Dr. Dre and wife Nicole Young divorcing following 24 years of “holy matrimony”

Dre and Nicole are done/TMZ.com

Dre and Nicole getting divorce.

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LOS ANGELES — Ain’t nothin’ but a divorce thang, baby! You can stick a fork in Dr. Dre’s marriage because it’s done. The 55-year-old rap mogul and his wife, Nicole Young, are calling it quits after 24 years of holy matrimony. Nicole, 50, filed dissolution documents in Los Angeles early Monday morning, citing irreconcilable differences. The estranged lovebirds share two adult children (son Truice Young, 23, and teenage daughter Truly Young, 19). So child support expenditures won’t be considered.

But, given the fact Dre failed to execute a prenuptial agreement, Nicole figures to procure a tranche of mazuma in alimony. Dre’s net worth is estimated at $800 million. Nicole, who’s an attorney, has always been high maintenance. If you recall, she was once married to former NBA player Sedale Threatt.

Dre and Nicole got hitched in 1996.

Are they making the right decision?

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  1. damn dre, u married to a lawyer and dont get a prenup?

  2. He beats women and has no respect for Black women especially

  3. Montaga Johnson

    Woman beater

  4. WEST COASTING💯🍾🥂A Legend💯🗣

  5. Dre has around 12 kids

  6. He looks like he has AIDS

  7. BabyKorey Kopasetik

    Dr. Dre is a woman abuser he was infamous for beating woman like Dee Barnes

  8. He is a closet homosexual

  9. He abused and left all the black women he was with and then married the white woman.

  10. Dres not a fan of condoms

  11. Kelvin Torrence

    Good thing he sold those headphones to take care of his baby’s mamas

  12. no prenup???? what the fuck??????

  13. Smh… Gay? Nothing new. We been known that, honestly don’t care he hip hop… I can also understand why his wife wants a divorce. But hey man, we been known Dre to be tickled pink.

  14. Trucking with Stanley

    @BUUQ: You trying to tell me Dr. Dre is gay. 😱😨😨😨😱

  15. Dre been waiting to come out the closet like Bruce Jenner 🤣

  16. Matthew Garufi - Talkboxer & Musician

    He will make more albums now though thank goodness 😎👌🙏

  17. Daniel Hernandez2

    Dr.Dre is gay🤨,🤔 Didn’t 2pac say Dre been gay back in the 90s.

  18. najarian porterfield

    Not surprised at all!! 😂

  19. Ricardo milice

    Dre is married to his music 🎶 I think his wife want him to stop making music. Dre is about to drop some shit with all this political shit going on. What a perfect market again. He’s been working with Kanye. Public Enemy just did something with Premo and also Nas. So west coast about to drop another Fuck the police 🚔. Let’s not jump the gay gun on Dre. She should be more supportive on his music.

  20. She got bored with him but she wanted to cash out. Duh

  21. Killian Murray

    Dr. Gay

  22. His wife looks like a man

  23. Al-Tariq Brown

    Ain’t Nuttin but a gay thang baby

  24. Dre kids by black woman work normal 9 to 5 jobs Dre kids by his white wife live in million dollars houses and dont have to work he is mess up


  26. Lmao 😆 Dre a fruit loop damn


    Tonight’s the night I get in some shit (Dr Dre voice) 😂😂

  28. Crazy together since 1996. Can’t trust anyone now days

  29. Y’all talking like Dre gonna be in the soup line tomorrow. He gone be alright . He still know how to make money. Life will go on.


  31. Is it me or do Dre wife look rather masculine🤔🤔🤔

  32. Young Queen Cole

    I’m gunna say it.. Dre wife ain’t a woman.. that’s a man

  33. none of your damn business

    She is about to take HALF. That is why when you RICH, DONT GET MARRIED.

  34. The Quarantine has caused another break up-divorce! 🙄
    She may have her eyes on…another!👀

  35. Don’t get married and don’t have kids with these women… Married or not you give them kids THEY’RE SET FOR LIFE with or without you. Stop making these women famous.

  36. It’s a shame. He would no longer get to enjoy his wifes cooking 🍳

  37. They both look…HARD! in the Face!✌

  38. Chimere Ballard

    So she married a woman beater. Who would be attracted to a man that has punched women in the face?! 🧐 okayyyyy

  39. The real question is who cares?

  40. Icey legit Cold

    I’ll always say this marriage is a scam 💔

  41. Nicole is a black man’s cryptonite! Ambiguous looking with a smile. She looks like she could be related to the Kardashians. Maybe Kim’s younger aunt! Lol. I don’t feel sorry for Dre one bit! I hope she takes half, if not more than half! Drain his vain behind and take the family pet dog too!!

  42. Buster Busters

    @Chimere Ballard: Honestly just because they’re getting a divorce doesn’t mean he was beating her up. People get divorced all the time it’s not a big deal

  43. truckingwithlove

    did he beat her ass too?

  44. Schoolius Delta

    Whew!….and she’s an attorney!


  45. Picture it…over 70 years ago…couples never thought about leaving their spouses. One would have to die. Nowadays people get married like their buying car insurance, then divorce the next day like throwing away old food from the refrigerator. 🤷‍♂️
    PS, I hope I get to have a hot wife like Nicole Young. 🤞

  46. I don’t understand how this bozo didn’t get a prenup in 24yrs, i cant blame the wife when dre leaves himself financially unprotected like that.

  47. Dre can do better than that!

  48. NO PRE-NUP! Come on Dre! Smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

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