Richard Sherman slams Cam Newton’s ‘indenture,’ are black QBs low-balled?

Sherman defends Cam Newton/

Sherman slams Newton’s deal.

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SAN FRANCISCO — Black Contracts Matter? Former league MVP Cam Newton signed a one-year deal with the New England Patriots over the weekend for the veteran’s minimum of $1.05 million plus incentives that could bump his remuneration to $7.5 million. But Cam, 31, is only guaranteed a measly $550,000, drawing the ire of San Francisco 49ers defensive back Richard Sherman who called the indenture both “ridiculous” and “disgusting.” Richard tweeted his exasperation on Sunday.

“How many former League MVPs have had to sign for the min? Just ridiculous,” he wrote. “A transcendent talent and less talented QBs are getting 15/16m a year. Disgusting.” Many pundits are speculating Cam was low-balled because he’s a black quarterback. The same can be said for Jameis Winston who signed a one-year contract for $1.1 million with the New Orleans Saints (only $148,000 guaranteed) despite throwing for more than 5,000 yards last season.

Conversely, white signal-callers Chad Henne ($2.75 million guaranteed), Andy Dalton ($3 million guaranteed), Chase Daniel ($5 million guaranteed) and Taysom Hill ($16 million guaranteed) all garnered more lucrative deals than Cam during free agency despite possessing inferior skill sets.

That said, after two injury-riddled seasons, Cam ain’t complaining. He’s just glad to have a job. “I’m excited as I don’t know what right now!!” he tweeted. “All praise to God!!… I hope you’re ready!! #letsgopats.”

Do you agree with Richard?

Are black quarterbacks being low-balled?

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  1. If he was a different pigment he would have been on a roster the day before he was released. Just saying put his numbers next to recently retired Andrew Luck and Cam come out on top especially in the playoffs. But Luck would be swooned over and Cam had to beg for a job. Even when the 6 of the top 10 QBs from the past 2 seasons look like Cam and play like Cam, Cam still had to beg for work. Not big in the race card but there is still something about the stigma of Black QBs in the NFL

  2. Please, please tell me why his salary is disgusting. He is not a good quarterback anymore, he had 1 or 2 good seasons. I think that it is a bad move on the part of the Patriots, doesn’t fit in with how the team has disp[ayed themselves over the years. He is all about bringing attention to himself, not a good way to lead a team. It should always be team 1st.

  3. It’s because he is black, right?

  4. Kevin Kebede-Berhanu

    He is making 250k LESS than mitchell trubisky, 600K MORE than Daniel Jones and, wait for it, 20.975 Mil less the Jacoby Brisett. Two rookies make more than him (Burrow and Tua). Ryan Tannehill makes 22 mil more. Teddy Bridgewater and Taysom hill getting paid more…………..He’s got a bad foot tho. k. 😒

  5. Black King-GF20

    Sherman keeps it real.

    Patriots have always paid pennies. Do you think Brady was always paid appropriately…Nope !

  6. Arthur Valdepena

    Man 7.5 million for 4 months not bad if you ask me

  7. No way a QB of cams caliber should get anything less then what Philip rivers got

  8. This is some of the back up Quarterback salaries in the league
    Colt mccoy- 2.5M
    Jeff Driskel-2.5 M
    Andy Dalton-3M
    Chase Danilel -3.5M
    AJ McCarron 4M
    Mitchel Trabisky-4.5M
    Case Keenum- 5.5M

    Are you telling me Cam doesnt deserve the same base as these always average at best quarterbacks? Sherman is absolutely right. He is a former MVP and is 31 years old. No white quarterback would be making less than those backups on a team that doesn’t already a designated and/or established starting quarterback!

  9. Richard Sherman should mind his own damn business.

  10. A base salary of 1M is low for a QB especially if he starts

  11. You kidding me ? same team that paid their 6 time SB winner QB $25Million a year while Jared Goff was making $32M , patriots love the minimum wage and they don’t discriminate.

  12. Sherman also has an incentive based contract with the niners, so….

  13. Ummm Richard…..a player is worth whatever he can convince a team to pay him. You did not take economics at Stanford?

  14. It’s 7.5 mil with incentives but he could’ve got way more money from the patriots. Maybe they wanted to see if he would get hurt again idk

  15. I’m sure if Cam wins another Superbowl for Belicheck, he’ll be dully compensated!

  16. I’d take that disgusting $7M and be so disgusted with myself

  17. Chris Anderson

    Unless Richard was going to sign Cam he needs to just mind his business dude wants to play and he’s going to place where he’ll probably start and can make some more money

  18. It is disgusting. Its atrocious. And its a tragedy. My g Richard Sherman, is more than correct

  19. Terrance Rollins

    Sherm ain’t lying tho he speaking facts💯💯💯

  20. Christopher Corders

    From a money standpoint, The Pats are waiting to 👀 if Cam survives the season. If not, it’ll be viewed as a told you so moment, that he’s damaged goods. On the flip side, Cam is laser focused and highly likely to outperform 7.5 mil. Then he’s going to be paid somewhere north of 30mil/season

  21. The hype is out of control for Cam Newton.

    I keep hearing “when he’s healthy”… A massive part of Cam Newton’s game is running and running over people and when you do that you take a lot of hits. So… Is Cam Newton going to turn into a pocket passer after 9 years in the league? Not a chance.

    That is exactly the reason why he didn’t have a lot of takers. His skill set is brutally limited and his mileage is starting to creep up. So stop pretending that he is anything more than a solid QB who had 2 years of elite status… 5 years ago… before the hits started adding up.

  22. CTE hits hard. QB signed contract. Was he held at gunpoint?…

  23. Cam signed the contract.

  24. Stephen Cifuentes

    Peyton manning was let go by colts , meaning they were doubting his skills after injury.
    He still got a massive deal , cam shouldv got a min of 15million but
    Nobody will bring it up.

  25. Richard Sherman is Right!

  26. It’s a business and no one forced him to agree to that contract. What is the issue here?

  27. Sherman, grow up and act like a man. Call Cam and talk to him about why he made the decision. Instead, you air it out like a whiny child. When are you going to grow up? The man is going to reinvigorate himself this year, win a division title, and make it to the Super Bowl. Winning is more important to some people than money. Plus, he’ll get top tier money after winning his Super Bowl this year.

  28. Do we need to say why. Chase Daniels fning joke

  29. Andrieka Yancey

    So nobody talking about how Peyton health was a issue but he didn’t take a lil deal

  30. Football Genius

    This is the racism that exists in the NFL and boycott is what I will continue black players should not play boycotting the league. Stop Jamison Winston throwing interception that all white quarterbacks do is throw interception history prove this black people stop watching the NFL .

  31. I disagree with Sherman in the sense that Cam willingly signed his contact. Cam is not a young naive guy. He’s not new to professional contracts. He’s been through NFL and endorsement contracts. So the fact that he signed it means that he new exactly what was in it. And why is Sherman so worried about someone else’s contract that they were willing to sign? If he so strongly feels like it was a bad deal then instead saying something negative about the Patriots for what they offered, he should be saying something negative about Cam for accepting it. Stop worrying about someone else’s money. Some people have such a need to always be heard and seen that they don’t seem to realize when they are out of pocket.

  32. Philip Rivers is 37 and got 25 million for one year. And he’s over rated

  33. defensive end 52

    Here is why Richard Sherman is wrong:

    1) Newton has not played a full season since 2017.
    2) Newton is 31 years old, that is elderly for pro sports.
    3) Newton won MVP 5 years ago. If he was MVP last year or 2 years ago that’s different.
    4) The Patriots won’t know if that foot is fully healed until the regular season against real competition.
    5) Why isn’t Sherman angry at the other 31 teams that didn’t sign him including his own team?
    6) Newton voluntarily signed the contract that his agent negotiated. Why doesn’t Sherman think Newton and his agent aren’t disgusting?
    7) When Sherman was with the Seahawks he intercepted a pass from Russell Wilson in practice, threw the ball back at Wilson and yelled “You f*cking suck!” This guy is miserable all the time and needs to make new enemies to fuel his anger.
    8) He should spend more time being concerned about the way he plays the game. He’s lost two straight superbowls and doesn’t even have 1 interception after playing in 3 superbowls.
    9) If he actually believes Cam Newton is great why didn’t he speak to the general manager of the 49ers John Lynch about signing him?
    10) Notice how he had nothing to say about Cam Newton until after the Patriots signed him?


    When will you so call black people realize that, these so call red pinkish people are your enemies…..This is NOT your land so call black man…This is your enemies kingdom. Why are you so call black people still shock with the treatment you receive in this land…Read the Bible Black man..You will know your enemy..Never trust thine enemy “Ecclesaisticus 12:10”. If you wanna be clear as to who your enemies are, read. “Jeremiah 17:4” and “Deuteronomy 28:68″….

  35. Pennies on a Dollar

    If Cam was white he would have gotten a 3yr deal .

  36. Running Bearski

    @Pennies on a Dollar: BS, This has nothing to do with race and more to do with 1. Covid making it hard to get physicals done with players. 2. Cam hasn’t exactly been setting the world on fire since his MVP season. 3. There are legit questions about his personality IE He’s a diva and has always been a diva, Diva’s need to win at a high clip to be worth keeping around and He’s been a .500 QB since 2015. 4. He’s a Me first player and showed it on the biggest stage. 5. Concerns about his shoulder. With all that in mind a one year Contract is perfect for both the player and the team. Low risk for the pats and Cam has a chance to prove to all other teams that He’s worth a longer more expensive deal. It’s just like Josh Donaldson in MLB last year, former MVP, (same year as Cam as a matter of fact), and signed a one year deal to prove he still had it….and he earned his longer more lucrative deal after having a great year. Remains to be seen if Cam can pull it off.

  37. Two years ago the contract Richard Sherman signed with the 49ers was only worth 7 million for three years guaranteed. All the rest of the money was directly tied to incentives. Another words the 49ers were just like the patriots .They did not know if he was going to come back from that major injury and what level he could still play at. Why did Richard Sherman sign a contract with only 7 million guaranteed like cam if he wants to talk so tough now?

  38. you are not paid for past performance. that’s all we ever used to hear until BLM reared up. Now suddenly 2 former franchise qbs coming off incomplete or awful season(s)….are deemed worth 20 million a year as back ups? GTFO. Be real and honest

  39. Jimmy Incognito

    The Patriots are notoriously cheap. I bet if Cam had held out and waited, even until the season started, he could have gotten more. I would bet Cam wants to be under that front office for his comeback year. He’s probably pissed at the attention.

  40. They agreed to accept it and that is 20 times more than what the average American makes in a year….. and you can’t compare those two guys to other backups who make more because after this season both of those guys are going to get rewarded and be over the 30 million dollar range

  41. Big Cat Phoenix

    We knew that the NFL was going to fix him….whenver a black guy is outspoken…they will get you in the NFL by making you beg for a job when your next contract comes up….but the NFL is now for racial justice..Kirk Cousins was a interception machine in DC..but they worked with him….Winston should be getting a good contract…just needs the best offense

  42. Phill Acoustic Chaos

    Cam Newton has lost 8 games in a row, he’s coming off of a major injury and because of Covid, teams weren’t able to have him work out to see if he’s healthy. He’s going to the perfect team to resurrect his career. If he is healthy and plays well, he’s going to get a huge contract next season.

  43. Evidently NFL owners and head coaches along with their staffs have problems with this “man?”, and other so-call PRIMA-DONNA, self-proclaimed, all important narcissist football players…Football is a TEAM sport…It’s not a national stage for the sole purpose of “ONE PLAYER” to display his GOD given talents for personal “Gratification and Exaltation”…and get this, YOU”RE NO SUPERMAN! so Stop stealing Superman’s Gig! And next time dive for the ball that YOU FUMBLED! I never had a QB or players act this immature on any of my Championship Pop Warner teams…MY players acted like young American boys learning to become MEN! $M isn’t the issue…But a lack of Character and displaying an over-inflated ego is…

  44. Change will NEVER come until u root out the bad seeds owners…change come from top down not down to top….NFL wont change cause 32 white ppl…31 white owners and Roger…till then…u ALL glorify White supremacy…NFL

  45. Facts trash whyte QBs are getting paid up and down this league.

  46. Tropical Terrarium

    Cam Newton payed too little? The guy who constantly acts like a baby when he is losing, he wont bring you back from a deficit. That guy? Cam Newton is not a Russell Wilson or Mahomes.

  47. I’m guessing there are medical issues that aren’t being disclosed that led to this mutual agreement. Also Newton agreed; he wasn’t forced to sign anything he wasn’t willing to accept. So all this debate is just air to make the Pats look cheap and unappreciative.
    Also while with the Panthers I didn’t think Newton was anything special—just another NFL QB. One of two things are going to happen for sure: either Newton will flourish under the Pats system-assuming injuries don’t plague his play OR Newton will be a bust. So, let’s just wait and see…….

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