“That ’70s Show” star Danny Masterson ‘charged’ with rape, Remini celebrates

Remini celebrates Masterson’s arrest/The Daily Beast

Danny Masterson facing rape charges.

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LOS ANGELES — It took awhile but they finally got his ass. After years of being accused of sexual assault and groping derrières, “That ’70s Show” star Danny Masterson was charged with raping three women on Wednesday and, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, the alleged crimes transpired sometime between 2001 and 2003. Danny, who’s a longtime member of the Church of Scientology, faces three counts of felony forcible rape.

If convicted, he could receive up to 45 years in prison.

Damn, that #MeToo Movement is a bitch!

“King of Queens” actress Leah Remini, a former Scientologist, has spearheaded campaigns in the past, seeking Danny’s seizure. She celebrated the indictment, saying it’s long overdue. “Finally, victims are being heard when it comes to Scientology. Praise the lord!” Leah tweeted in response to Danny’s arrest. “This is just the beginning Scientology, your days of getting away with it is coming to an end!”

If you recall, a quartet of different women accused Danny of sexual misconduct in 2017 which resulted in his ousting from the Netflix series “The Ranch.” However, the 44-year-old thespian denies any wrongdoing and he’s already looking forward to his day in court.

Danny is scheduled for arraignment in September.

“Mr. Masterson is innocent, and we’re confident that he will be exonerated when all the evidence finally comes to light and witnesses have the opportunity to testify,” said Tom Mesereau, Danny’s attorney, in a statement. “Obviously, Mr. Masterson and his wife are in complete shock considering that these nearly 20-year-old allegations are suddenly resulting in charges being filed, but they and their family are comforted knowing that ultimately the truth will come out. The people who know Mr. Masterson know his character and know the allegations to be false.”

Do you believe Danny will be exculpated?

Does Leah have an ax to grind?

Share your thoughts.


  1. M.d Goonz E.n.t

    Damn he really never seem like wierdo like that he was one my favorite people on 70s show there either after hes money or he got us all fooled why they wait this long to bring this shit to light to that wierd if dude did this 3 females why they just now saying about it something fishy with this shit

  2. Me Too has been great at weeding out a lot of the awful people, but there have been some misfires when innocent people are found guilty without proof by the media. If found guilty, hopefully, he will face punishment, is it at all possible that these women could be lying?

  3. Truly horrific news. Poor Danny. May he be victorious in getting acquitted.

  4. Idk what to believe anymore because Masterson Could’ve Raped those girls or The Girls could be lying to get masterson in prison

  5. How are they charging him now when the statute of limitations for rape in 2003 was 10 years?

  6. It took 20 years for these three women to came out…they must hit the wall…so this is the only option to squeeze money out of someone. Btw no one is guilty of anything until proven.

    I am saying to guys not to get involved with any woman these days…juice ain’t worth the squeeze. And if you get involved, have them sign consent before having any physical relationship with them. Trust me on this.

  7. It took them 17 and 19 years to come forward? So, it’s basically their word against his, and some women have been known to falsely cry “rape” when celebs and money is involved. It’s kind of not a fair to him or the women; because the women didn’t have a rape kit done that might’ve provided DNA evidence or evidence of forced sex to back up their claims, so it’s just their word against each other.

  8. When he proves he’s innocent, those bitches should get LIFE IN PRISON.

  9. Masterson is a hollywood a**hole.

  10. The charges are bs those chicks just want attention

  11. sacred squirrel

    Its happening finally. Bring these sexual criminals down.

  12. Brandon Bankston

    See this is why i tell all men you get money stay the hell. Away from these hoes i don’t believe this shit. Y’all notice how they always wait along time before reporting it? And it’s messed up they fired him from the show not even knowing. If he was really guilty ppl with fame got money they can. Pay girl’s to fuck them men if you don’t have. I soild chick holding you down when you broke. Keep them at a distance don’t be dumb. Like alot of these celebrity men them bitches lying. It’s like Bill Cosby he’s all 80 years old.

  13. They need to lock him up and throw away the key

  14. Nobody believes that shit anymore.

  15. Hollywood has a Rape/Pedophilia problem!

  16. 16 yrs later they say something?

  17. Unplug all those Nasty shows, all of them, that is what those shows are written about….. sex, same nasty actors …. Good riddance to the Nasty TV. ..Nasty Cartoons too and the Nasty News … Unplug your mind live Fresh 🥰👼🌼

  18. I’m not surprised

  19. Now let’s bring to light the creeps that are James Gunn & James Franco along with others A.S.A.P

  20. Scientology kills another one.
    Zero sympathy.

  21. Briana Whittaker

    They take forever to do anything about what ppl do these days and everyone already knew this was why he was taken off the ranch.

  22. mopthermopther

    terrible 🎻

  23. Advice to all men: just stay single

  24. Wow!!! All the Hollywood rapist are going down!!!

  25. In this day and age, anyone can be convicted of rape no matter how much evidence. I’m not going to hate on/boycott Masterson until there is clear proof he actually did it.

  26. Man what’s up with male sitcom stars raping women. Rape charges aren’t no joke. If Bill Cosby got caught then he will too.

  27. Spoiler Alert : ALL Hollywood Pedophile Will Fall.

  28. Any “Dents” Now?
    He got WAY to Cocky.. Literally 🚀🚀
    Jus Sayin 🤷‍♀️.

  29. FashionPanda AndTheShapes

    Masterson pshh.. Scientologist

  30. Politician Hunter

    Allegations 20 years later? 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  31. I really hope this isn’t true..he is my favorite actor

  32. He looks creepy!!probably guilty too, give him 45yrs🤣😂

  33. Sharon Wilbanks

    U would think if these women really got raped then they would of went to police then, y wait 20 yrs later? Doesn’t make sense. No evidence.

  34. So sad!!!! There goes his career all cause he can’t keep it in his pants!!!! Moron!!! What a waste!!!!!!

  35. Hmm wonder what kind of evidence they had on him. Leah is having a glass of wine now. She knows there skeletons in her closet and the church has used them on her but she like ehh i do not give a crap they gonna start up hate sites on me thats what they do. Wonder of the people who worked with the dude shaking in the boots or are like gonna distance from him. Oh he is married to Bijoh Phillips wow interesting her dad was John Phillips who molested his daughter Mac.

  36. Scientology, just like Christianity and Islam, is complete nonsense. Religion appears to breed predators. Study science and disregard ancient, and modern, made up nonsense.

  37. So people know, there were reports made but scientology buried it. I think they were scientistologist too, so first the reports were to the church then the police. Scientology protected Masterson for many years and harrassed the women to stay quiet. Reminis help and support is why there’s progress only now.

  38. I’m calling bullshit theyre after money

  39. Scientologists are the plague, like trump.

  40. I know it’s rape and that’s bad, but 45 to Life seems kinda crazy.. right!?

  41. He will never set foot in prison

  42. Rape charges and a Scientologist I lost all respect for that dude take that show off the air!

  43. Michael Whitton

    Who got arrested Danny or Scientology? I want to wait for the facts. I don’t like Scientology but I need to know the facts. How many times have prosecutors sent innocent people to prison? I think the facts are what matter, not how I feel about Scientology. If Mr. Masterson is guilty of forcible rape then the facts will show it. If he is found to be not guilty or innocent then maybe others are lying. I don’t believe anyone should take a stand one way or another unless they have the facts. I don’t have the facts so I will wait.

  44. Leah Remini…
    SO GOOD….

  45. What a bunch of Bullshit he’s gonna beat this.

  46. slack blabbath

    scientology is a cult. must strip their religious tax exempt status. they are incredibly sinister

  47. He does have a narcissistic look about him

  48. Guillermo Gimenez

    Too bad his name isn’t Joe Biden. Then he’d be off the hook

  49. Never trust white guys with naturally curly hair!

    I’m not a self white hating liberal. I just never liked guys (who are white) with naturally curly hair is all!

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