Spit Video: White woman coughed on an “Hispanic” infant to piss-off the mother

White woman coughs on baby/CNN.com

White woman facing charges. 

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SAN JOSE — Law enforcement officials in San Jose, California are investigating after Nancy Norland — a white woman — deliberately coughed on a 1-year-old boy following contretemps with the child’s Hispanic mother over social distancing. The heinous crime transpired at a Yogurtland on June 12th. It was also captured on video. Surveillance footage shows Nancy, who teaches special education for the Oak Grove School District, remove her face mask and expectorate into the child’s countenance two or three times following a verbal altercation with Mireya Mora, the boy’s mom.

The baby was sitting in a stroller.

“Coughing on someone’s face. She did it on purpose. It’s not like she did it on accident, oh cough, cough – no she purposely coughed on my son’s face,” said Mireya. “It happened so quick, I was in shock. She got close, she took off her mask, and she coughed three times, super hard, on my son’s face.”

Nancy has lost her job.

She also faces felony assault charges because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Eva Co Thank you, Anthony!!!

    What a hateful and despicable act! Nancy Nordland is a disgusting human being. Is she really a special education teacher??? How horrifying!!! What other despicable acts has she c committed against children? She should be fired immediately!. Her teaching credentials should also be revoked! She shouldn’t be teaching a turtle- – certainly not children!


    what a rude thing to do !!!

  3. Put her in Jail!!!!


  5. Nancy Nordland, prepare for Hell.
    Signed: The United States of America!

  6. runawayuniverse

    Babies shouldn’t be taken out in public, pandemic or not.

  7. Lung Chuan Chen


    I see.


  9. WTF did that baby do to her ?

  10. Karen’s are out in force

  11. Imagine how much this woman hates her life

  12. This shit actually funny asf

  13. oh my god what is wrong with people what that old lady did was so disrespectful & to do that to a child something is seriously wrong with you in the head that’s crazy asf i definitely would of had to beat her ass if that was my baby smh this is exactly why you can’t go out still because of the virus

  14. This karen needs to be in jail for attempted murderer not only for the baby but for everyone who was there,holy crap if i were that mom or grandma she will be getting her ass beat .

  15. People like this teach your kids

  16. If I were the young mom, I would make sure that my baby also is at least 6ft away from people. Looking at the video, the mom is at the pink marker and the baby is in front of the pink marker. Everyone needs to respect each other. Please listen to the officials to provide at least 6ft distance to the elders regardless who you are.

  17. She was wrong to do that but to be fair 99.9% of people with kids are assholes and so are their children, this is why we need to STAY INSIDE, thank you.

  18. Sick woman. And she works for the school district. I hope she has been arrested.

  19. Lemmy the Lemon

    That fat Karen even looks unsanitary before the incident.

  20. poor little baby! Just went out with momma to get a frozen yogurt, and this is what happens. Only in America?

  21. Why take revenge on an innocent baby? Crazy disturbing woman. 😤😡

  22. Big fat white woman coughs on my kid, she gets punched, and I go to jail. People need to stand up and start murdering these crazy Trump supporters.

  23. This mom should have grabbed her by the hair and laid those hands right upside her head over and over, and over again, until that bitch was unconscious!!

  24. this woman is going to end up in hell for what she did because God won’t accept her in heaven do you all agree with me?

  25. I wish I could actually see the woman without a mask on. Only outside does it look like she clearly has it off. And let’s see clear video of what led up to the incident. I think some video is missing of the woman putting the baby stroller directly behind the angry women, hence her being angry. And the kid had no mask on!!!!

  26. I honestly wish that mom was me , to teach the lady a lesson 🤜🏼💢. To not mess around with poor little innocent babies.

  27. Aquarius Tranquility

    What an evil woman. SHe should be charged with criminal negligence and if the baby gets sick with Covid charged with attempted murder. Obviously then God forbid if the baby dies from it then murder. But she should be punished for what she did even if the baby isn’t sick. Since when is it ok to put someones life at risk? Isn’t that a crime not to mention immoral.

  28. Xane the Dark hedgehog

    This should be labeled as attempted murder/first degree murder and punishable by death.

  29. I would bet the Farm that the woman who coughed on the kid is a Democrat….

  30. People need to start fighting these unstable Karen’s. She would’ve been on the floor until the cops came, if it were me. What she did was assault, seems like she hasn’t heard that coughing on someone is assault.

  31. zzgeorgez Dane

    I heard she also farted on the baby during the coughing.

  32. I would’ve beat that bitch to death. We have to kill all RACISTS

  33. If someone did that to my child they wouldn’t be able to walk

  34. Why publicize this ignorant behavior? What’s in it for you?

  35. Can I please be assigned a new race. My one has a bunch of racist in it😂

  36. what is the deal with all these Karens popping up all over the country.

  37. Not a good year for racist old white women 😂
    Even racist old white men are doing better 🤦🏽‍♂️

  38. Rebecca Carver

    She cough on my baby ima spit in her face

  39. Angel's. What would you do?

    Great parenting that her child was out in public during a deadly pandemic.

  40. get a life !!!

    Just smack her right in the face! Simple!

  41. Cindy Chronister

    As terrible as it was what the woman did……I don’t think it’s enough to say it was RACIAL!
    I think she was just being a mean sarcastic B.tch!

  42. Justin Amazing

    I hope people know that if a person walks up to you not wearing a mask and coughs on you on purpose you have every right to kill that person where they stand because what these people are doing is attempted murder.

  43. What a nasty woman.That is an assault point blank…on a child none the less she needs to be dealt with…the skank!!!😱🤯

  44. jail the racist bitch

  45. I would consider that a hate crime. There are a lot of miserable people out there that want to take out their misery on innocent people and those who can’t defend themselves. I was entering a grocery store recently and had to pass through the self check out area. Everyone had on a mask including me. This woman passed me to check out and commented that no one is social distancing. Hello? You are wearing a mask, I am wearing a mask and so was everyone else self checking their own groceries! It is hard to social distance when you are checking out groceries in a self check out lane but I thought everyone was doing a great job of trying! But for those miserable people, apparently it is not enough!

  46. That would have been the first time I beat an old person to oblivion. Messing with me is one thing..but my child..all bets are off.

  47. LMAO! How ugly can these people get! I’m glad our God don’t like ugly. This horrible woman will suffer Gods wrath for committing such a nasty act on that baby.

  48. Nancy Nordland.
    Shame on You..You Nasty Old Hag..😝

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