Racism Video: White woman tells black protesters to ‘suck this’ then lauds KKK

Kathy Jenkins snapped during BLM protest/DailyMail.com

White woman taunts blacks. 

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BRANSON — Kathy Jenkins, a pissed-off white woman donning one of President Donald Trump’s signature “Make America Great Again” campaign caps, was caught on camera oscillating an enormous Confederate flag at a “Black Lives Matter” protest in Branson, Missouri on Sunday while lauding the Ku Klux Klan. She also vowed to teach her grandchildren to hate black people. “I’m teaching them to f*ckin’ hate all of you people,” Kathy threatened. “I will teach my grandkids to hate you all.”

The ragin’ broad also told protesters to “suck on this,” referring to the Confederate flag, before yelling “KKK belief!” Kathy has since been fired from her job and, when asked to elucidate upon her deportment, she couldn’t recall the incident. “It’s like I blacked out,” she explained to KOLR. “I hadn’t said anything until they came into my face … it’s like I blacked out. I don’t even remember saying half the stuff that I said.”

Kathy did, however, offer an apology and swore to never wave the flag again.

She’s now supports the negro cause.

“I’m so, so sorry,” she said.

“I mean, if it would help for me to stand with ‘Black Lives Matter,’ I absolutely would do that.”

Do you accept Kathy’s apology?

Did she deserve to lose her job?

Watch the video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Sad that she is allowed to be on social media. You are not the voice of humanity. Shame on you and anyone not getting that BLM! You are not human

  2. eviltreemonster

    It’s pretty easy to understand
    what’s happened here. This person has been watching the riots and
    destruction on the news and has been getting angrier and angrier, with
    what I think is legitimate reason. Now, she’s turned up at the protest
    in person to say her piece and get her point across. At which point, one
    or more of the BLM activists have started winding her up untill finally
    she just lost her temper and in the heat of the moment, said something
    stupid that she probably shouldn’t have.

  3. Can you imagine being that full of hatred? How cold and empty her life must really be.

  4. Disgusting no matter what color it’s coming from unacceptable

  5. I just don’t see what’s wrong with her position she enjoys her White privilege as do I. Hey I was born white, I didn’t have any say. Talk to God about it I guess

  6. What a wonderful life she has created for herself.

  7. Jason Hanakahi

    Wow 😯!! I guess this lady is still living in the 1920s era sooo sad 😢 i’m thinking maybe the last school grade she completed was probably the fourth grade.🦠🦠🦠

  8. @Chris Ward: You don’t see what’s wrong with saying she’ll teach her grandkids to hate others? I sincerely hope you are not a Christian.

  9. Missouri, dumb as dirt. I know, I live here.

  10. Thanks to her conviction I am joining my local Knights of the KKK chapter. Its time we unite before they run us over and abuse our kids.

  11. God I love this woman!!!! I’d marry her for real white and proud of it love ya Kathy and I wouldn’t care if she was my cousin. Hahaha

  12. At least she’s telling you the truth to your face , You can change all the law’s you want but she’s letting you know her heart won’t change . She’s just one out there what about the rest you don’t see and the one’s marching right along side of black people 🤔 REAL TALK FAM

  13. We need to start publicly burning that flag

  14. Have a nice Dave

    I don’t blame her, people are sick of the democrats

  15. If you have ever been to Springfield and Branson MO, you will see confederate flags all over on businesses, shirts and vehicles. Hidden in plain site but none of them will claim such. Welcome to the bible belt.

  16. @DanOfTheWild: I hope you do coward. Because you’re gonna need all the help you can. We’re taking down your participation trophy statues. And I’m burning that flag BOY

  17. The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow

    If she feels so good about that flag she should wipe her ass with it 😂

  18. Connor Mactavish

    freedom of speech, good for them BLM is evil

  19. Daniel Pacheco

    Some view the confederate flag as heritage not hate and others just blatantly see it as a hate symbol like this woman . I guess there’s two sides of the story regarding this flag

  20. I pray her grand kids date and marry internationally and have kids

  21. I just came for the comments. They’re hilarious. 🤣😂

  22. We white people divided America way before trump and Obama. Look at history nothing has changed. There are more people here than blacks and whites. White people has this thing against blacks for decades.

  23. And people say that flag isn’t a hate symbol

  24. Yeah well done, babe! God bless white America!

  25. Ladies & Gentlemen
    Drummm rolll please!
    Confederate Kathy!!!
    You heard it here fist!!!
    Karen would be proud of her!
    “This is America” -Gambino

  26. Boxing Your Brains Out

    Wonder how she’s going to feel when she have biracial grandkids.

  27. Ruthless Lover

    she know she want this big black dick

  28. elsalvadoreno08

    These the same people
    Who hate sharing water fountains with color people.
    And thats the reason why they don’t like
    Sharing the American flag and still fly the confederate flag. Idiots, they can’t except the lost in 1865. You don’t see Germany flying the nazi flag smh

  29. Leonardi laurenti

    KATHY Bennett, be very CAREFUL about injecting your INNOCENT grandchildren into CURSEDLY, RACIST and INSANE behaviors that TURN you into a real female DONKEY known as a jenny (ASS)! Karma, sometimes, functions in MYSTERIOUS ways. With all that HATRED within your being, YOU may fall to the ground and take your LAST breath. Something else: God himself may, with GOOD intention to SAVE your grandchildren, TAKE THEM AWAY from YOU! It may be the most wondrous thing YOU can do for yourself: SEEK psychiatric HELP, before it is too LATE! I am NOT Black and I am NOT White. However, as a World historian and its affiliated disciplines, I know that standing against the EVIL against them … for over 400 years in your country have the soundest of REASONS to demonstrate the utter HATRED such as that which YOU demonstrated here. Io sono Italiano…un storico internazionale del mondo completo. Just pray and ask GOD to get the DEVIL out of YOU!

  30. BLM is making people racist

  31. Go Kathy!

  32. “tHiS fLaG iS aBoUt SoUtHeRn HeRiTaGe” …

  33. This is bad but career criminal George Floyd gets a pass.

  34. Of course she’s a trump supporter

  35. She’s standing up to stupid protesters. I don’t blame her.

  36. This is WHY RACISM will never DIE because white people will continue to teach their kids to HATE, white people keep RACISM ALIVE.

  37. And they say peace, respect and love begins in the home. What an example of intolerance and disgust she displays. It’s sad that she so blatantly expresses her hate and clearly is going to teach the next generations of her family to do so.

  38. This woman is trash. You don’t have a total 180 from your hatred after a couple days. Did her anger get the best of her and get her to say things she maybe wouldn’t normally say in public? Possibly. But you don’t say things like that if you don’t believe them deep down. If people like her didn’t exist, the rest of us wouldn’t have to deal with every issue in our country being related to race and we could maybe start to move forward in America. As obnoxious as the issue of race can be in America, it is women like this that make race so relevant to this day. Is it that hard to just live your own life and not hate or worry about what others are doing? I don’t get how people get themselves into these situations like every day in our country.

  39. The Confederacy was the enemy of the USA. They lost the war. They lost the argument for slavery worldwide. The fifteen countries that still have a form of legal slavery are: North Korea, India, Uzbekistan, China, the Congo, Pakistan, Sudan, Dominican Republic, Yemen, Iraq, Indonesia, the Philippines, Guatamala and Nigeria. Slavery is illegal in the USA. If they don’t love it, leave.

  40. No excuse, you racist pig.

  41. Trump-o the Clown

    conservatives … they’re never as tough the next day, lol.

  42. Not buying it for a minute. You don’t cover yourself in confederate flags and spew hate like that if you didn’t mean it.

  43. I’m white and from Texas and I don’t give a shit about the Confederate flag. Never have.
    I can’t stand ignorant racists and the hatred professed by the KKK. Screw all of them!

  44. Unintended Consequences

    She lost her job, and her FB account. She apologized, said she “blacked out”. LOL.


  46. Blues Rock Guitarist Mike Sallows

    Her Grandkids Are Also Her Nieces And Nephews !

  47. These dullards are a walking contradiction. 🤦🏻‍♀️ They think they’re proud USA patriots, yet they’re proudly sporting a Confederate flag that represents traitors (and support of slavery). And what’s even crazier is that many of them don’t even know what the Confederate flag represents; they think it simply represents the South. 🤯

    “I love the poorly educated.” ~ Donald J. Trump

  48. King Scottish1194

    This woman let her Flag “Touch The Ground”. And just for historical accuracy the actual Confederate Flag resembled the Union Flag & looked nothing like what Ms. Trailer Trash was displaying on her truck. I just thought that I would point out some “FACTS”. Lastly, The South Lost The Civil War, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!! The Northern or Union Army Won, deal with it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Trump 2020! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

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