Firecracker Video: Black dude throws lit firecracker at homeless man then laughs

Black dude bombs homeless man/

Black guy bombs homeless dude. 

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NEW YORK — Law enforcement officials in New York are investigating after a black dude hurled a lit firecracker at a homeless white man who was asleep on the sidewalk. The incendiary crime transpired Monday night in Harlem. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows the malefactor light the firecracker before throwing it at the vagrant. Seconds later, the bomb detonated — setting the man on fire. The 66-year-old victim quickly jumped to his feet to extinguish the flames.

He suffered severe burns to his back.

But doctors anticipate a full recovery.

After the firecracker exploded, the assailant can be heard chortling in the background. New York authorities are obviously pissed. “The inhumanity of this crime is shocking to everyone who watches,” tweeted NYPD Chief Terence Monahan. “The NYPD WILL apprehend those responsible for using fireworks to assault our fellow New Yorker in Harlem yesterday.”

Should the attack be treated as a hate crime?

Watch the disturbing video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Mr. Sonny Truth

    That was so fucked up and he smiled like that shit was funny… damn out people have to do better
    I hope he knows karma is 360% plus 10 fold.

  2. What a horrible thing to do to another human being.

  3. Pleasant Boarders

    Where’s blm on that one smh

  4. christopher jennings

    Now Im going to assume this will be investigated as a HATE CRIME???

  5. In every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

  6. The Patient Wolf

    This is the end result when politicians don’t give a shit. It’s going to get a lot worse …

  7. That’s how we get justice for floyd bruh

  8. Finding that my patience is wearing thin with these people.

  9. Someone will be bending over next to Hitler in hell… enjoy your pineapple 🍍

  10. wow

  11. I actually find that funny

  12. NotAshamedToUseFoodStamps

    homeless lives matter

  13. Sanary Seggnete

    Next we gonna have them enter a bank barehand and demand money ….
    if police arrest them, Police is racist, if people resist them, people is racist, if they attack people, the victim is racist … BLM i guess

  14. I guess lives don’t matter anymore – or is it just a select few – who knows?

  15. DantheMan 1226

    Only black lives matter ?

  16. That is so wrong 😡

  17. that is sick… not even human

  18. black skin??? well,you got it

  19. Ruthless Lover

    damn he blew that white mothafucka up

  20. Wheres al sharpton, cnn, jesse jackson, tmz and hollywood?

  21. Olds Rocket 88

    The very ones screaming oppression the loudest are now attacking innocent vulnerable homeless people who actually have it far worse than they do.
    What a sick pathetic cowardly thing to do!!!!!

  22. …and then black people wonder….?

  23. Hehehehe

  24. Serious Fireworks

    This upsets me!! It’s punks like this who will make fireworks illegal to buy and use for our independence day!!


  26. The homeless guy was racist

  27. Reinhold Messner

    Laying in the street is not safe !
    For a minute i thought that was Vietnam war footage. Oh wait it 2020. My bad

  28. This is sad on so many levels! There’s some disgusting people out there. The problem with this is, there are so many people fighting for the rights of blacks and other minorities (I am one) who have been systematically dismantled to not function normally in this society. But when you see mostly minorities throwing extremely dangerous fireworks at homeless people, and saying they’re not afraid of police anymore, don’t care about neighbors and being a public nuisance, there may very well be a problem in your community. The problem? The inability to raise your kids with empathy, to be courteous, self-aware of how others may feel about personal actions. There is something wrong with these newer generations of people and I blame the parents and the victim mentality that seems to be injected at such a young age, which causes some serious issues on top of the existing, and real, race issues. In other words, you want to get respect? Earn it, act respectful to others in return. I know what I’m saying my cause controversy, but this is just my perspective.

  29. moonlight star

    What a piece of shit. Why would this be funny.

  30. These protesters are fuccing pussies! Always picking on people who can’t fight back

  31. These are the animals you’re marching for.

  32. Wow saying black lives matter and y’all do this 🖕

  33. Most of the country is distracted on anti white agenda and defunding the police…criminals are bold and brazen now.

  34. I don’t even think that’s against the law the homeless man was white

  35. Ramasubramanian Duraraj

    These animals need to be punished.

  36. That’s a white guy in black face. Blacks are too busy peacefully marching for injustice and inequality.

  37. A Darkling's Hope!

    I don’t see any mass protests for homeless lives matter. F*cking hypocrites

  38. Blm one step forward three steps back

  39. Some people are just dumbfucks. You’d think the older you get the more mature you are. Completely sick

  40. okay I am going to say this and I know some aren’t going to like it but……and this is true and you know it……if this was white ones doing it people would be saying those people are racist.

  41. I like minecraft

    I think its time to get the military if this gets any worse

  42. Human waste of skin

  43. C’mon! BLM people need to do something when they aren’t looting.

  44. Milos Todorovic

    Amazing. How bored are people to be throwing fireworks at a homeless man. Good stuff

  45. Life with Rolene

    This is so unfair we understand there are cops that treat black people unfair and stuff, but protesting n hurted innocent people to get “rights” are two different things this is unfair and I’m pretty sure George Floyd feels the same way.

  46. There is a lot of space in Africa. Go back to the mother land black people.

  47. SICKO!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😤

  48. Police description of the perpetrator is teeth and eyeballs wearing a hoodie

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