wrong with being soft and emotional , stop trying to be hard .

  8. I dont date black women because they dont know how to take a fuckin compliment

  9. I only date black women

    white women are trouble

  10. fuck these haters………. marlon do you bruh

  11. Jeannelle Tillery

    @Dalene Colon: Stay in a women’s place?! Oh no

  12. I dont care what race you date. Just dont demean your own people because you are with someone from another race. Love can come from anywhere.

  13. Am glad Iam Celibate.

  14. Valerie Gardner

    I am white & dated a black man once & I straight up asked him why some black men date outside of their race & he said dead seriously that a lot of black men don’t date black women because they have a bad attitude. Not justifying it just saying what came straight out of a black man’s mouth.

  15. Diversity Pimp

    I love black white mexicans it dont matter my dick is an equal opportunity lover

  16. Robert Forster

    I’m happy I don’t date a blk woman. Meanest females I know. I stick to my Asian and Spanish queens

  17. black women got the best pussy by far

  18. marlon looks like shit

    white women can have him

  19. no surprise here………. black men love pink toes

  20. DickSlayerSwallows

    Oh my satan…. these comments 🤔

  21. He’s gay… So who cares???🤷🏾‍♀️

  22. I know there are some black women out there that have hair issues and feel comfortable wearing a wig, I get that, but I prefer women with real hair. I get SO tired of seeing black women with a head full of hair, wearing somebody else’s hair, trying to look like somebody outside of their own race, this turns me off..!

  23. marlon craves that vanilla pussy lol

  24. They are not worth the trouble men. Find the Most High and let Him lead you to the woman right for you. I love my singleness and for now Yah fills the voids in my life.

  25. lol hahahah Black american males have no self respect..when shot by a policeman or harassed or called a racist by you bring it on yourself.

  26. Its crazy that only the black community have this issue

  27. Street Pharmacist


  28. I ll be honest….. its hard to find a black woman that’s well educated, respectful and thats not angry 24/7. if you do find one they don’t wanna date black guys. if black guys date white women or Asian, we get the oh whats the matter you can’t get a black girl😑. or you need a strong black woman. a woman doest have to be black to be strong.

  29. Black women are too expensive. You are looking at $300 a month just for the hair salon.

  30. the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice

    black women get my vote

  31. everyone needs to chill, it’s okay to have preferences, whether you date all races, only your race, or only another race, it’s not racist, it’s just what you’re attracted most to, like race, eye color, hair, height, who cares
    I personally am most attracted to white women and hispanics, and less towards asian and black women

  32. Juliana Chavez

    I’m so mad they cancelled marlon . I LOVE that show I have rewatched it soooo many times it’s not even funny , I laugh so hard every single time 😭😂

  33. Black woman here and I don’t care who dates who not my business. The issue I have is when they talk negatively about black women as the justification that’s just showing people how you feel about yourself. And the same goes for black women that date interracially. Just remember when you’re tearing each other down when some real racism happens those other races will not defend you. And don’t give one or two examples I’m talking as a whole.

  34. Jeff Jefferson

    marlon like that cave pussy

  35. Booty is booty and a big meaty ass just doesn’t come on a black woman, but respect for me as a man, and honoring my manhood is lacking amongst certain species of women no doubt.

  36. white girls are easy to manipulate

  37. we are the only race of people having this conversation… SMDH!

  38. Blah, blah, blah just be with someone who makes you happy😉

  39. Pizza Delivery Guy

    marlon is a sellout


  41. Nasty, stay away from all white people and protect your own 😒✊✊

  42. I dated both,sisters are beautiful,but the big mouths and attitudes turned me off,most black women i dated had the nerve to tell me what I can do for them with a fat paycheck, they want to say we trying to control them,white females have decent jobs,sisters think sex equal not have a good job

  43. Porkchop Jones

    hope he wore a condom

    white bitches got coronavirus

  44. Black women are bald and don’t give head yet they want a good black man

  45. I’m a black woman and love Spanish papis they’re sexy to me❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  46. I need a stimulus check

    marlon trippin

    black women are by far the sexiest females on the planet

  47. I am a black woman, I prefer not to date black men. My choice. These guys have a right to their choices.

  48. This is why Black People STAY LOSING…..Instead of BM uplifting, building up, encouraging, motivating and GLORIFYING their OWN RACE of women they are CONSTANTLY helping ANY other race of women to WIN. BM work over time trying to TEAR down their own race of women’s self-esteem. ALWAYS making POINTS for the Opposite teams. They are the Black race WEAKEST link. So, when they shoot them down and lock them up, think about how they try so hard to SHOOT down their own race and nation of women. Tell me BM, which is worse, RACISM or COLORISM? HELP YOUR OWN TO WIN Coconuts!!!!!!!

  49. Cornbread, Earl and Me

    marlon shame on you bro

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