Chappelle ‘slams’ Candace Owens, Laura Ingraham & Trump in his Netflix Special

Dave Chappelle rips female media members/

Dave Chappelle hammers media.

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YELLOW SPRINGS — Never one to bite his tongue, Dave Chappelle delivers his best Richard Pryor impersonation in his Netflix stand-up special titled “8:46,” which references the length of time former police officer Derek Chauvin genuflected on the scruff of George Floyd prior to his death via asphyxiation. “This man kneeled on a man’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds,” the 46-year-old humorist told the audience. “Can you imagine that?” The 27-minute monologue was filmed June 6th in Yellow Springs, Ohio. But it premiered a week later on Netflix’s YouTube comedy channel.

As for the audience?

A social distancing crowd of attendees had their temperature vetted prior to entry and face masks were permitted as a stipulation of ingress. Dave, who has a knack for tackling socioeconomic issues, spends the lion’s share of his performance addressing police brutality and racial injustice.

But, the obscene comic showed no leniency when lambasting conservative pundit Candace Owens for illuminating George’s criminal history. The 46-year-old pornstar served 5 stints in prison for a myriad of drug-related offenses. George also put a gun to the abdomen of a gravid woman (Aracely Henriquez) during a home invasion. Prior to his death, an inebriated George used counterfeit dollar bills to purchase cigarettes.

“I seen Candace Owens try to convince White America, ‘Don’t worry about it. He’s a criminal anyway,’” Dave fumed. “I don’t give a f*ck what this n*gga did. I don’t care what this n*gga did. I don’t care if he personally kicked Candace Owens in her stanky p*ssy. I don’t know if it stanks, but I imagine it does. If I ever find out, I’ll let you know for sure. I’ll tell like Azealia Banks. I’ll tell.”

“Candace Owens, that rotten b*tch, she’s the worst,” Dave continued.

“She’s the most articulate idiot I’ve ever seen in my f*cking life.” 

Dave also excoriates Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham for telling LeBron James to “shut up and dribble” a couple of years ago. Laura is averse to professional athletes using their platform for political purposes. “My friend [LeBron] is the best at something. And this b*tch is not the best at anything,” Dave cracked, referring to Laura. “Just a regular ass white b*tch with a platform.”

Dave refers to Candace and Laura as b*tches multiple times.

He also slams President Donald Trump.

Watch the comedy show in its entirety.

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  1. Fire Dave, straight fire!

  2. It’s amazing how it takes multiple police officers to kill 1 unarmed or armed black civilians.
    It take 1 white man to kill multiple innocent people in schools, workplace, and churches, or when a black person is simply walking or jogging.
    It takes 1 black man to kill multiple armed police officers.
    It takes a black person to kill or tries to kill the person he has beef with, with the casualty of 1 or 2 innocent bystanders.
    The difference in rage!

  3. It's my opinion Not yours


  4. gavin mccormack

    Not sure how I feel about this tbh. I understand the anger. No one should ever die like that, it was disgusting, but what about the black retired police officer shot and left to die? Or the black business owners left with nothing because of the riots? To say its the streets talking doesn’t sit well with me!, why not condemn the looting and violence? Seems to me that what is happening now has very little to do with George Floyd, and thats tragic.

  5. Love this man, always said it how it was. He was before his time but called this in his skits. He’s right it’s ratatat tat

  6. This is like your daddy sitting you down and schooling you for 27 minutes.

  7. StoneScorpion197

    Very important and powerful. Important to see and hear right now. Thanks for being honest and real Dave.

  8. “Candace Owens that rotten bitch” Yes! 🔥

  9. KaminoRain 153

    My question Dave,
    How do you think ARACELY HENRIQUEZ Felt when George Floyd stuck
    a Loaded 9mm to her stomach, when George Floyd Broke through her door, Pistol Whipped ARACELY HENRIQUEZ and said if you scream, I’m gonna kill you and your Baby, She was 8 months pregnant. She received 23 Stitches from George Floyd Pistol Whipping her.
    How do you think ARACELY HENRIQUEZ feels David, THAT A MONSTER NAMED GEORGE FLOYD STUCK A GUN TO HER 8months pregnant belly and then beat the fuck out of her.
    And you stand on stage, with tears in your fucking eyes for George Floyd.
    What about your tears and Empathy for a 8 month pregnant 5 foot one inch ARACELY HENRIQUEZ..
    I swear to God, I will never watch anything that has you in it again, that’s how I will Celebrate ARACELY HENRIQUEZ Misfortune at the Hands of George Floyd

  10. All the black people now walk around feeling like they are the only victims every race in this country suffers from discrimination from the white people

  11. William Saling

    Getting Political while trashing others for being political is not a good look. Stick to comedy. Your good at that. We have enough change agents.

  12. Even without telling jokes I’m completely enthralled by every word

  13. I wish this would’ve been longer

  14. Chappelle for president 2020

  15. That video still haunts me too. So surreal to watch someone be murdered like that. 😢

  16. The best of all time. Keeps it 100

  17. Thank you Mr. Chappelle .

  18. I swear if you mf’ers touch this man!!!

  19. Sweetness Overload

    I did not see that whole George Floyd video it was just ok graphic for me.

  20. If people are mad at the George Floyd video; wait until they find out elites like Hilary Clinton and Bill Clinton are involved in child trafficking and prostitution.
    They will drag them to the streets.

  21. DAVE CHAPPELLE FOR U.S. PRESIDENT. He would have been way better than OBAMA!!!

  22. He told no lies. All of it.

  23. He just answered most of the questions I have about this BLM movement by putting it all in perspective.

  24. That was serious, informative and funny. Say what you want about some of his language but the man spoke TRUTH! I needed that moment of laughter. Thank you Mr. Chappelle

  25. 2020 is a shit year

  26. Man it would be nice if Chappelle never speaks politics again. What a damn shame. All we need is jokes man keep your bulshit politics at Bay. When you start disrespecting one of the most intelligent women that supports black people and literally devotes her life to promoting black people and trying to bring Unity to a community with so much divisiveness and turmoil. And just because she doesn’t pander to the handful of dumbasses out there making it worse from not make her the enemy. You should most definitely stand by her side and hating her for wanting better and not kissing the ass of people like the BLM that crowd of losers trying to make a mockery of our country and it’s great people

  27. He never said a damn thing to uplift.. we all know police are fucking demons, but they have a boss. This George Floyd shit does not make any sense, RIP ..why would that fucking pig just sit on his neck..knowning the camera was on him..MK Ultra.a fuckin psyops…and its workin..

  28. There is too much to the Floyd story, I’m sorry. This is a sham. And Wow! How could you say that about candace owens.

  29. Eric Garner resisted arrest. George Floyd resisted arrest. Eric Garner was doing something illegal. George Floyd was doing something illegal.

    Cops should be better trained.

    Black people should stop fucking resisting arrest.

  30. Not “Comedy” but definately valuable and worth every second.

  31. Dave is correct in what he says. However much like the rest of the world, it’s what he doesn’t say that is perplexing. It’s not a simple understanding and it’s not a simple solution. The police are indeed in a bad place and have been for a very long time. I haven’t been a fan since ever. But I understand the need for them. So if we’re going to sit here and pretend that we can have a civilized world without a police force, then I say good luck with that and do yourselves a favor…buy firearms and ammo. Because it’s not going to get better, it’s only going to get worse. I hope we can get together as Americans and get some equal voices. I hope the white community understands and I hope the black community understands that we’re either in this together or we are not. If we are not…then yeah like Dave said…Ratatat tat tat tat! That’s what we will be hearing all day for a long ass time until millions are dead and the nation is torn asunder.
    Then while we’re all busy fighting each other, perhaps China or Russia Ect decide to join in…
    So we need to figure this sh!t out!!!
    I know when MLK said “Judge a man by the content of his character not the color of his skin” that he was speaking a universal truth. When I see a punk, I don’t care what color he or she is. I care about how they act. What they do. And even then, I just don’t interact with people like that. But the time for discourse is apparently passed and I know that my only job right now is the safety of me and mine. Meaning my family, my kids. So while I hope and pray we can make it through this time, the logical side of my mind is telling me that we aren’t making it through this without serious ramifications for ALL Americans.
    God bless you all and be prepared and safe! 🙏🏻🇺🇸

  32. 共匪 Communist Bandit

    I wonder if Dave put this much though into the experience of the woman who suffered at the hand of Floyd.
    8 minutes he though he was gonna die.
    For all we know, 8 minutes she thought she was gonna die. Or worse.
    Be raped.
    Watch her unborn child be slaughtered in her womb.

    If you were to watch a man who raped a child be kneeled on for 8 min. How do feel? Sympathic? Or torn? Due to your stronger, overwhelming sympathy, for the child?

    Its complex.
    And everyone has a right to feel what they want.
    Including confused.


    This definitely wasn’t a comedy special..

    Made me feel uncomfortable watching.

    But I suppose it was meant to make you feel that way.. hes a genius.. a comic that spent 37 mins not making you laugh.. but examine the hard reality of the world we find ourselves in… just as uncomfortable as George felt for 8:46 seconds whilst not being able to breathe…

  34. Wow he said Candace has a stinky p*ssy, what a genius!

  35. I know this is irrelevant but it’s nice to see comment section that’s not toxic when it comes to these topics. Just everyone listening and enjoying it.👌🏾

  36. What a legend. This made me laugh, cry and think. Also kept wondering what he’s high on? Alcohol? Cocain?

  37. David Schwartzstein

    this was awful

  38. Give this man a rose before he can’t smell them anymore ❤️

  39. Dude needs to stop smoking. Starting sound like an OLD woman.

  40. Was he on crack when he made this

  41. Shondrea Hopkins

    Sad, most of you don’t get it, it’s not always about the funny this is a dope response to what is going on in the country!

  42. Victoria Rivera

    Dave why not be a man and confront Candace Owens to her face and tell her these cant do it…shit from what I see you can’t even light a nasty ass cigarette ..😂

  43. Just tell jokes shut the fuck up

  44. united we stand divided we fall. lay off the alcohol dave

  45. Dave Chapelle You Are My Hero! Please dont ever shut your mouth!

  46. 21st Century genius. Dave Chappelle for President.

  47. “Do we give a fuck what JaRule thinks?”

    😂🤣I’ll never forget when he first made that joke 15 years ago… shit never gets old

  48. bertjesklotepino

    The entire world has gone baloney. Just look at the audience wearing all them masks….. And what about if someone happens to spit a drop of fluid into their eyes?

    FUCK! People have seriously become retarded.

  49. You are a pussy DAVE CHEPPELLE…Do you Really think that You are So oppressed? I don’t think you know what that means.. I have never handled a whip.. Have You ever felt one?

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