‘Criminal Minds’ thespian Shemar Moore elucidates biracial clashes with “racism”

Shermar Moore is down with the swirl/Photo: CBS & Instagram

Shemar Moore biracial & proud.

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LOS ANGELES — “Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect harmony…” As jeremiads remain cacophonous in response to the police-involved murder of George Floyd, “Criminal Minds” star Shemar Moore is makin’ it clear he’s proud to be black. But he’s also elated to be white. That’s because Shemar’s mom, Marilyn Wilson (who recently passed away), is of Irish and French-Canadian descent and his dad, Sherrod Moore, is 100% African American. Shemar, 50, gave an elucidation of his biracial parentage while protesting police brutality in downtown Los Angeles.

“I am half black, and I am half white,” explained Shemar, a native of Oakland. “I am proud to be black, but I am also proud to be white. I understand what it is to be treated like a n*gga when I don’t have my fame and when I’m in the wrong place at the wrong time, and nobody knows who I am.

“Then I’m just a n*gga in the street.”

“I’ve been thrown down on the sidewalk in my lifetime,” Shemar continued. “I understand what [racism] is. I haven’t gone through the George Floyd situation. I have not gone through that, but I know what it is. But I’m not gonna denounce the other side of me, because I’m looking at humanity.”

Floyd, an African American father of five children, was asphyxiated to death by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in broad daylight on May 25th and the heinous crime was captured on video. Cell phone footage shows Chauvin, who’s white, genuflecting on Floyd’s scruff for nearly 9 minutes.

His last words were “I can’t breathe” — à la Eric Garner.

Can you relate to Shemar’s predicament?

Do biracial people have it the hardest?

Share your thoughts.


  1. It’s an odd statement, but I don’t see Mariah Carey or Tracee E Ross saying mess like this. Have that pride all day but as far as society is concerned, they see a Black man and will treat you as such. To talk about what you won’t hide and humanity this n that…fam…nobody cares and it sounds like some special snowflake shit. Oh woe is the tragic mulatto, forced to pick a side. Yet I am sure when you want US to stand behind you, you’re the Black man who has been tossed around. White Pride is not what you think it is. I would reconsider that….

  2. My condolences to Shemar mother may she rest in peaceful sleep in heaven 💖🙏

  3. Lmao I’m biracial and I’m way lighter then Shemar…. but why would I be proud of a race that isnt proud of me lol… do yall know some biracial kids deal with racism on the daily from family…

  4. Niesha McBride-Rains

    He can be a preacher

  5. robinson Robinson

    You black if you got a drop of black blood! So stop saying you white!

  6. I’m also biracial & this is always a difficult subject because your half & half just be positive & spread peace. I agree

  7. You can be proud of your white and black side. Amen to that. Nothing wrong with accepting both. We are all human beings.

  8. Shemar Moore is cool but I always thought he tried to hard to SOUND black. It obvious he wasn’t brought up in the hood.

  9. @mistaeric: Why do we have to “sound black”

  10. C’mon, ya’ll, he makes sense. You can be proud of both parents’ culture when you biracial….I just think the statement was pointless to make….because who gives a shit about yo “mixed” feelings, dude?

  11. Some people just need to STFU!!! Shemar my nigga…. you are one of them!!!

  12. Well Shemar is right. He is biracial. Why would he disown his mother. She raised a fine man. Black lives matter to him

  13. Fine ass mixed guy, just my type 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾💕💕💕💕

  14. Phoenix Rising

    Shermar you aren’t white that comes from one Oreo to another. Don’t fool yourself

  15. When blacks get reparations, if you’re only 1/10 th black the you receive 1/10th of reparations. Let all that don’t want to acknowledge their blackness and those who are mixed with multiple always marking the white box continue. This is how reparations will be divided up, if you’re white great reparations = zero. We need evidence and application with mixed folks marking the white box as evidence for their zero reparations.

  16. @Pat: I hate to inform you, if you are ADOS, you are only about 75-85% black. I guarantee you have European ancestry. So it looks like you’ll be getting about 80% of a check

  17. All lives matter 💪💯

  18. Who is asking this man to denounce his white momma. This is not a war against white people, this is a war against racial injustice and systemic racism. Brother Malcom, opened our eyes to white allies when he made the journey to Mecca. I feel like the conversation is being skewed to obscure the conversation.

  19. Street Justice

    @Leah Williams: Get the fuck outta here with that BULLSHIT!!!! I didnt see a white man gettin choked to death.

  20. He sooo fine😍

  21. Right. He doesn’t need to denounce any part of him, especially his mama! What are people on?!


  23. shonda collier

    Stand Strong King ❤️❤️ We Love You 😘

  24. He doesn’t look like he’s half anything…. if his own ppl from the other side that he’s claiming …the white side, didn’t see that when they looked him thennnnnnnnnnnnnn😐😐😐😐

  25. that nigga did come out a white pussay! ha

  26. KeepinItABuck86

    The reality is that he can’t help how he was born. In order for HIS moral fortitude to be aligned he must accept what it is. To HATE, is to really hate yourself. It’s really a confusing matter really. They wanted it like this…

  27. He doesn’t have to denounce any part of him, but society views him as a Black man, period

  28. Mashell Crawford

    I understand what shamore moore is saying, people are people.. White or black… It’s just so,that the violence That is happening right now is the white cops and the white cops are in the authority which makes them think, that they can get away with this.. Just because they are in the law office they have to know that we are not gonna continue to except this type of behavior…
    If these cops had been punished a long time ago.. When they were shotting our black strong handsome men down in the street..then this would have not happened.. The white cops would have known,the consequences and knowing the consequences would have shared some light on the posiablities of punishment… The white cops continue to do this because,they automatic,think that they will get away with this… When God created life he created all of us different,but not the intentions of us being treated different, but working to gather to make an positive action of accepting one another as humans!…

    Not all white people are bad, but now we analize our white friends,family and co workers more, hoping that their best motives of socialization Is genuine…. Most of the white friends you have are , if they are joining in with you by marching to make a difference, if they are heartfelt And they are voicing their opinions on the violence we go thru as black human being…then they can be accepted as mature intelegent people, who are open to wrong or right. We have to be given respect on who we are as a person,not our perspective on what our appearances look as a person or what we drive and where we live!

    We are people who were created beautifully in God’s image!!!

  29. Speaking of shemar Moore, i have finally watched the movie “motives” after all these years. Lol


    Shemar is So Fine. My Crush😘

  31. arabion knights

    Keep it moving man.
    This doesn’t have anything to do with being biracial.

  32. That’s real talk much respect 🙌🏾

  33. Well said Shemar…embrace your truth🙏🏽

  34. Just marry me already Shemar😋

  35. What travesties are going to happen Shemar? Please do share. 🤔

  36. My OH My!! Shemar Moore is so Scrumptious .. My dreams are ALL up in that .. I can’t breathe …

  37. The white community started to put biracial men in the forefront in sports and entertainment and civil rights [Tiger Woods, Stephen Curry, Colin Kaepernick, Drake, Jesse Williams, Akala (UK rapper and activist), Trevor Noah]. Mind you that the most confused ones have black fathers.

  38. that nigga black

  39. He is black and not white. There is no such thing as being mixed or half of something. A person’s bloodline is determined by the father because men create life with his seed. Women only carry and nourish the life a man’s seed creates. This is basic biology and not rocket science.

  40. I understand what Shemar Moore is saying. In his situation (correct me if I am wrong) he has a good relationship with his father and is someone who was/is in his life. He is acknowledging that. Shemar Moore knows he is black and society upon looking at him views him as a black man. Some of this was taken too far.

  41. I’m Biracial black and white to , I’m proud of both my ethnicities. If you not mixed you wouldn’t understand. Alot of times it’s hard being excepted by both sides so in all reality you gotta find you. Too liteskin too be called Brotha or too dark to be called dude Lol. Plus you gotta understand he was raised by his mother so he has a deep respect & love for her & what she is. She’s all he had so why not love his white side to???

  42. shemar’s white mom was a member of the Black Panther Party. That’s how she met his Black dad.

  43. Yeah add me on that list I’m proud to be white and black and that’s how all mixed people are who don’t hate a part of themselves

  44. Jeremiah Santini

    This topic just proves that the majority of black people are beyond insecure and are far too easily triggered by trivial issues.

    He’s half black/half white. He should be proud of both sides.

    Deal with it….. black people

  45. If a man can wake up one day and say that he is female. You blacks fine with that..But a mixed race man choose to be the half that isn’t black. You blacks get mad and say he confused..But you won’t dare say that about the trans-gender man…

  46. He wants to be white,….let’em be white !!!!😜😁😜😜😜💥💥💥💥💥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  47. once a nigga always a nigga

  48. And what’s wrong with being proud of what you’re?

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