‘Family Guy’ actor Mike Henry won’t play Cleveland Brown anymore due to racism

Mike Henry steps down as Cleveland Brown/People.com

Mike Henry quits ‘Family Guy’ role.

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LOS ANGELES — First, Aunt Jemima. Now this: “Family Guy” actor Mike Henry, the white man who does the voice-over for negro neighbor Cleveland Brown, has stepped down from the role amid racial tensity instigated by the graphic demise of George Floyd — the black man asphyxiated to death by former police officer Derek Chauvin. Don’t get it twisted. Mike enjoyed his ebonics métier for more than two decades (“Family Guy” hit the air in 1999). But he believes the onus rests with African Americans to bring the black dramatis personae to life. “It’s been an honor to play Cleveland on Family Guy for 20 years,” he wrote. “I love this character, but persons of color should play characters of color.”

“Therefore, I will be stepping down from the role,” he added

Mike, 54, becomes the latest white thespian to cease vocalizing a person of color since “Black Lives Matter” commandeered the streets. Earlier this week, Kristen Bell walked away from her role as biracial character Molly on Apple TV’s “Central Park.” Like Mike, the 39-year-old actress felt it was the right thing to do.

“Playing the character of Molly on Central Park shows a lack of awareness of my pervasive privilege,” Kristen said in a statement. “Casting a mixed race character with a white actress undermines the specificity of the mixed race and Black American experience. It was wrong and we, on the Central Park team, are pledging to make it right.”

Do you agree with their decision to quit?

Are people too sensitive?

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  1. Cancel bart simpson! As a male i am offended that his voice is done by a female!

  2. This is ridiculous! I’m done with watching anything that bows down to this bullshit. What about black actors doing white roles?

  3. Im glad that mothafucka quit……. that’s the problem……. crackers taking our jobs

  4. They better start looking for replacements for all the women who voice young boys.
    What’s next? Will the next step be hiring actual demons to play cartoon demons. Will they accuse Gargoyles of being, “Stoneface?” Will God Himself come down from Heaven to record dialogue? This is all a load of steaming crap. 🤦‍♂️😒

  5. This is stupid and ridiculous how small, insignificant, pathetic are these celebrities just giving up their jobs to submit to being woke and pander feeling so ashamed of their white guilt.

  6. The world has gone crazy, man.

  7. I guess they want voice acting to be “separate but equal”. WTF?

  8. Sexy Strong Man

    Ironically it majority of the time straight white males who constantly make these decisions, I am a black male and I couldn’t care for Cleveland’s voice actor, especially considering Cleveland Brown happened to be one of the most boring characters on the show.

  9. This is total BS. You gotta know Hollywood won’t hold the same standard for characters of other ethnicities (like Asians in anime), so what’s the point? It’s more important that the performance is good, and for that you need the best actor for the job regardless of colour.

  10. So should Eddie Murphey be cancelled for doing whiteface like he did in Coming to America? Also, arent all the characters in the simpsons yellow, not white?

  11. So the guy doing Cleveland’s voice for 20 years is racist for putting on black voice.

  12. Cancel culture will leave us with nothing but reruns.

  13. As stupid as all of this is…
    Animation hasn’t been great for a long time… The Simpsons and Family Guy haven’t been good for a few years now, I actually hate some of the newer Simpsons episodes and I wish they would just cancel it.

  14. He is stepping down from a character he created. So are white writers not to include black characters in books?

  15. I’m confused how this isn’t discrimination in of itself. The job should always go to whoever is best for it, the day you start making that decision based on age, sex, or race all of the anti-discrimination laws established go out the window.

  16. Michael Dunaieff

    This is simply virtue signalling, and for a non-existent cause at that. Anyone with even a cursory understanding of voice acting knows that what matters is that the voice fits the character aesthetic. Many voice actors voice several different characters, and in the case of audiobooks, typically all of them. Are we to have an ensemble cast of over 100 reading a Star Wars novel, or just Marc Thompson? And if we’re truly staying in our lane, where do we find male wookies and female twileks to read those parts?

  17. Trabert Graneau

    The strangest thing about him leaving is that his former cast and crew have so much respect for him. This type of politics is destroying some good shows

  18. So does this mean Cree Summer can’t voice white characters anymore, either?

  19. The whole point of shows like Family Guy is to be politically incorrect! That’s what why everyone thinks it’s funny and everyone watches. I don’t need family guy being SJW. I counted on this show to attacks these virtue signaling jerkoffs. What a bummer

  20. They honestly won’t get someone who captures him more. He’ll sound weird from now on

  21. wargamesmaster

    This is ridiculous… If white actors can’t voice FICTIONAL black characters, then black actors can’t voice fictional white characters.

    The NPCs want to be racist assholes? Others can play this game, it’s just a matter of time and it will be ugly…

  22. What about black people that do white voices like Rummy from Boondocks? That’s a white dude portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson.

  23. This is all stupid. This is all acting!! Acting!!! It’s not like they’re picking on people of color!! Lame lame lame lame. Pushing people further away from the causes.

  24. So we’re trying segregation again?

  25. He didnt quit,hes just gonna stop voicing cleveland,he’s still doing Herbert and Bruce. Also,most if not all of next seasons episodes have been completed or are in its final stages so we’ll still hear mike henry for one more season. i’m gonna miss him.

  26. Soooooo do we have to find a talking mouse to voice Mickey?

  27. That’s batfuck insane. These guys don’t really sound that different than that Halloween is satanic lady on that king of the hill episode, but everyone has to kiss their feet and be scared of them just because they’re liberals.

  28. Ignatius Booreguard

    Next will be animators. White animators cannot animate black characters! Then heaven forbid a white creator think of a black character.

  29. So will that mean that any black actors who have played white characters will step down from their roles? Like will Phil LaMarr no longer voice Samurai Jack in any future iterations? How about Kevin Michael Richardson apologize for voicing the Shredder in the 2012 TMNT series? This is fucking stupid!

  30. Family Guy bowing down to pc culture? Has the world gone completly mad? They should making fun of pc culture, not co-signing them.

  31. This is all so illogical. Please we have to start killing these socialists. They are not Americans. They are going to destroy America and the American way of life. This is not some fucking movie, it doesnt happen like in the exaggerated movies, there isn’t going to be an alien invasion. It’s not going to be an all out civil war. They are going to take America right from under us. I’ve already done my part and will continue but I’ve run out of space on my backyard. I have to regroup and strategize how I will continue.

  32. shaquille mccray

    Black lives Matter has gone too far.

  33. Doing this will not SOLVE racism. It will ENCOURAGE racism!

  34. In my opinion, changing the voice of a character can mess up their personality.
    I love when he says “Oh, that’s nasty”

  35. Bryon Aspenlieder

    We now need the voice of Stewie to be played by a 2yo. and Brian by a real dog

  36. Is Mike Henry paying back all the money he earned from playing this character to all the black voice actors he put out of a job all this time? Virtue signalling prick.

  37. Jonathan Smith

    The left is wussifying America.

  38. Simeasecatlover64

    It’s so annoying there getting rid of mrs butter worth because of this and uncle Ben and aunt J but now this his voice is so iconic and that what makes him funny like Cleveland said noooo nooo!

  39. can a black person speak the character a mixed race person ? how do they find a person with the right amount of color to match the amount of color in the mixed race character ?

  40. MJ the Photographer

    Mad respect for his choice to step down and give up his role on Family Guy for people of color. Big balls. Hope someone great can come along to fill his shoes

  41. Might be a job worth applying for. I’m not black but I can do the Cleveland Brown voice. I don’t have Twitter either so they can say whatever the hell they want.

  42. AnonymouslyKnown

    So does that mean kids have to play kids? Does that mean woman can’t play boys anymore? Does that mean Mario voice actor has to quit? Who is going to play the animals in Disney movies? Animals? Have you tried to get a dog to speak? they just bark they’re terrible actors. How is James Cameron going to make Avatar 2 without Na’vi to play the Na’vi? Did everyone forget what ACTING is?

  43. Here we go, society over correcting, causing schisms and further dissenting our society where there were no issues to begin with.

    I guess acting is only half fake.

  44. Hes only doing this bc all these rioters are gonna go down the line and start blaming and bashing people and stuff, hes thinking to the future. Bc we all know theres gonna be a ❄ who gets offended

  45. Gavriluta Vlad

    What a lot of horseshit. You people are slowly moving into apartheid under the guise of whatever soy crap politics, and barely even notice it

  46. Tyler Chadwick

    Wait so if the person doing sponge bobs voice isn’t yellow that means!!!!! Spongebob is racist😢

  47. Family guy, cleveland, simpsons etc should have ended ages ago-they’ve all sucked for years.

  48. Conrad Munoz Jr

    Seems like blm are making blacks separate from other races

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