Twerk Video: Instagram model ‘seduces’ policemen at Black Lives Matter protest

PhyVe-‘Nellie twerked for police/Instagram

Instagram model twerks for peace. 

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LOS ANGELES — “Girl, you looks good, won’t you back that azz up!” Instagram model PhyVe-‘Nellie is catching hell on social media after she twerked for police officers during a “Black Lives Matter” rally. The gyration transpired at night in downtown Los Angeles. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows PhyVe-‘Nellie droppin’ it like it’s hot in the middle of the damn street as a fraternity of concupiscent cops ogled the booty while sedentary inside their patrol vehicles. A passerby also shows up to smack her on the ass. While performing, PhyVe-‘Nellie is donning a “Black Lives Matter” t-shirt coupled with a pink thong that exposes her voluptuous butt cheeks.

The ostentatious damsel received hundreds of incensed messages on her Instagram page. Many users believe PhyVe-‘Nellie tried to upstage the movement while others are accusing her of ‘clout-chasing.’ When asked to elucidate upon her lewd deportment, PhyVe-‘Nellie said she was hoping to make a difference.

She also claims eroticism is her way of protesting peacefully. “You see people twerking and dancing and getting along, that is a culture of pride,” PhyVe-‘Nellie ranted on Instagram Live. “We are trying to express our sexuality without being killed for it… F*ck you! You don’t know the culture.” 

PhyVe-‘Nellie is a freak.

There’s an image on her “Pussyville” Instagram page that shows her being spanked by a Latino man.

Watch PhyVe-‘Nellie shake her ass for a good cause.

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  1. This is why they don’t respect us. I’m exhausted!

  2. This is stupid and absolutely ridiculous. Those friends of hers that are cheering her on are just as stupid.

  3. Shentell Marie Guillot

    This no ass having bitch is doing this for clout to get her ass done I hope some body slap that hoe on the black ✋ side

  4. It’s all about attention big baby it’s all about attention…it is the fuel that women need to survive.

  5. Women are narcissistic in nature and crave attention and will always rationalize their lack of responsibility taking

  6. Bitch is mentally starved of oxygen but damn that pussy is amazing I imagine.

  7. Cause she fucking stupid

  8. So embarrassing. We must be better. Help & teach each other. It’s sad😔…we have to fix many things within our community. Poor girl, maybe no one has told her that she holds substance. She doesn’t have to twerk to make her stance. She’s just as powerful with her words & every piece of clothing on. It’s hard to watch. Hope someone can reach out and help her. There’s a time & place for everything. This wasn’t the time or place. Even in the club I think this is a bit too much. Hitting your vagina??? On a dirty corona virus ground????!!!! Smh. #SOS

  9. Message!!!!

    Fucking the police was on her mind

  10. I wish a Black man would have stepped forward and slapped the shit out of this trash.

  11. Lots of clowns coming out … undermining the movement!!

  12. Someone please tell this dumb chick to sit down. She makes decent black women look bad


  14. Notice they didn’t arrest her … the police been looking for dumb reasons to arrest real protesters. The bottom line is she was a threat to them if any thing she was an asset to them helping water down and discredit the movement . Plus they were definitely getting their rocks off as well .. pure trash !!

  15. sORrY i'M LaTe! WHaT diD i MisS?

    Are you sure she’s black!! Don’t care what she said.

  16. Explain this shit

  17. She will be a single baby mama next year

  18. Myisha Williams/Figueroa

    I can’t 👀👁️😡that’s why they treat us BLACK women like a joke girllll don’t protest on my behalf

  19. Her message was to the cops to kiss her blk ass…..

  20. What the heck is really going on with these people. 👀 she don’t know any better. She has no guidance what so ever. She’s a plant to distract the cause. 💯

  21. I bet her mom is very proud…😶

  22. michelle ramirez

    Thot lives matter…lmao


    Her friends are cheering her on 😞!!! 🤘🏽👌🏽🚩.

  24. Iknowsomethangs

    This Hoe need JESUS and two buckshots to her flat ass!

  25. I’m so embarrassed…OMG…I’m sorry but this thot does not represent for all of us 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️


    What possessed her was a damn demon. The same one that infiltrated our cause. Gotta clean house.

  27. This is so f××k up in so many ways. I feel like she was paid to do this my brother.

  28. All these crazy acts seem suspicious…to make us look bad. If ever a cop should’ve busted a cap in someone it was her…bringing shame on THIS MOVEMENT…FK HER! She should’ve kissed her own asz. I’m so done with so much…so done.

  29. Justmadeanaccount2

    This is why I fucking hate you American black bitches. None of you whores even care about this shit, you’re just doing this to get attention. Any time black men are the focus of something you got ugly black bitches screaming “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!!!”. This bitch probably never got any attention her whole life because she’s fucking hideous! That’s why she’s so hyper sexual now. Ugly women (especially ugly black bitches) learn from an early age that they have nothing else to offer.

  30. @Justmadeanaccount2: FUCK YOU! WE HATE U TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. She must be a out of work stripper tryna get a lil chage. 🤣😂🤣 hella disrespectful…mostly to herself. Exhibitionist attention seeker

  32. You’re a disgusting piece of chit! This is another reason why ‘we’ are not taken serious on causes and many caucasians think we’re a joke. Theyre thght process, as soon as ‘we’ have TV time, we clown, as soon as we have a lil’money, we clown…as soon as we protest, we must do some dumb chit that draws attention away from the cause. Look at you! Who did this help? You?! Getting ‘likes’, getting attention? You dumbazz, this is about equality, unfairness, ethical epithets. So thank you for showing ‘them’ xctly what we’re trying to denounce. And I say this with sadness, when its ur son, uncle, cuzn, nephew…lets see ur phat azz twerk to the hearse, the viewing and cemetery. Grow up…take note that ur race has class, CLOWN!

  33. She is an absolute embarrassment…

  34. LyteningStrykes

    These are the same low-class trashy females who love to cry about “Black men ain’t shyt”, and how they don’t take care of their kids when it’s really HER trifling ass they don’t want anything to do with. Oh, but we can’t hold them accountable without being called misogynistic and being accused of hating Black women. Meanwhile, they take no responsibility for their own lives. They were most likely raised by mothers who think it’s cute to be in the clubs with their daughters instead of teaching them life skills. Most of them can’t cook or clean, and spend every dime they get on fake hair and nails. Oh, but don’t say that either because “real men don’t care about a woman’s hair”. When have white people ever been impressed by twerking and ass-shaking?! White men might sleep with them, and white women will always hate them. We have far too many beautiful, intelligent, and successful BLACK WOMEN out there in the streets fighting for us. They are women who can carry a conversation and speak truth to power with facts and information. They can actually get shyt done in boardrooms NOT bedrooms. These IG “models” don’t represent or care about the Black community. Same thing goes for some of these LGBTQ people too. Gay white men trash them to their faces, but now all of a sudden the Black community is their problem?! This is not the time for all of these little sub-groups to be disruptive to the movement. Everyone sees our color before anything else. If you’re not aware of that, or feel like you belong in some special category because of gender, sexuality, and or any of the other lies you tell yourself just to fit in with the enemy, then please get out of our way!

  35. Т-34-85 Winner

    twerk protest the best protest in the world



  37. Triple DarkNess

    Our people can be very disgusting, we don’t even respect ourselves why would we expect others to?

  38. When you lack the intelligence to make a meaningful statement but you still want to be heard…

  39. fellas don’t fall for the bait cause that is literally the only thing she has to offer in this world😴

  40. She looks nasty and disgusting. Really at a black lives matter protest? No class what so ever. You men are to be very disgusted by this. This is shameful and embarrassing.

  41. That was very entertaining i almost forgot their was a police car in front of her that candy apple 🍑 😛 making my yellow 🌲🍌💪😁


  43. Wow BLK women today…huh

  44. Unite&fightdammit

    She called this shyt a “pride protest”

  45. The typical black Queen

  46. Big Daddy Hebrew

    I can’t believe this Shit

  47. The new face of America’s most loved Maple Syrup.

  48. Black Booties Matter!!

  49. I can’t believe they just stood there and watched…there should have been some money on those hoods.

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