Gun-Toting Video: Married couple point ‘firearms’ at protesters to protect home

Mark and Pat are armed./BILL GREENBLATT

St. Louis couple brandish firearms.

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ST. LOUIS — Law enforcement officials in St. Louis are investigating after Mark McCloskey, 63, and his wife Patricia McCloskey, 61, wielded loaded guns at peaceful protesters as they marched towards Mayor Lyda Krewson’s residence to demand her resignation. The gun-toting incident transpired Sunday night around 7:30 p.m. in front of the couple’s million dollar home in a gated community on Portland Place. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows Mark holding an assault rifle while Patricia brandishes a handgun. They appear to be arguing with demonstrators.

“It was like the storming of the Bastille, the gate came down and a large crowd of angry, aggressive people poured through. I was terrified that we’d be murdered within seconds. Our house would be burned down, our pets would be killed,” Mark explained when asked why they pulled guns out.

“A mob of at least 100 smashed through the historic wrought iron gates of Portland Place, destroying them, rushed towards my home where my family was having dinner outside and put us in fear for our lives.”

Mark and Patricia are personal injury lawyers and they damn near caused personal injury.

There were roughly 300 “Black Lives Matter” protesters in the area.

Are Mark and Patricia justified in exercising their second amendment rights?

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Good on the homeowners, 100% support them.

  2. Fistimus Maximus

    This is private property so, They should have lit them up

  3. This couple had every right to protect themselves and their property well done

  4. Protecting their property from the mob – fair enough.

  5. Here’s a tip, don’t protest on private property.

  6. Andriy Lazoryk

    Peaceful protesters😂if there was no guns this mob wasn’t so peaceful 🤔

  7. Defending your property from a mob, where is the problem??

  8. Nathan Prentice

    Hahahaha ha good. Should have shot the stinking idiots.

  9. These comments saying “they should have shot” is exactly the dehumanizing attitude that underpins the social context that created these protests to begin with. Granted the fear this elderly couple experienced was (hopefully) unjustified and they (probably) didn’t deserve to be put in a position where they felt the need to ready themselves for violent confrontation, but it was also probably the first time these two experienced the kind of existential uncertainty that so much of the country lives as their daily normal. Definitely an unideal way to get the point across, but that’s the thing: there’s no right way to get the point across that will actually be listened to. It’s such a shame it ever came to this in the first place, but it’s the inevitable, inexorable remainder after you factor all the polarizing momentum we’ve been riding for far too long in American society as a whole.

  10. They didn’t fuck with their shit did they 😂

  11. this was PRIVATE PROPERTY why did the so called peacefull protesters even have any right to be on that property. if someone came on any ones property after smashing through a iron fence and threatened death to them and their dog would you not get out you legally owned guns and protect yourselves. damn right you would..again the media is twisting the truth to fit their own narative. thought the constitution allows us to protect our homes. these protesters were neither peacefull or respectfull of anyones rights but their own. they were only out to cause chaos, they had no real issue to protest, they just wanted to yell and scream dumb stuff cause they see others getting away with it. people grow some gonads and take your cities back before you don’t have a city left. this is getting crazy, why is it ok for radical terrorits to have free reign? this is just a new form of isis, their retoric is sounding quite simiular ,if you don’t believe what we do your the infidell and we will do away with you, all of you. what kind of bs is this in minniopolis where the concile disbans the police but uses the citizens tax money to hire private guards to protect themselves. can we all hire private guardes to protect ourselves and homes NO this is total horse pucky. come on people lets take back our country.

  12. A Judge has stated. Even tho it’s a Gated community, the “SIDEWALK & STREETS ARE PUBLIC” therefore this DERANGED RACIST couple should be arrested for threatening protestors that was “NOT” ON THEIR PROPERTY. No one can claim the CASTLE DOCTRINE, that Only applies when Someone INVADES your CASTLE/HOUSE. People walking down the street and SIDEWALK doesn’t apply. This couple was trying to cause a CONFRONTATION OUTSIDE of their House. They could’ve went inside and closed the DOOR.

  13. Murcia: the land of the dumb and free!

  14. they’re clearly on their own property trying to get people to go away

  15. Democrats are the one pushing Covid and democrats are the ones flooding the streets. Fucking idiots

  16. The implied threat came when they broke through the gate… All bets are off…


    The only thing the couple did wrong was not remaining in a covered and concealed position.

  18. I’m 100% with them lol however if it were me I would have came out of my house in my belt rig my tac vest with all my 30rd mags just to make a statement that im ready to go 😂

  19. It is time to stand our ground against the leftist, UN, MSM and Democrats they all are working hard at installing their new form of government that will be just like the USSR, CCP and Germany from 1928 to mid 1945. Read the true history before and after WWII. Their next step is to MARK “TATTOO” anyone that does not think and act like them. They will round us up an ship us off for what they call “re-education” but they will be eliminating us from the face of the earth. They will take by force everything you have worked for. All this will be done with out any judgement of a court. To them you are subhumans and need to be eliminated and have no civil and constitutional rights.

  20. THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO GET TO SHOT THE MOB WAS PURELY AT FAULT the problem is people not peaceful protesters let’s get this straight they were rioters they’re there to cause trouble they made threats it’s a known fact don’t defend these guys going out there the black lives matter these people that’s a cover-up they are deeply rooted in Marxism the homeowners ever bit had the right Most states will allow you to defend your property to build to get them off there you have every right to do that don’t get it twisted you don’t just sit there and lay down to this stupid mob especially when they going to come up there and try to attack you know thanks not happening

  21. Not sure about Missouri laws. Where I live breaking down a gate would be considered a threatening violent act. That is enough to cause most to come to a conclusion their well being is potentialy at risk.

  22. The Jolly Johnson

    I want that guy as my lawyer

  23. If they would have shot in to the crowd would that be within their legal rights?

  24. These so called protestors are lucky to be alive.
    And yes I support your right to protest ANYTHING however a protest is both peaceful and lawful otherwise it’s called a RIOT.
    This stopped being a PROTEST and turned into a RIOT the moment the gate came down.
    It CONTINUED to be a RIOT when they illegally entered private property.
    It CONTINUED to be a RIOT as the so called protesters THREATENED the lives of the residents.
    It CONTINUED to be a RIOT till the so called protestors LEFT THE GATED COMMUNITY

    When RIOTERS are present they are putting their own lives and the lives of all others in the area at risk. THEY ARE CRIMINALS AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH BY THE COURTS. If the Courts will not them toss the politicians out of office as they are PUTTING LIVES AT RISK, THAT MAKES THEM ACCESSORIES BEFORE THE FACT FOR ANY DEATHS

  25. The obvious mistake here is the home owner should have stayed inside and warned his visitors from an upstairs window by “introducing them to his little friend”. They broke in and it’s time to defend.

  26. If that happened at your house, I bet your rifle will be shouldered with a finger on trigger. Shooting paper targets down range and having a mob on several sides is completely different.

  27. That’s private property. End of story. The homeowner has all the right to protect their home at any cost. Don’t be surprised they open fire at those MF protesters if it happens again.

  28. I can’t believe this is even an argument. You have a horde of angry protesters (and I’m right to assume angry because nice/peaceful people don’t destroy gates) rushing your home – damn right id feel my life is threatened. These damn fucks I can’t stand this shit.

  29. I know this is not relevant but am I the only one cringing at the wife swiping her pistol across her husband’s head?

  30. Once they broke in that gate they were not protestors.

  31. No OnE nEeDs HiGh CaPaCiTy MaGaZiNeS!!

  32. Good for them they have every right to protect their property… everyone who loves American should do the same thing… Stand up against this low life idiot… Send them back home to their mom’s ..If it was me I would have started shooting in the air..Then you would have seen how fast they would have got out of there…

  33. The woman needs to learn how to hold her weapon. Keep your finger out of the trigger guard. It’s amazing she didn’t shoot her husband. If you’re going to have a weapon, learn how to use it properly.

  34. Michael Rostine

    How dare they own a black rifle.

  35. The same people want your guns to be banned.
    Imagine what would have happened if they were unarmed and their property was devastated.
    There would be no report in media.. Maybe a short coverage if that couple was dead…

  36. Veronica Salyers

    Bonnie and Clyde protecting their home. Lol

  37. MOW THEM DOWN I don’t care if there black white brown pink red yellow. You trespass, you die.

  38. Brett Shadrick

    Key word GATED community


  40. Carlos infinite

    I get that they have a home to protect but you’re not supposed to brandish your weapons or pull them out period unless you feel your life is threatened with great bodily harm. Why don’t gun owners ever understand this? Go take a CPL class and another class after if you don’t get it by then.

  41. Peacefully protest?? Lie, they broke down a gate to a private neighborhood. This is America where we have the right to protect our property and ourselves. Marching to the Mayors house? Lie, the mayor lives in a completely different neighborhood more than 3 blocks away and you can’t access his neighborhood from this mans neighborhood. This is why I’m no longer a progressive, too many lies. This is manipulative and deceitful.

  42. I would’ve shot a couple of them

  43. So white people cant defend themselves now?

  44. PlanetRockJesus

    I support the couple with the guns, but MAN, she needs to learn how to hold a gun. What is this, a 1940’s movie?

  45. You don’t want a gun pointed at you? Stay the hell away from private property

  46. Julian Millgate

    So america has guns laws to protect themselves, but yet these couple were using guns to protect themselves and their family but still get critisised for it. Makes no sense to me.

  47. That was a cast iron gate,if they locked and loaded on me like they said did happen, I would have e opened fire aiming for heads to take them out.These people have no right to public property period as a riot or protest location. It was an act of violence and disturbing the peace!Especially if the protesters where slamming mags in their pistols in front of the home owners…I may have shot them at that point.

  48. Come break my gate and better believe 223 is flying.

  49. What the heck? McCloskeys were fined today. Still, I hope I don’t get fined $3k+misdemeanor for brandishing a gun in front of a few hundred people who broke down my gate. Sure punishments were minor, I’m glad $3k is a drop in the bucket for them and assume they got their gate and stuff covered by newfound supporters.

    A mob can get violent any time. The gun owners were on their property. I’m doing research on this, but if a mob showed up outta nowhere on my property, outside the house. Sh**’s

  50. The Mob of Violent Rioters and Looters Threatening to Burn Down 🔥 Their House while Trespassing On Private Property! The Irony is they Liberal Democrats but No More Leftists are DESTORTING THE DEMOCRAT PARTY ! ! !

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