Terry Crews lauds ‘Black Supremacy’

Crews lauds black supremacy/TMZ.com

Terry Crews lauds ‘Black Supremacy.’

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LOS ANGELES — “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star Terry Crews pissed-off a bunch of white folks on Sunday when he disseminated a racially insensitive tweet suggesting that African Americans are taking over the country. As riots and protests gain steam in the aftermath of George Floyd’s quietus, the sinewy actor decided to let the world know whose team he’s on. “Defeating White supremacy without White people creates Black supremacy,” Crews, 51, tweeted. “Equality is the truth. Like it or not, we are all in this together.”

Crews’ gaslighting remarks are a head-scratcher. After all, many ethnic groups (incl White Americans) are protesting alongside their negro counterparts in the war against police brutality and racial injustice.

As you’d expect, the “Black Supremacy” communiqué went viral; igniting massive backlash on Twitter. “We have officially entered The Twilight Zone on a day when Mitt Romney marches for #BlackLivesMatter and Terry Crews does the thing he does…” director Darryl Wharton-Rigby wrote.

“I love you as a friend Brother Terry. But I disagree with you 100 %,” tweeted Godfrey, a comedian. “No such thing as Black Supremacy. That is a tactic that Racist whites use to counteract our rebellion to their horrific treatment of us. It’s called Gas lighting. Black pride isn’t anti white.”

“Every time I think Terry Crews has done the worst, he always does more,” added author Frederick Joseph. Floyd, a black man, was asphyxiated by white police officer Derek Chauvin on May 25th. The crooked cop was caught on video genuflecting on Floyd’s scruff for nearly 9 minutes.

His last words were “I can’t breathe” — à la Eric Garner.

As a ramification of police brutality, the City of Minneapolis has decided to disband its police department in exchange for community-based public safety and several cities are expected to follow suit.

Crews has had issues with white men before.

If you recall, three years ago, he sued agent Adam Venit for sexual assault.

Venit, a white man, allegedly fondled Crews’ phallus at a Hollywood soirée.

Is the tweet racist?

Did Crews cross the line?

Share your thoughts.


  1. way to go Terry….tell the truth however painful it may be….

  2. The left is a bunch of cults now… attacking and pouncing on ANYONE. If you support them, but say it in the wrong way. They pounce on you. If you say nothing and try to be neutral. They pounce on you. And may a higher power help you if you say something counter to their cause, they will destroy you.

    Seems to me the left are the racists.. running around, beating up people who don’t agree with them.

  3. And yet, STILL no definition of what they mean when they say “White Supremacy.”

  4. Riding the center rail

    Freedom of speech. If we are to have a discussion then all sides get heard. If he cannot share his opinion then I don’t want to hear what the protesters have to say. I certainly won’t listen to the looters, rioters and arsonists

  5. Waffle House Worker

    crews is racist as fuck

  6. Mr. Crews is spot on. I understand what he is trying to say. I applaud his statement and all the haters out there apparently can’t comprehend what he is advocating.

  7. I don’t see any issue with his honesty. I do see issue with everyone pressuring people to think like the rest of the herd!

  8. The way to get rid of racism is for everybody to have every race in them 😝

  9. Here’s the thing about Terry… He’s rich and successful, so he’s thinking clearly and not trying to find a way to get a free handout or use a race card to get a leg up.

  10. I remember when he put himself into the #me too thing because he was a target of white men. He does not know when to be silent.

  11. Silly Terry… only white people can be racist in the liberal playbook.

  12. 13% of the population who commits over half of the crimes. More blacks are murdered than whites and 93% of those victims are killed by other blacks. That’s your supremacy.

  13. Ride on Terry – truth is the truth

  14. He basically said we can’t get through this unless it is together. And people go nuts about it?

  15. Disciplined_Investing

    I am so sick of these racist black people. Black people are 10 times more racist than white people and it’s about time that they are called out for their racism!!!!!

  16. Hes right though. Plus he said creates black supremecy meaning it’s not created. Plenty of black folks in power dumbies. He means fighting racism with racism. Eye for an eye leaves everyone blind

  17. I understand what he is saying. I don’t understand why more people don’t. He’s calling for everyone to work together so we’re all on one level treating each other how we want to be treated, as equals.

  18. Blacks are uncomfortable with the turn of protests. They see white people taking over their statements and mannerisms. For many it is hard to hear white people yell Black Lives Matter knowing that is a matter of time before the steam runs out. There are less people at protests everyday. Why walk for miles when being a keyboard warrior takes less time? Yeah, blacks can’t do it without whites.

  19. Terry crews is the best, Cheeseburger Eddie doing his thing

  20. Ok… any man that let’s another man grab his Jimmy in front of his wife and doesn’t respond with a violent beatdown gets 0 respect from me..

  21. As the BLM now requires Whites to kneel before them and profess their privilege and racist ways………..yea, I dont see anything different about them then those they accuse the same stuff. Blacks dont want a truthful discussion……..they want power and free stuff.

  22. Romney is such a joke !!

  23. Yes, black supremacist do exist. They want black people to be “kings” and make white people bow to them.


    Omg 🤦🏾‍♀️ he didn’t say anything wrong WE already do have “black supremacy” or have we not come across these Hebrew Israelite groups who do believe they’re better than all races especially white and that they will be serving us as slaves in heaven 🙄 we’ve always been fighting for equal rights aka EQUALITY to be treated fairly regardless of the color of our skin, when did we forget that? You’re still fighting for it now so if you forgot that that’s what you’re really out here fighting for then YES you are heading into a lane of black supremacy:
    the belief that black people are superior to those of all other races, especially the white race, and should therefore dominate society. Which isn’t what black people want or at least that’s not what I thought they wanted 👀😩 as far as all lives matter go let’s go ahead and dead the confusion over that statement: BLM was created when and for what reason? If you have trouble figuring that out you can google it… WLM started when and where? ALM was created AFTER BLM was created by people who just couldn’t understand why BLM was even a thing , they’re not the only ones that matter. Failing to realize it wasn’t created to bring attention to just black lives it brought attention to how much they don’t matter when confronted by the police or the justice system as a whole compared to ALL other Lives. You are more than welcome to start a movement of your own for the unjust murders and lock ups that happen within your own race and you’ll have plenty in support but don’t come after black people created a movement and try to change it because you didn’t think of it first. Then again, we’re use to y’all stealing us and from us so what’s new huh oh wait was that racist? Or just facts… 💁🏾‍♀️

  25. Terry Crews haven’t been the same since Hollyweird put him in a dress 👗..

  26. I know a lot of black people that are so racist it’s not even funny but I guess your not supposed to say that because only whites are racist

  27. Terry Crews has always been a weirdo. He just needs to sit his behind down somewhere. He’s a puppet. Like someone said he hasn’t been the same since putting on that dress.

  28. Rachel-Leah Doku

    Another coconut 🥥.. white inside black out.. guessing he getting paid lots by the white man boss! Hmmm

  29. I’m confused..I thought blm was suppose to be about equality and (all lives matter at the end of the day?)…

  30. LeaVe It to BeBer

    Of course he’s gonna apologize give it time 🤔

  31. There is no Black Power in whyte pu$$ie and vice versa. And another thing, black people don’t have the resources and generational wealth to establish “black supremacy”. That was stupid af what he stated. We don’t seek to conquer and destroy nations and other races of people. We just want to over ride this system of oppression that was created, however it’s a lot deeper than what we see, it’s not white vs black or flesh vs flesh, it’s an agenda from the pits of hell.

  32. Is Becky poisoning your brain by not giving up the cookies ❓❓

  33. Chelsea Cheyenne

    There will never be equality because the Constitution is based off racist white folks

  34. Ieshia Hamilton

    No more stimulus checks

  35. Mickey Doolittle

    There’s already a model for black supremacy. Actually two, Zimbabwe & South Africa. The whites were pushed out, now they are great places to live. How much aid does the USA give to these countries each year? Way back, they used to have thriving economies. What happened?

  36. It’s like a pendulum. I understand what he’s saying, he’s saying there needs to be equilibrium, because the discomfiture of white supremacy by only black people will inevitably swing the power in one direction, thus creating black supremacy because black people will usurp full control from white people, but if they work together the pendulum stops, thus creating equilibrium, theoretically speaking.

  37. It’s easy to understand!
    I’ll give you an example..
    A certain “RAPPER!” SAID

  38. Terry Crews!! I am sorry, but if we were a tribe we would have to kick your azz out! You allow white men to fondle you now you just misinterpreted the Revolution!

  39. Jonathan Plumey

    He let a white dude fondle his nuts! And didnt do shit!

  40. Black folk are always divided😡we have one agenda right now 👊🏿can we work on it 👊🏿then take the next step😳but it’s that divided thinking that’s got us where we are today👊🏿

  41. Terry said nothing wrong. Maybe he just didn’t word it properly. He’s just saying that what is needed and equality and not one dominating another to be able to feel equal. It is a hard field subject to discuss, one littered with landmines, what happens when all speak and no one bothers to listen, what happens to a voice when even if it’s heard but is never understood.

  42. Love Terry Crews! 💕

  43. I’m a black man I love my race do or die I personally can’t see nothing wrong with what terry crews said

  44. Capricious Horse

    I think Terry is just saying let’s not become the very thing we are fighting against. Like maybe white people are not the enemy but tribal dominance is. But of course that is a little off script and Mr. Crews is not allowed to express his perspective or have an opinion of his own so he must be dragged and cancelled by those who want to be popular with the SJW in crowd.

  45. You can’t abolish racism, , , with more racism. Just like you cant fight mysogyn with Feminism, because its just the opposite side of the same coin….

  46. KindaCoolStuff

    Jesus y’all are so soft that you cancel somebody that doesn’t repeat the same drivel you espouse. HE IS ON YOUR SIDE.

  47. “Cant we all just get along” ??????????

  48. BallymurphyBabe

    Mr. Crews I love you and stand by you. 😊🥰

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