Shark Attack Video: ‘Fearless’ swimmer manhandles a shark in Delaware beach

Fearless swimmer wrestles shark/

Fearless swimmer wrestles a shark.

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LEWES — Harbor patrol officers in Delaware are going berserk after a valorous swimmer manhandled a sand tiger shark with his bare hands, and he did it with relative ease. The underwater scuffle transpired Sunday afternoon at Cape Henlopen State Park Beach in Lewes, Delaware. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows the swimmer prying the shark’s mouth open to unfasten a hook. Delaware native Rachael Foster recorded the incident and shared it on Facebook.

“Everyone started yelling, ‘Shark, shark, get out of the water!’” Rachael told the Daily Times of Salisbury. “It was so crazy, like a movie. Like Jaws.” State law prohibits the capture of sand tiger and sandbar sharks. So far, the video has garnered hundreds of thousands of views on Facebook and TikTok.

Watch wild footage.

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  1. Nice to see for a change real men going about their business, instead of pink effeminate ‘men’ in their pink speedos lmao

  2. animal abuse, black lives matter ? realy? look at this one abusing an animal

  3. that dudes ripped! shark was out muscled


  5. Show off

  6. clearly a racially motivated attack…. another poor innocent white shark being attacked by a random black man….. lol…. media spin

  7. nice capture!

  8. @Bacon N Eggs: He didn’t capture it, for crying out loud..the fisherman who caught it is standing there with his rod. The other asshole obviously wanted to Horne in on the action and grabbed it and opened its tired mouth,. Stupidly showing off. People…

  9. What a dork

  10. His skin and body shines like a GOD.

  11. Poor thing!

  12. Not a very smart guy

  13. Michelle Castaneda

    That’s animal cruelty

  14. Ok Tarzan

  15. The shark said “I CAN’T BREATHE”

  16. I was going for the shark but roid man won this round.

  17. juan carlos Henao

    Stupid macho

  18. If the shark bites your legs off, don’t come running to me

  19. To bad it didn’t bite him. What a loser. .👎👎👎

  20. Didn’t look like he was removing any hook, looked like he was opening mouth for the crowd. Was this story made up?

  21. Idiot…prized IDIOT!! Your in sharks domain….

  22. The guy is sooo HOT.
    Grab me 🙂

  23. black man drowns shark…… shark can be heard saying I can’t breath moments before death

  24. charliedog9060


  25. A good looking man with a nice physique. If it was me next to the shark, I would #$%$ my pants. BTW, my physique is more on a juicier side (aka FAT) 😉

  26. Voice of reason

    Take care – the shark does not know that BLM

  27. Emanustian Emanustian


  28. stupid people

  29. Shark was already dead .

  30. oscar Guerrero Pizarro


  31. this shark was dead long time ago or just sick and almost dead, real healthy shark would wiggle and rage in that position you wouldnt be able to hold, you cant even hold live salmon or tuna it will bruise your arms and smack your face. Fake shit video.

  32. This “Swimmer” “catches” this shark the same way someone catches a hamburger…

  33. Shark was tired, he was caught by rod first. Very easy catch em when their energy levels are spent 😂😂.

  34. Shark Dundee

  35. Just came here to see how many snowflakes are triggered by watching some “toxic” masculinity.

  36. Waffle House Worker

    He’s an idiot. I prefer to live🙄 and i ❤️ my life💯💯💯

  37. George Benson Jr.

    Well here we are, another story about white privilege 🙄 🤣

  38. It’s not that big of a shark tbh. But Exhausted , dead… w.e. them fish are known to flip out when in distress and you dont want to have any limb or body part near those teeth. Guy…🤦‍♂️👍☢ Not to mention if that shark was a little bigger and a big wave came and knocked him good we would’ve most likely would’ve seen a gruesome tradegy smh

  39. Alexander Higgins

    I am mad at the man for wrestling the shark, but riots in cities are ok!

  40. I Farted On Stream

    The SHARK goes.. ” I CAN’T BREATH… LET ME GO !!!! “

  41. Yaymarie Nieves

    U brave

  42. Cornbread, Earl and Me

    this is why white people die stupid deaths

  43. Ruthless Lover

    this nigga think he’s Tarzan

  44. Animal cruelty

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