Raven-Symoné and Miranda Maday are officially married, ceremony was secret

Raven-Symoné ties the knot/DailyMail.com

Raven-Symoné legally married. 

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LOS ANGELES — “I’s married now!” Sorry single ladies. It’s too late. Raven-Symoné, former co-host of “The View,” is officially off the market. That’s because the lesbian actress married fiancée Miranda Maday, 28, in a secret ceremony earlier this week. They’re now wife and wife. Raven, 34, shared a wedding photo via Instagram on Thursday with the caption: “I got married to a woman who understands me from trigger to joy, from breakfast to midnight snack, from stage to home. I love you Mrs. Pearman-Maday! Let’s tear this world a new asshole!!!” The “That’s So Raven” star’s full name is now Raven-Symoné Christina Pearman.

The interracial marriage comes during a time of vehement protests against racial injustice and systemic oppression against African Americans. That probably explains why the monochrome lovebirds decided to cement their nuptials privately. “Thank you to all those who helped and for those who understand why it was small during this time,” Raven wrote.

The “Cosby Show” alum, if you recall, came out the closet in 2013 after the U.S. Supreme Court bulldozed legislation barring federal acknowledgment of same-sex marriage. “I can finally get married! Yay government! So proud of you,” she tweeted in celebration.

Raven knew she was gay at the early age of 12.

But she’s yet to consider herself homosexual.

“I don’t want to be labeled gay,” she told Oprah Winfrey in 2014.

“I want to be labeled a human who loves humans.”

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  1. A big sin, she’s left the natural use of a man for a perverted life existence!

  2. greg Dangerfield

    It’s kinda go’s against law’s of nature, but hey each to their own…

  3. America is country which make rights for gays but coudln’t stop racism for nearly 100 years

  4. Patricia the astrologist

    I’m so happy for Raven Symonè congratulations! 🌈💍👰🏽👰🏻💕

  5. which one is the husband in the relationship???

  6. C’mon raven why are u into women like c’mon

  7. Drxp_ BLM KIWI

    @C-money4x: because she can I’m bi and I like girls and boys so what is so wrong to like girls

  8. Adam and Eve,not Adam and steve no matter how much you twist it.God never make mistakes morons .

  9. Congrats to Raven!
    She’s soooo married!! ❤️ 💐

  10. Paula Washington

    Congratulations Raven.😊😊😊😊💕💕💕💕💕

  11. Raven, captured my heart as a child. She was smart and adorable. She grew up to be the same.
    I always admired her, always staying true to self. Even though I would’ve love to see her with a man, her preference is her preference.
    You can’t help, but wish her lots of love and blessings with her marriage.Congrats girl!

  12. I love raven I grow up watching raven

  13. Behind the Veil

    It’s not a Real marriage and will not be recognized by God. It’s a paper certificate Union. That’s all.

  14. Carlton Haskins

    Didn’t know she was a lesbian

  15. Jasmine Savard

    @Carlton Haskins: Me neither 😅

  16. Daniel van der Merwe

    Gay. If people could marry aliens from another planet they would… smh

  17. 313 Comedy with #Libraking

    Smh this 🌎 is doomed‼‼😭😒

  18. divine's Opinion

    Well whatever makes them happy!

  19. logic and reason

    Oooooh the black racists won’t like this

  20. Chocolate & vanilla .. so many gays in USA its so embarrassing

  21. how sick!

  22. Glitter Queen of Spades

    Awwwwww Congratulations!!!!!!🖤❤💙💜💚🧡💛🖤❤💙💜💚🧡💛

  23. I was brought up that men and women should be in love . It’s in the Bible! God created Adam & Eve
    Not Adam & Steve !
    And I was also brought up that whites should be with whites and blacks with black meaning to be with your own kind not with the opposite race! And I was also brought up that the woman should always have to obey the man and do everything he said. That’s was taught to me growing up and my mother taught me that and was handed down in her family for 100’s of years! And I don’t care if’s it is the 21st century. This is how it should be ! And i also believe in Making America Great Again!

  24. Raphaela Stegall

    God did not make Adam and Steve, Eva and Karen, Tyrone or Becky so, stop with all this sinning ✝

  25. Jonathan Collins

    I wonder how many Black women are gonna go at her for marrying someone White? Probably none. Black women only have a problem when a Black man marries or dates someone White.

  26. Damn she’s 34 wtf she actually looks her age wow

  27. Anthony Hamilton

    wow! Raven is 34? I’m 31 she isn’t that much older than me

  28. XY Charizard Y Chaizard

    Nope God did not make Eve and Eve

  29. Black women taking all the white women? Black men taking all the white women? 😃😁🤣😅😄

  30. Teresa Watermelon

    Raven symone will marry a man next year She Confused just like the rest of them

  31. Bernadette Sadler

    Congratulations my Raven, many blessing to the 2 of you today & always. P. S. I love all your show’s. 🎉🎈💞🌹

  32. Thats not a wife thats a lesbian lover. Its only a wife with a female and male marriage.

  33. I’m disappointed in you Raven disrespecting your creator to lay with and marry a white woman on top of that! How dare you! Don’t you know who you are in this world and you would forfeit that greatness to a un melenated souless being????? You are truly sick with great darkness inside of you. You better repent BLACK sista and drop down on them knees for forgiveness for this great abomination you have stepped in. And everyone cheering your decision to disrespect The Most High with this sick act of yours will burn in hell as well if they don’t repent and acknowledge THIS IS NOT IN THE ORDER OF THE MOST HIGH GOD!!!!

  34. 2 pussyeaters……. yuck!

  35. Congratulations Ladies so happy for you two ❤️

  36. Them going to hell !!

  37. Raven wants to be a dude

  38. My Crusty Pinky Toe

    Finally the world is getting back on track! Let the days of the Goddesses return so we can live in peace, the way it was meant to be. Womxxn to Womxxn!

  39. @Lilian Robiou: I can’t judge raven for marring a woman only God can judge her

  40. Well if that wife can really put up with the psychotic of Raven…so be it.

  41. No
    Congratulations 💗

  42. She’s always been unique different and very very aware of her self go head blk queen ❤️😘💯 her wife is so beautiful and a calm soul

  43. Oh Gaaah!! Ravens Gettin Used!! #GoldDigger ALERT

  44. Rosedanna Joseph

    Congratz raven even tho i dont support the lesbian club

  45. Hope you signed a prenup no Raven..😑😥

  46. Must love sweets

    I just want to say this.

    I don’t care if she’s black, white, yellow, green with polka dots, or orange with glitter. As long as she’s happy that’s ALL that matters. People shouldn’t care about her life’s it’s NONE of everyone else’s business. So if you have a problem with gay people I don’t want to hear it. Ok? Ok. Period

    No I’m not gay. I have a boyfriend of 2 years but I just thought this needed to be said. I have a friend who is gay and half of her family just didn’t have a relationship with her anymore because of it. That’s absolutely dispicable.

  47. Jazmon Peterson

    I didn’t know raven was the guy😂😂 🤔

  48. Homophobes are still stuck in a 16th century mentality. Nothing new, next lmao. Other then that, CONGRATS RAVEN WOOO!!!!!!!❤️🔥🔥❤️

  49. Favorite Girl81

    Raven looks hideous for a 34 year old I thought she was in her early 40’s

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