Candace Owens hammers George Floyd, claiming he’s a damn criminal, not hero

Candace Owens slams George Floyd/

Candace Owens hammers Floyd.

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LOS ANGELES — Conservative activist Candace Owens is not a fan of George Floyd and it makes her sick to the stomach that he’s being championed as a martyr for Black America. George, 46, was asphyxiated by white police officer Derek Chauvin during a forgery bust in Minneapolis, sparking riots and protests worldwide. During a recent fulmination on Facebook Live, Candace went postal on George’s character — saying he was “a criminal” who was high on meth at the time of his arrest. The inebriated ex-con also had narcotics and counterfeit dollar bills on his person.

“Everyone is pretending that this man lived an heroic lifestyle,” she ranted. “We are embarrassing in that regard. Nobody wants to tell the truth in Black America. Our biggest problem is us. I have no apologies to make. George Floyd is not my martyr. He can be yours.”

Candace, 31, then sunk her teeth into George’s rap sheet which includes five stints in the penitentiary on a myriad of weapon and drug-related charges. George, a con artist who moonlighted as a pornstar and gang member, once put a gun to the abdomen of a gravid woman during a home invasion.

Floyd, the father of 5 children, was anything but a saint.

But he didn’t deserve to die nonetheless.

“I am not going to stand for this continual bottom-feeding narrative of us martyring people that have had five, six, seven stints in prison and then pretending they were upstanding heroes to our community. It’s bullsh*t!” Candace fumed. “It’s absolute bullsh*t and I’m tired of it… I’m tired of being called a ‘coon’ or an ‘Uncle Tom’ because I won’t play this bottom-feeding game with you.”

Candace also lambasted the black community for taking pride in turning malefactors into paragons overnight. “The black community is unique from other communities because we are the only community that caters to the bottom denominator of our society,” Candace said, quoting author Shelby Steele.

“Not every Black American is a criminal. Not every Black American is committing crimes. But we are unique in that we are the only people that fight and scream and demand support and justice for the people in our community that are up to no good.”

“You would be hard-pressed to find this in White America — even in Latino America,” she added.

Do you agree with Candace?

Are low-class blacks culpable for their own plight?

Watch her video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Alexander Vasquez

    She should be stripped from the Fox News family and any other platforms out their she is toxic get her voice out of the news I demand that she doesn’t get to voice her opinion again

  2. I love this woman ❤❤❤❤

  3. This is refreshing to hear. I certainly hope she stands behind her sentiments and don’t cave in like others have done. If a white man has any opinion he will automatically be identified as racist. However the lord Jesus Christ will have the final verdict. If the son set you free you are free indeed.

  4. Tabatha Revell

    What the heck does this have to do with his death and how he died?

  5. Randy Bo Bandy

    Pretty sure im in love with this woman

  6. How can someone be so smart and DUMB ass hell at the same time 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  7. I have a black conservative friend who has become much more vocal against police brutality after his kid was born. He has no illusions that Floyd was a spotless citizen who has never done anything wrong. (Who has made this claim??) But Floyd’s death represents the way police have often handled arrests involving black Americans, and it needs to stop!

  8. You rock it Ms. Owens.
    This needs to be on every liberal tv station.

  9. She is literally a cancer. It seems that Republican’s are so stupid that they only want to attack other people character because they know their POLICIES are not people focus. The republicans don’t practice republicanism. Owens you are a shame. One time i smoke weed…Am i a bad person? If i smoke weed a week before a cop murders me, am i too a bad person? Ms. Owens?

  10. Powerful!

  11. It’s not about floyd it’s about the officer that he careless about his life when he pleaded “ I can’t breath “ floyed record don’t matter

  12. The whole point of the outrage that people are expressing and the reason for all the protests has nothing to do with the type of person he was. It has to do with the fact that police are repeatedly killing black men. What happened to innocent until proven guilty. Regardless of what his past was and even if he was high at the time he was arrested, how does that justify him being killed in the street like an animal while handcuffed. That is the reason for the outrage, no one is putting him up on a pedestal or making him a martyr. If cops can apprehend white men without putting a bullet in them or suffocating them than they can do the same for black men. Had they done the right thing and arrested him (if they even had cause to) and let it be sorted out through the judicial system like they do for a thousand other white people every year, then we would not even be even discussing this. But they took that option away from him when they took his life on a dirty street. This mentality that people have of victimizing the victim because they have a past is just ridiculous. And it’s also another tool that is used by the police to justify and get away with brutalizing people. If police can arrest a white man who killed a church full of black people while worshipping without giving him so much as a scratch on his head and then take him to get something to eat before bringing him in, then dont tell me they cant do the same for our men. No one should have to die because they passed a counterfeit bill.

  13. @Ke Ke: Well spoken, good on you.

  14. Am I living on the same 🌍. George Floyd died as an unarmed black man, by the hands of law enforcement, senselessly. Who called him a martyr. A martyr is a person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs. This is not the case here. THE PROTEST IS TO STOP KILLING US, BLACK WOMAN!!!!!

  15. Evelyn Alvarez

    I’m glad I watched this, and she’s right I agree 100% , I really hope this goes vital on national tv.


  17. Bravo….thank you for the honest perspective reflecting what is in alot of people’s hearts and mind…..Respect

  18. Crime or not but the stupid bastard George Floyd didn’t deserve to be kill

  19. Are u happy now. 15 minutes of fame. Murder is BAD. Period!!!!!

  20. Candace, you are right on point. As a 65 year old white guy, let me say that among my heroes I count Mohammad Ali, George Forman, M.C. Hammer, but the man I respect the most is Dr. Martin Luther King.

  21. Candace Owens, you are delusional. You are completely missing the point. Your ancestors are sobbing and rolling over in their graves in agony.

    Nobody is trying to turn George Floyd into a “martyr” or turn him into the “face of black America.”

    George Floyd was a sinful, flawed, everyday human being, like each and every human being in this country, who did not deserve an early death due to the obvious police brutality problem in America, (which you sadly deny and claim as “mythical”).

    Today, I watched your video and cringed as you eagerly aired out this man’s “dirty laundry” with a smirk on your face for your fellow conservative viewers to make a mockery of.

    The privilege of white Americans that you claim ceases to exist allowed for men like 90’s “American dad”, Tim Allen to “bounce back” from federal cocaine trafficking charges and prison time, and star in classic, 90’s TV sitcoms. (Home Improvement! Great TV show, by the way. 😂)

    *Ironically, Allen was caught with over 650 grams of coke at the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport in…..MICHIGAN, of all places. Allen “snitched” on twelve dealers to get his sentence reduced.

    It is, as always, a complete slap in the face, [more like a knife in the back] to your brothers and sisters within the black community for you to add any of your typical, unusual, unnecessary twists and quirks to the narrative; it is clear that you don’t stand with us.

    Also, your facial features provide a nostalgic resemblance to E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. 👀

  22. Jreal in a gbody!

    With all the negative she said about the man,an yes some things may be true. However! The issue at hand is still,DID HE DESERVE TO BE KILLED ON FILM IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD? This woman is out of her mind! Boot licking buck dancing damn fool!

  23. Why? Why make this video? I see someone trying to make a name for herself dehumanizing George Floyd. Period. He didn’t deserve to die. Period. The fact that he has a record does not make a difference in what happened. This video speaks more about the desperation and terrible character of Candace Owens than anything.

  24. Black as she yet she have showed us who’s side she’s on & If I ever run into her yet see her I swear I’m spitting on this hoe straight like that..

  25. Thank you Candace for your bravery… not many people willing to tell the truth like you do.

  26. You know you are so much more attractive if you would just shut your mouth and don’t say anything. Your comments in your outlook on black America is sad a shame you’re not happy with who you are

  27. His lifestyle and past has nothing to do with him being murdered. Second his murder sparked and outrage. This movement is clearly about how black lives matter. If his daughter wants to call him a hero that’s her prerogative. He was a citizen, he was a person, he was somebody’s father, son, husband. How are you suffering Candice.


  29. Please listen, ALL lives matter, including the life of a person who has committed a crime. That person does not cease to be a human being and has the right to be treated humanely. He has the right to not be executed because the police presumes he or she is up to no good. Your life, no matter how righteous you think you are, is NOT WORTH MORE than his life, no matter how bad you think he was. Just like you don’t deserve death at the hands of the police, neither did he. He did nothing wrong for the police to treat him so inhumanely. People protested the police brutality that is overwhelmingly experienced by Blacks, you need to question your own humanity and condition of your soul.

  30. Shannon Thibodeaux

    Well said very intelligent… however very soulless and callous tell me Candance what’s the numbers on the last 100 years of lynching… how many black lives vs police that has been lynched??? How many white peoples lives have been taken just because they were white by black men… if it’s systemic racism or not how can you trust the numbers of a rigged system period that has unfairly in black communities took lives??? Do you know the origins of the word picnic??? There is no racist behavior in policing??? There is no racial profiling??? Your telling half truths to a base who love your self hate and depiction of broad strokes of white supremacy ideology… Why isn’t Treyvon Martin your Martyr he wasn’t a life long criminal ??? How is Kobe Bryant your martyr he wasn’t killed for his beliefs… By definition he can’t be a martyr. By the way your no Dr. Ben Carson and his success isn’t parallel to yours what exactly have you accomplished to put yourself in line with him??? I know you hate your community I know you hate yourself but why attack the youth for having a heart for a man murdered in cold blood… show me one example of a white man dying on the street in similar fashion… You cannot because it has never happened… thank you for your PSA about why you hate yourself and your people… good luck buck dancing for massa

  31. Yianhin Saechao

    So i bet THESE 4 COPS WILL BE SET FREE,& will go back2work!??
    The lawyers will use GEORGE’S BAD REPUTATION
    ..from his PAST CRIMINAL RECORDS..
    Thankyou 4 your info….this is new to me….but FYI …..
    officer Derek and George work the same shifts as SECURITY
    at a BAR..way Back in 2019..and now george is dead..
    Coincidence,i think not!!!!!!

  32. I know it’s not easy going against the grain and thinking outside the box especially in the black community you are a BRAVE WOMAN.

  33. Dear Shannon Thibodeaux,

    I have an example.
    Tony Timpa an unarmed white man about 10 months ago was killed in Texas by a white cop and a hispanic cop in the exact way George Floyd was.

    Floyd’s life was interesting (he was a pornstar) and rocky to say the least. He had a very violent past but had supposedly reformed. Maybe he was having a moment of weakness when he counterfeited the money? maybe not…. but his murder was horrific! And was terribly wrong!

    The fact that derek chauvin knew floyd for years makes me suspect floyd was targeted or used in some type of setup to start a race war but who knows.

    We all know they need to outlaw choking somebody to death and kneeling on the back and neck of handcuffed and unarmed people.


    HOWEVER Tony Timpa, a white man in his early 30s, called the police because he was scared of himself and he was having an existential crisis. HE called the Policeman for help and THEY killed him!

    Just like Mr. Floyd!
    Look up Tony Timpa murder in your internet search engine. He couldn’t breathe and also begged for his life.

    This is not just a white and black issue this is a police brutality issue which affects every race.

    U.S. police are unnecessarily brutal more so than any other country that is considered civilized on Earth. It’s time to unite that is the only way we will defeat them the story is not just about black people although black people do get treated extra shitty sometimes.

    Brutality kills all races! Unite under the truth.

    Love and respect,
    -Ben (your brother from another mother)

  34. Some people don’t seem to realize what she’s saying, she’s talking about the people that are justifying this man as a “Hero” yes he’s the reason why it’s going on but people are making him out to be a good person. That’s what the point of this video is for because they’re are people saying this and if you don’t think this is true then you are stupid.

  35. Anti-Apathy Campaign

    An American citizen was summarily murdered by the state. All of his rights robbed of him by a hateful racist bastard, and your response to that, is to assassinate the character of the victim? Indeed, Mr Floyd was not the best of us. He didn’t deserve to be murdered. He doesn’t deserved this. You are a disgrace to humanity with no class or dignity. It’s obvious you want to be sensational and spark controversy to build your brand, to use this man’s murder to do that is lame and pathetic. The man was murdered. He is dead! People are not honoring him because of his past, we honor him because he was murdered by the state in the form of police brutality, and the horrific manner in which he was murdered struck a cord in decent human being around the world. It’s because of decency. Something you, and all the people who have given you a thumbs up here obviously have none.

  36. Thank for your report Aunt Sally. 1 you can’t speak for all black people.
    2 you missed the point all people deserve the right to due process before sentence…in this matter death was given before trail.
    3 I believe in free speech but I don’t agree with nor care to hear from you.
    4 No one is trying to make him a hero..the point is police brutality.
    Justice for all.

    5 my freedom of speech is no more talk from you. I agree to disagree.. and refuse to finish your video.

    thanks but NO THANKS. God Bless

  37. LovelovelyJesus

    Candace, no matter how much you trash and demonize your own race you will never be an honorary Klan or Nazi and they still find you unacceptable due to your skin pigmentation. You are still A N==word to White Supremacist, don’t fool yourself.

    Less than 60 years ago you still would be sitting in the back of the bus under the Jim Crow law and not able to eat at white lunch counters . Mr. Floyd was forgiven because he had become a Christian, you can be one too and innocent until proven guilty is still the law of the land unless caught on camera like this Police that killed him.

    All Mr. Floyd’s real friends and associates testified to his transformation. You have much to say about his past but nothing about all the 18 complaints filed against the Cop who killed him? I pity you but am also praying for you. You are a disgusting person and you will never be a white woman no matter how much you want to be, self love is healthy. Jesus Help Us All.

  38. Joseph Frazier

    It wasn’t about George Floyd or his character! It’s about the way he was treated. Black people are treated differently all over the U.S. Who cares about his history that doesn’t justify the police officer’s actions. Black people being mistreated and killed by cops is a myth. Who’s paying you off?😏

  39. Wow! That was a right on narrative. Good for you to stand up and say what you believe. I am white. I am against this frugalant attack on our society in America and how they are using this act to destroy people’s liveliness, property, and lives to express their anger. We are so blessed in this nation under our constitution. We should be rejoicing and celebrating that even when someone does wrong to another person, there are investigations in such matters. We should praise the men in uniform for risking their lives for our freedoms and protection. God is our judge! We need to love and care about one another no matter what the color. Wrong , bad, illegal actions bring about bad results to the souls of man.

  40. I respect this black woman for actually speaking out about how people are worshiping this man. Alot of people feel like this and don’t have the nerve to say how his life really was. So what happen was wrong and officers have to be train and other officers have to step in to control the situation

  41. Candace Owens for President! Write her in. And, Candace, make ME Vice President….a white male.

    There is something inherently wrong when the a-hole who is selling George Floyd (a proven repeat offender) t-shirts is making more money than me…an honest, hardworking middle-class person who has never had anything more than a speeding ticket. If you don’t want to have a run-in with the law, then don’t put yourself in that situation in the first place. And, yes, to all you stupid liberals…you ARE being played as Ms. Owens said. Why isn’t the media reporting his criminal past? Answer: it doesn’t fit their agenda…at all. And what is the Me-Too movement saying about this? The low-life pointed a gun at a pregnant woman; if prisoners knew about that, then he would have been killed in prison…where he belonged in the first place. You don’t EVER mess with women, children, old people or the disabled; even the lowest dumb-a$$ knows this; therefore, he is lower than the lowest. But us middle-aged white males…that’s OK if you want to rob us ( I almost hate to point out that this is sarcasm, but I feel I must…since most of you are too stupid to realize it when you se it). Comparing him to Dr. King is an insult to Dr. King and his legacy.

    Candace, will, you marry me? Oh, wait, you and I CAN’T get married…it would piss off ALMOST everyone…except those of us who actually represent the rational, level-headed citizens of this country. Ask yourself why Trump was elected in the first place. But then, if you knew that answer, then you would be spending more time introspectively reevaluating your own life and less time hero-worshipping a proven thug. We need a third party. Republicans are greedy. Democrats are stupid. BOTH are unacceptable.

  42. Why she bringing up his past life ain’t nobody perfect in this world Tupac made mistakes Malcom X made mistakes but yet those 2 and a host of other black figures are role models for our youth because of what they did throughout the community or what they stood for I mean correct me if I missed the whole point but bringing up his past as if it’s a problem ain’t right your past life don’t define who you are right now correct me if I’m wrong none of us knew him like his family and to mention that Stephen Jackson knew him for over 20 years he’s done things in the community if we gonna judge now what has Candace Owens done for our community? I don’t see her in the hood I don’t see her in protest instead I see her on social media talk bad about black folks some of the things she say is correct I give credit when credit is due but this one ain’t it

  43. Here we go again: Candace Owens is simply a con artist and a race hustler. She is predictable. It doesn’t matter how many unarmed black people are killed in the hands of police officers, she is always going to blame the victims. She is not going to mess with her paychecks. She is very smart but not wise.

  44. It’s DISGUSTING when blacks are using a CAREER CRIMINALas a martyr.Just another EXCUSE to disrupt the nation due to one disgusting police act.What would have happened if that police officer was BLACK ?? NOTHING like this ignorant madness.

  45. aightbittripper

    I’ll concede George Floyd was probably a piece of shit, but the second she said that racially motivated police brutality doesn’t exist I knew this girl had no black friends and was a token. Hope she studied well at those tap-dancing lessons

  46. Pulse of America

    Here is the thing NO ONE is saying…not even Candace….that should be said: Why can’t you find a LEGITIMATE example of white police brutality on a black man to use as your martyr? You know, a black man who has no criminal past who was pulled over for something stupid like a broken taillight and then beaten to death by white neo-nazi cops for no reason at all? Answer: You CAN’T because if you could have, you would have already found someone better; otherwise, you never would have used this POS as your poster boy for racial injustice and /or police brutality. And that’s another thing….which is it that you are protesting…racial injustice or police brutality? Because if it’s police brutality, then you have a case; excessive force was indeed used and the ONE cop (not all 4) should fry in the chair. If its s racial injustice, then move along…nothing to see here. Either way, his family is now rich because he is a dirtbag. As Childish Gambino put it…THIS is America. Sad. When a person is pulled over, the cops immediately pull up their entire criminal past on their cop car computers, whether you are black or white. At the moment that happened and his 9 arrests came up on the screen, you BET they are going to NOW treat him differently…whether he is white, black, yellow, or purple. His criminal past might just now give this crap cop the defense he needs to get off on some stupid technicality. If that happens, and riots by blacks ensue, and me or my family are injured in ANY way, I WILL retaliate….and I’m a pacifist at heart, so…good job turning Ghandi into Hannibal Lecter if that happens.

    Seriously, this is the best example you can find to carry the torch for black persecution? Because, if so, this is very sad indeed and says everything that Candace could not about what the real “point” of all this in fact is. All the good black men are at home, taking care of their families and going to work and helping their community in positive ways. They don’t have the time or inclination to pass fake $20 bills or point guns at pregnant women. Get better role models, or I’m voting for Trump again…and I REALLY don’t want to do that.

  47. Apart from his criminal activity, what also bugs me about Floyd is that, as the father of 5 children, he probably did not support them financially….which probably fell on the backs of taxpayers and welfare system. I don’t know if the kids were with one woman or several, nor whether those women worked and supported themselves and their children, but it’s difficult for me to believe that, during his numerous stints behind bars, Floyd was able to support his family. On top of that, many of his arrests/prison sentences were for cocaine possession–one of the most expensive addiictions. So instead of feeding and educating his kids, he put the money toward drugs. This to me is despicable, not just because it’s BAD PARENTING (and what kind of example did he set for his kids?), but because he appears to have been an absentee parent who did not take responsibility for the human beings he brought onto this planet. With five children at only age 46, how many MORE children would he have brought forth in the remaining years of his life?

  48. The media should have focused on police brutality, not elevating George Floyd to a hero.

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