Samuel L. Jackson discusses ‘The Banker,’ segregation, keys to marriage and more

Jackson and Geist talk segregation/

Samuel L. Jackson addresses racism.

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NEW YORK — During this week’s feature on the Today Show’s “Sunday Sitdown,” talk show host Willie Geist revisited his one-on-one chinwag Samuel L. Jackson where the 71-year-old thespian recounted his childhood experiences growing up in segregated Chattanooga, Tennessee. Jackson also revealed a few sub rosa details on maintaining a long, healthy marriage with his wife, LaTanya Richardson, and he reflected upon the iconic roles that helped propel his prolific movie career.

If you recall, the former cocaine addict played a crackhead in Spike Lee’s 1991 film “Jungle Fever.”

Jackson’s most recent flick, “The Banker,” has garnered rave reviews despite gettin’ a middling score of 77 percent on Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer. The Apple TV film features crackerjack performances from Jackson (Joe Morris), Anthony Mackie (Bernard Garrett) and Nicholas Hoult (Matt Steiner).

Based on a true story in the ’60s, “The Banker” illuminates the redline struggles of two negro proprietors — Garrett and Morris — who are relegated to remunerating a working-class white man (Steiner) to be the pretentious countenance of their real estate firm while they pose as a custodian and chauffeur.

“I don’t trust white people,” Jackson’s character says in the film.

“Truth be told, I don’t trust black people either.” 

“The Banker” is an Apple TV original that can be seen on

Watch Jackson’s interview with Geist.

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  1. I just love him.

  2. Sam Jackson will taking any role for a dollar, probably eat sh*t if they paid him to do it on screen

  3. All the white folks say Pulp Fiction is his breakout role. All black people know it’s Gator in Jungle Fever.

  4. SUPER HUMBLE! I love this guy ❤️!

  5. Jennifer lawrence

    Wow, really Samuel Jackson? You wanna talk about segregation and prejudiced, yet you did a skit with Eddie Murphy calling gays ‘F(**&#$’ and dancing around mocking them by doing a ‘lemp wristed dance’. So funny how someone who experiences intolerance, then goes on to perpetrate it. But that’s funny right? That’s comedy.


    Holy Shaft

  7. He still looks great for 71.

  8. Haryette Lorraine Makmot

    Whoooaaa! This guy’s 71???!!!
    Black surely don’t crack…
    Dude looking like he’s 45 years…
    Thanks for the movies, Mr. Jackson… 😘

  9. Darrell Williams

    Samuel L Jackson is the man 👨

  10. Love me some Samuel Jackson ❤️

  11. I love this man!!

  12. Adrian Bredell

    Samuel l jackson looks like he’s in 40s

  13. Samuel L. Jackson and Emma Watson should do a movie together

  14. Weghweh Hwewehwhe

    From all the black actors out there, I think Samuel is by far the coolest. He literally carries several
    movies on his own, in particular when Quentin Tarantino directs the movie.

  15. Samuel J., Denzel W., and Morgan Freeman will be the best actors FOREVER, 2020.

  16. Best actor ever..

  17. Man Samuel L Jackson pump out out movies damn near like how Jordan pump out shoes. And he’s an incredible talent. True Legend in my Eyes 💪💪

  18. MurderServedRaw

    If he only couldve predicted 2020……..

  19. Peep da Kango hat💯

  20. Mayor of the Galaxy

    Samuel L. Jackson is a monument and should be celebrated accordingly. Mothafuckas!

  21. Love seeing Samuel L Jackson giving us a great insight into his life… He seems relaxed on here and affable.

  22. Carolynn Douglas-Manor

    I’ve watched almost every movie he has been in. I love the characters he plays. He played that role in D’Jango very well. It was like Danny Glover in The Color Purple…It played it so well that I didn’t like him after (figuratively speaking)

  23. When you got it, you got it! And Sam has had IT a long time!

  24. Keonne Williams

    Great interview🖤🤓😎

  25. Shantea Cornelious


  26. S, Jackson at 71 , I am 33 and I feel too old already ?

  27. Damn Mr. Jackson ain’t no joke, there is a reason why they hate you and want to destroy you, it’s cause you are the amazing.

  28. jeanette norris


  29. Black don’t crack y’all. All that stress our ancestors experienced, keeps our skin relatively amazing compared to our counterparts

  30. I enjoyed every minute of his interview! Real OG!! 🙌🏽

  31. Samuel L is so fine….damn he’s 71 lol…I’m pissed I’m 30

  32. Samuel l Jackson is an amazing actor from beginning 2 end 💜

    – Samuel L Jackson

  34. Black Don’t Crack.

  35. Samuel is a very Smart Indvidual

  36. Sandra Cabrera

    Mr jackson you are a powerful example and a beautiful human being. And i see that god is working in your life god bless your sucess and your life….

  37. DEziANthENamE1

    I love this dude ❤️

  38. Gonna be hard to tell my kids not to do drugs when Sam hit the crack & smoked his way to the top. Its weird how the addict surpassed most of his drug dealers.

  39. Shavette Giddins

    Meeting Samuel L. Jackson is on my “bucket” list to meet in my lifetime

  40. One word in my mind is “motherfucker”😂😂😂

  41. Samuel L Jackson for 2024

  42. I’m tired of these motherfucking questions at this motherfucking interview 😂

  43. Samuel l jackson deserves an Oscar man, I have seen him in so many good movies. Dude is like a part of my childhood basically

  44. strawberry chicken

    i can’t believe he never won an oscar

  45. He’s already 71 😭 I don’t want him to die

  46. TheGodEmperorofMankind

    SLJ is a legend.

  47. nobody can cuss like sam jackson

  48. Samuel L. Jackson is an actual, real life GOD😎😎😎

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